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Georgia in a New World: Between Russia and the West

... as it did earlier with the UNM rallies, fanning the scandal of their leader’s serious illness and the need to let him out of jail and out of the country. The European officials supporting him became even angrier with Tbilisi. Ekaterina Chimiris: Eastern Partnership Countries: Buffer Zone or Platform for Dialogue? Georgia in February So, Georgia met February 24, 2022 in the following situation with regard to its foreign policy: the course towards Euro-Atlantic integration saw both successes (agreement ...


Eastern Partnership Prospects Discussed in Vienna

On October 29-30, 2018, Vienna hosted the second international forum to discuss Eastern partnershipEastern Partnership Reflection Forum (the initiative was launched in 2017 in Minsk). The theme of the forum was “The Politics of the Eastern Partnership: Looking Ahead at a New Decade of Challenges”. On October 29-30, 2018,...


Andrey Kortunov Takes Part in Tallinn Conference on the Eastern Partnership

On March 2, 2018, in Tallinn, Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership held the 5th annual Tallinn Conference on the Eastern Partnership. On March 2, 2018, in Tallinn, Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership held the 5th annual Tallinn Conference on the Eastern Partnership. Diplomats, independent experts,...


Minsk Hosts Discussion on Eastern Partnership and Prospects for EU-EAEU Cooperation

... was organized by Austro-French Centre for Rapprochement in Europe , CFA, Vienna and Minsk Dialogue expert initiative in cooperation with over 10 European research and expert organizations. The key aim of the Forum was to discuss the prospects for Eastern Partnership development given the results of the Summit in Brussels on November 24, 2017, and the opportunities for cooperation between EU and Eurasian Economic Union, in particular, between the countries that are both members of EAEU and participants ...


A Leader Against a Feeble Background: Georgia as a “New Success Story” in the EU’s Eastern Politics

... ambitions should also deliver on the reforms they have committed to. Georgia is a good example ,” the ministers of foreign affairs of Sweden and Poland, Margot Wallström and Witold Waszczykowski, said in a co-authored article published ahead of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels on November 24, 2017, arguing the need for closer relations with the European Union’s eastern neighbours. Indeed, in recent years, Georgia has been just about the only country in the region that continues to display ...


Breaking the U.S.-Russia Impasse: Keeping the Door Open to Dialogue

... progress on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine — will it eventually prove possible for the U.S., Europeans and Russia to wind down trade and other sanctions that generally hurt all sides, even if unevenly? Given the negative Russian reaction to the EU Eastern Partnership, and the expansion of EU influence into post-Soviet states, including Ukraine and Belarus, what if EU took steps to bring Russia into a new form of EU partnership? Could the EU and Russia forge new trade and monetary arrangements, ...


On "European values"

"European values" is a widely-used expression. Everyone is assumed to know what it means. But what are "European values?" Are they unique to Europe? If so, what is it that makes them special? Are European values superior to those of other civilizations? When did Europe acquire them? Were they operative during the eras of imperialism and colonialism, slavery, Europe's religious wars, the Inquisition, and the World Wars? Upon examination, it turns out that the values...


Russia and Belarus: Forging Future Together

... economic ally, pursue a predictable foreign policy. If Brussels’ recently declared changes to its strategy on the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), namely, stabilization and differentiation (i.e. the use of tailor-made approaches with the Eastern Partnership member states), are implemented, there will be a real possibility to reduce tensions in Eastern Europe. At the same time, the analysis of the revamped ENP shows that Brussels has not reviewed the fundamental principles of its policy ...


Armenian Experts’ Debate: “Membership in the EEU in Exchange for Security”

... EEU; however, WTO rules prohibit a unilateral increase in tariff rates. Therefore, the talks between Armenia and the WTO will focus on an increase in rates in significant sectors of the economy to the level adopted in the EEU . In the meantime, the Eastern Partnership (EaP) Summit, which took place on 21 and 22 May in Riga, Latvia, discussed new formulas for cooperation with Armenia, as well as Azerbaijan and Belarus, which did not sign Association Agreements with the EU, either. Armenia and the ...


Belarus to Learn Maidan Lessons

... country’s economic interests in the West, which have thus far remained unfulfilled as a result of Belarus’ political leanings, and which Minsk has been trying to promote since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis. In 2014, after the failure of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius, Belarus reached an agreement with Brussels on the implementation of a “Transitional Phase”, thus ushering in a new format of relations with the European Union. According to official statements , this ...


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