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East vs West: New Political Reality for the Post-Coronavirus World

...,707), Germany (7,533) and Iran (6,685). It can thus be observed so far that all of the states in the higher range of COVID-19 mortality statistics (above 5,000) are (with the exception of Brazil and Iran) from the Euro-Atlantic region. The countries least affected by the Coronavirus are located in Africa, Central Asia and Asia-Pacific regions. China particularly stands out seeing as it initially found itself in the epicentre of the COVID-19 but managed to deal with it efficiently and come out with ...


West/Non-West: Funhouse Mirror of World Politics

... aspect of politics is determined not only by objective factors but also by subjective notions about territory constructed by people. International relations model interpreting modern international relations as the conflict between geographic West and East is a vivid example of such a phenomenon. Let us discover the origins of such an approach and its variations. Valery Mikhailenko: For Whom the Bell Tolls: A Note on John J. Mearsheimer’s Article on the Collapse of the Liberal International Order ...


Endgame of the Long Cold War

... years, in the 1980s, as critically elaborated most notably by Noam Chomsky and Fred Halliday in their published books of that decade. So, what is happening currently has to be the New, New Cold War, or Cold War 3. Or has there been a Long Cold War at least since 1917, a century of Cold War, a single Protracted Cold War, within which there have been short periods of partial relaxation and stabilization? The strategic moves we see today—political, military and economic—when taken together, seem to ...


A Few Words in Defence of Francis Fukuyama

... American political scientist and philosopher Francis Fukuyama famous. Three years later, the article was expanded into a voluminous book that became a bestseller in the United States and was translated into dozens of foreign languages. In Russia, or at least among Russian intellectuals, The End of History quickly became a symbol of the era, much like the crimson jackets of the first “New Russians,” liter bottles of the Dutch distilled spirit Royal and the electrifying Macarena. Fukuyama was cited,...


Russian Writer Evgeny Chizhov: Writers Should Stay away from Both Authorities and Opposition

... stem from? I would not say that I am any exception. A Russian-speaking writer from Central Asia — now that would be quite a rarity. I belong to that last generation of Soviet people who had a rather strong interest in Central Asia, or rather in the East in general. I personally became interested in the region even before university, during my final years at school, that is, in the early 1980s. The last generation of Soviet youth were greatly influenced by Western counterculture: English-language ...


What is right vs. what works

... not saying that what is right is always in contrast to what works, but today, it seems that it is. While promoting self determination and democracy among nations may be the right thing to do, it is clearly not working in the current form in The Middle East/North Africa. It works effectively in more monotheistic nations where the population can easily join together to support one cause (eg. Japan post WW2). It is based on the notion that humans have inalienable rights, not given by any government, but ...


Avoiding a New Bipolarity — What Can We Learn From the Recent Past?

It was only a couple of years ago that most mainstream experts and politicians in the East and in the West shared the common view that the world was moving towards a multi-polar system. Of course, many disagreements arose about the speed of this advance, the specific parameters of the new system, its building blocks, the rules of the game ...


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