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Geneva Meeting: A World in Waiting

It is unlikely that we will see any breakthroughs at the upcoming Putin-Biden summit—but despite all the difficulties, there are still signs for optimism Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin have known each other for a long time—decades, in fact. This, however, made it no easier for them to agree to the meeting scheduled for June 16 in Geneva. The U.S.–Russia relations have seen a steady decline over the past few years,...


Will Geneva Be Any Different Than Helsinki?

... gradually soften their rhetoric, bilateral projects in culture, education and science are gradually resumed. Igor Ivanov: Time for Diplomacy Still, there are annoying exceptions to this general rule. In particular, the latest full-fledged Russia–U.S. summit ... ... Helsinki in July 2018 failed to trigger improvements in bilateral relations. On the contrary, Donald Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Finland’s capital aroused massive resentment among the anti-Russian Washington establishment. Ultimately, ...


Russia Is Winning, but Here’s the Catch

... infinite. The fifth factor: A rich diplomatic tradition How does this help? You can debate whether it will be possible to maintain Russia’s Middle-East achievements in 2020, but the Kremlin’s feats in the region testify to the effectiveness of Vladimir Putin’s personal diplomacy, the high quality of expert and analytical support for Moscow’s foreign policy, and the professionalism of both Russia’s soldiers and diplomats. I graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, and many of my classmates ...


Will Putin and Macron Open a New Political Season?

Putin and Macron need each other, probably more so than they did two years ago On August 19, President of France Emmanuel Macron hosted President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at Fort de Brégançon in the commune of Bormes-les-Mimosas in the Var department on the French Riviera. Given the vagaries of the weather this summer in France, the Mediterranean coast seemed a more suitable location for a meeting than ...


U.S. Diplomacy in the Shackles of Election Politics

... interests of the domestic politics. And this is something we are seeing in the U.S. right now. During recent months American diplomacy appears to have been shackled by the election campaign and has to keep the November 8 outcome in mind, which is especially ... ... the long run, we agreed to meet, wasting no time. REUTERS U.S. President George W. Bush shares a laugh with Russian President Vladimir Putin as the two answer questions at the Crawford High School in Crawford, Texas November 15, 2001 We met in Paris in ...


The Environment For Dialogue Has Changed

... contain conflicts or to aggravate them. Another panel will be devoted to the possibility of a new “golden age” of diplomacy similar to the one it experienced in the 19th century. And there will be a special session on the Middle East. It appears ... ... can change these rules listen to the opinion of the Valdai experts? Some decision-makers attend the Valdai Club conferences. Vladimir Putin usually addresses the closing plenary session. He has done so 11 times, and we hope he’ll do it this year ...


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