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Andrey Kortunov and Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Lee Sok-Bae Discuss Suspension of Inter-Korean Dialog

... the Republic of Korea to Russia On June 10, 2020, Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, held a virtual meeting with Lee Sok-bae, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Russia. The discussion focused on the recent suspension of dialog between the Republic of Korea and the DPRK at the initiative of the North Korean side. Other discussion points included possible motives of the North Korean leadership, as well as the potential consequences of this decision for the situation on the peninsula and in North-East Asia as a whole....


Russia-South Korea Roundtable on the Situation with the Korean Peninsula

... Russia-South Korea Roundtable on the Situation with the Korean Peninsula was held in Moscow. On December 5, 2018, a Russia-South Korea Roundtable on the Situation with the Korean Peninsula was held in Moscow. Wi Sung Rak, former Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Russia, made a report at the event. RIAC members Gleb Ivashentsov and Anton Khlopkov, Andrey Kortunov, RIAC General Director, RIAC experts Vladimir Petrovsky, Dmitry Streltsov, and Alexander Fedorovsky, as well as staff of South Korean ...


Improving Relations between the DPRK and the Republic of Korea is a Prerequisite for Resolving the Korean Crisis

... of such topics. "Journalists and general public pay great attention to the North Korean nuclear missile program, leaving aside the issue of regulating relations between the two Korean states. Though it is the improvement of relations between the DPRK and the Republic of Korea that is a prerequisite for resolving the crisis," — stated Gleb Ivashentsov, RIAC Vice President, Russian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea in 2005-2009. In the course of a dynamic discussion, experts expressed an opinion that ...


Not Just for Christmas

... Symbiosis of Peace and Non-Proliferation in the Korean Peninsula It was the most miraculous Christmas truce since the First World War. After a year in which the prospect of conflict on the Korean peninsula never appeared greater, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea offered an unexpected olive branch to the Republic of Korea. Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un hinted at rapprochement in his New Year address ; eight days later, his envoy met with interlocutors from South Korean President Moon Jae-in in ...


Korea after the Olympics: Temporary Truce or Permanent Peace?

US Antipathy to Inter-Korean Rapprochement and Russia’s Role in Conflict Prevention Thanks to the “New Year’s” initiatives of Kim Jong-un – to which South Korean Moon Jae-in responded for his own reasons – significant progress was made in the inter-Korean dialogue at the highest level during the recent Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang (the possibility of an inter-Korean summit is even on the table), although the main achievements thus far have been in terms of good PR rather than concrete agreements...


Korean Conciliation: Will it Last?

... since, for security reasons, Kim Jong-un cannot travel to the South and he hardly wants to travel to China, and because holding a third successive summit in North Korea is fraught with political costs for the South Korean leader. 1 . G. Toloraya. The Republic of Korea. Moscow: Mysl, 1990, p. 44. 2 . The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Moscow: Nauka, 1985, pp. 260–262; Nodon sinmun, Pyongyang, 7.4.1993.


Tillerson's Threats and the Korean Zugzwang

The only way to ease tensions in the Korean Peninsula is through negotiations Realized that a new massive military conflict in the Korean Peninsula would cause the U.S. serious human and financial losses, undermining both the U.S. positions in a highly important region and the entire system of Washington's alliances with foreign states. Reuters / KCNA Ilya Topchiy: Is Korean War Possible? The only way to ease tensions in the Korean Peninsula is through negotiations. International security problems...


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