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Analysing the Czech Nuclear Strategy in a Changing (Nuclear) Energy World: Geopolitical Implications and Opportunities

... billion euros) power plant. The tender does not come as a surprise, as the State Energy Policy Update (SEPU) model as well as the National Action Plan (NAP) on nuclear energy have portrayed the significance of nuclear energy for the transition on the Czech Republic by contrast to other options available at the moment. However, the postponement raises several questions. Several months later, on September 16, the Czech parliament approved a law for the transition to low-emission energy that excluded ...


RIAC and Center for Visegrad Studies at IE RAS Hold International Round Table on the April Crisis in Russian-Czech Relations and Its Consequences for Russia’s Relations with the Countries of Central Europe

... table discussion on the April crisis in Russian-Czech relations and its consequences for Russia’s relations with the countries of Central Europe. Experts discussed the April crisis, the current state of Russian-Czech relations, the situation in the Czech Republic and the region, ways of resolving the conflict, as well as shared their points of view on the importance of Central Europe for Russia and the prospects for the development of relations between Russia and the Czech Republic, and Russia and ...


Why It’s Time to Revive Charles R. Crane’s Legacy in the Age of Trump

... China’s hands (in accordance with the proverb: ‘when two quarrel, a third wins’). The solution to this problem appears to be obvious only if we pay close attention to the present, and the historical relations of the United States with Russia and the Czech Republic (formerly known as Czechoslovakia). It must be noted, that President Donald Trump’s former wife, Ivana Zelníčková, is a Czech woman with whom he has three children: Donald Jr, Ivanka, and Eric, and also with Melania Trump, with whom ...


European Security Issues Discussed at the Meeting with Czech Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs

... Russian International Affairs Council, and Dmitry Danilov, RIAC expert, Head of the European Security Department RAS Institute of Europe, had a meeting with David Kral, Director of the Policy Planning Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, visiting Moscow, to discuss the European security issues, relations between Russia, the Czech Republic and Visegrad Group member states, EU international sanctions towards Russia perspective changes, the USA presidential elections results ...


Visegrad Group Analysis in its Anniversary Year: Not Just Summing Up the Results

... the tendency to disagree with Brussels is stronger than ever, and countries are beginning to band together in order to achieve their goals within the European Union. Let us recall that before the adoption of the Treaty of Lisbon, the presidents of the Czech Republic and Poland spoke against the document, each putting forward arguments on different foundations . Now, as Brussels exerts pressure on Poland in response to the latter’s intention to revise several key pieces of legislation, Hungary,...


The Beneficiaries of the Ukrainian Crisis

... expense of social programs, and the frontline role in view of a potential armed conflict in Europe. Vadim Trukhachev Vadim Trukhachev: the Visegrad Gainers from Ukraine Tragedy The obvious beneficiary appears to be the Visegrad Group of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, where both Russia-haters and opponents of sanctions are set to obtain dividends. Domestic Politics Newly elected Polish president Andrzej Duda, whose campaign was permeated with the Ukraine parlance and insistence ...


Relations between Russia and Visegrad Group Discussed at RIAC

... the Visegrad countries in the CEE policies of the European Union. Director of RAS Institute for European Studies Alexey Gromyko underlined the importance of the Visegrad Group for development of its member states and cooperation of Russia with Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Ambassador Priputen summed up the results of the Slovak presidency in the Visegrad Group. Roundtable "The Visegrad Europe and Russia Today"


Victory Day in Central and Eastern Europe – a Triumph Not Worth Celebrating?

... to those who were removed from power and subsequently returned, since it gives an excuse to stress the “inferiority” of the socialist regime. On 9 May 2015, out of all the leaders of the countries of Central-Eastern Europe, only President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman and Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico will be in Moscow. They will not attend the military parade, preferring to hold talks with each other in the Russian capital. The President of the Czech Republic, who has always held ...


The Visegrad Group in the Common European Process

... 1998 when, after almost five years of stagnation, the four countries’ prime ministers met in Budapest and signed an agreement on the resumption of cooperation. It is indicative that this was preceded by the invitation to Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic to join NATO. The third peak happened in the mid-2000s. It was related to the first steps of the group as EU members and was characterized by their desire to achieve equal rights with other EU member states and adjust their status within ...


The Сzech Republic: multidimensional aspects

The Czech Republic sees Russia as an integral part of Europe Having withdrawn from the Soviet Bloc the Czech Republic headed towards the West, but as time passed, it ceased to rely implicitly on its help having realized that European integration often causes ...


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