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Personal Privacy and Sovereignty in Social Networks

What is privacy in the context of the human presence in cyberspace? What constitutes personal sovereignty in the digital world? Could a social network have something like sovereignty? Discussions about privacy and personal sovereignty in social networks should start with general questions. What is privacy ...


Shrinking Cyber-Universe

States are no longer the only guarantors of personal security In 2019, the book «India's strategic options in a changing cyberspace» written by Cherian Samuel and Munich Charma was published. (New Delhi, Pentagon Press LLP in association with Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, 2019). In their work, the authors examine the general concept of cyberspace, while extrapolating ...


Geopolitics and e-Diplomacy of Estonia

... like the first e-Society or e-Civilization (according to the contemporary definition of civilization) based on the accomplishments in the field of e-Governance and cyber-diplomacy in the past two decades. The three slim blue lions and the conquest of cyberspace The History of e-Diplomacy in Estonia starts in 1965 with the first school computer in the USSR, when Ural-1 was set up in the town of Nõo in Tartu County. Mass usage of computing networks first came with FidoNet, the first Estonian node ...


Business in Need of Cyber Rules

... measures, which are based on the proposals of the UN and OSCE. Such measures include: Develop shared positions and interpretations of key cybersecurity issues and concepts, which will facilitate productive dialogue and enhance mutual understanding of cyberspace and its characteristics. Encourage governments to develop and engage in dialogue around cyber warfare doctrines. Develop a list of facilities that are off-limits for cyber-attacks, such as nuclear power plants, air traffic control systems,...


Mitigating Cyber Risks: Is There Room for Two?

There is still a role for global discussion on norms of conduct in cyberspace Anastasia Tolstukhina: Two Cyber Resolutions Are Better Than None Experts both in Russia and in the West are beginning to feel cautiously hopeful about the recent UN discussions on information security. 2018 has seen the adoption of three ...


Specialists on Cyber Security Encourage to Change Public and State Attitude towards Cybercrime

... Sachkov began his speech stating that it is now that mankind lives in the safest time and has the largest population number with the minimum number of classical threats to human security, given that new types of criminal behavior have already emerged in cyberspace. As a result, it is a paradoxical situation when state budgets are spent on providing security and preventing traditional crime, which is becoming less and less dangerous for citizens, while the citizens of practically any state are actually ...


Suggestions on Russia-U.S. Cooperation in Cybersecurity

... done and over how international law could be applied. In this context two parallel tracks should be promoted. The first one is cooperation on cybercrime prevention and counterterrorism measures. In part because they lack common terminology regarding cyberspace, Russia and the US fail to find common ground when talking about cybercrime prevention. What is more, the at times anonymous nature of cybercrime not only impedes the attribution process, but undermines the political stance in bilateral relations....


Marina Kaljurand: We Don’t Need to Write New Norms for Cyber

On March 14-16, Berkeley hosted Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit On March 14-16, Berkeley hosted Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit organized by East West Institute and attended by over 150 experts, government and business representatives from a number of countries. RIAC website ...


Discussion of Prospects for Building Trust between Russia and the US at RIAC

... destruction, of chemical and biological weapons, and their falling into the hands of terrorist groups. The participants of the meeting emphasized the need to establish a high level bilateral dialogue between Russia and the United States on cooperation in cyberspace. The experts also discussed the future US strategy in Afghanistan and Central Asia after the presidential election in 2016. Experts who took part in the meeting on the invitation of RIAC and the EastWest Institute included: Ambassador Extraordinary ...


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