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Global Tech Companies Counter Online Terrorist Content

Governments demand that global internet platforms step up the fight against extremist and terrorist content One of the most recent trends to appear in internet governance is the tightening of control over online content. And it was China and Russia that set the wheels for this in ...


RIAC and EWI hold an international seminar “Russia-US Cyber Cooperation – Building New Relations”

... discussed cooperation in countering cyber terrorism; indentifying terminology, critical for Russia and the United States in the field of cyber security; strengthening cooperative action and early warning of cyber attacks; the state’s role in the Internet development and the interaction of the Internet and business communities of the two countries. They also made important observations on existing problems in relations between the two countries in this field, and proposed a number of significant ...


RIAC at Digital BRICS Conclave 2016 in India

On April 28-29, 2016 New Delhi hosted a BRICS international conference on cybersecurity and combating cyber threats. On April 28, the opening session of the conference was followed by a session on the ... ... information dialogue among the countries. On April 29, Anna Kuznetsova spoke at a session devoted to issues of social inclusion and Internet technologies. She emphasized the importance of disseminating educational products and services of the BRICS countries ...


Meeting held with Microsoft experts at RIAC

The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the EastWest Institute held an expert meeting with Microsoft representatives on 17 June 2015. The discussion touched upon such issues as U.S. regulatory practices in cybersecurity, the protection of critical public and private infrastructure online, the development of national strategies to counter cyber threats using the experience of the U.S. and the EU as well as opportunities for radical improvements in U.S.-Russian ...


Bone of Contention between Silicon Valley and Washington

... Senate, notes , “the National Security Agency and the CIA could not do what they do without Silicon Valley. In effect, it became part of the activities of the NSA. The heads of some companies are definitely trying to hide that fact.” “Internet Freedom” “Internet Freedom” is a priority in the international communications and information policy in the U.S. Department of State. In 2013, the Department of State’s total investment in innovative programmes exceeded ...


A Cocktail Umbrella in the Cyber Typhoon: Obama’s New “Cyber Executive Order”

... opinion the Executive Order threshold of being a “significant” cyber actor), being able to conclusively “prove” the originator of malicious cyber activity is problematic. In today’s world we find out more about who did what by listening to internet chatter-bragging that takes place after a major incident. If no such chatter exists, then the United States tends to simply connect dots in a circumstantial way. But circumstantial evidence is often not “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Since ...


Obama: Silicon Valley rather than Putin

... international standards, protectionist measures against Chinese equipment, the capturing of data and the conclusion of Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific trade agreements that exclude these two countries. Nicholas Vallejos/ Maxim Kornev: Sovereign Cybersecurity (in Russian) The current institutional system allows the United States to maintain an unprecedented legal influence via the supremacy of their soft law and the English language. Debates over Internet governance are, unlike in Europe, followed at the highest levels in Washington; the careful maintenance of the status quo in the management of critical resources helps keep the “world from turning in a direction detrimental to the United ...


Internet: How Deep Is Pandora’s Box?

The threat emanating from virtual space and Internet technologies has become a traditional challenge in the 21st century, as human progress is already inseparably linked to the Internet. However, these threats vary depending on their origin, the tools that are at the disposal of the attackers and ...


Cyberspace Discussed Globally

... from the government, academia, media ( Der Spiegel, et al), major corporations ( Microsoft, Comcast, PriceWaterhouseCoopers ), numerous NGOs from the United States, Europe and Asia. During two days seven groups were discussing the development of the Internet and cyberspace, security, creation of mechanisms for the cyberspace regulation and international interaction. The final gathering was devoted to international regulation of the Internet, enhanced protection of national infrastructures, prevention ...


Great Russian-Chinese Cyberwall

... US diplomats put forward a proposal that could be regarded as an attempt to split the coalition led by Russia on the issue of Internet administration. Due to developments in Ukraine, the issue of illegal international activities of the US National Security ... ... included in the agenda of the summit was taken off the table. Instead, the summit announced the establishment of a dialogue on cybersecurity between the United States and the European Union. According to official information, the dialogue aims to strengthen ...


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