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Energy Outlook 2035 - BP

... explore the outlook in more detail, or browse through IMEMO RAN’s other events and online resources, please follow the links below: - BP Energy Outlook 2035 Material - BP Energy Outlook 2035 Factsheet - BP Energy Outlook 2035 Russia - Oil and Gas Dialogue (RUS) BP’s Pure & Fresh Approach: The most evident sign of BP carrying out a recalibration of its outlook lays on the fact that timeframes have been altered with now the base year of 2012 going up to 2035, rather than as in before ...


The Arctic Frontier - Armed with Cooperation

... Arctic offshore production will be challenged by foreign fossil fuels, but it will need to contend with onshore shale production both at home and abroad. Shtokman Gas Field: I have been especially interested in the progress of the giant Shtokman Gas Field over the last several years, as it closely linked to my M.A. thesis. Alas, the RIAC conference came a bit late for it, as there Andrey Krivorotov of Shtokman Development spoke. Sadly, Krivorotov did not come bearing good news, as the huge offshore gas field in the Barents Sea looks to remain frozen and most likely sidelined, even though ...


Euro League: EU vs Russia

... metaphorically a 'Geopolitical Football Championship'. Though, in all fairness, it is hard to see it as a unified team. As it appears more like a political trophy for two major sides. On one side, the EU aims to win Ukraine to make sure its gas is supposedly more secured and to continue its enlargement policy for both rational and questionable reasons. On the other, Russia aims to make sure it achieves its goal of restoring 80% of the defunct USSR’s market for likewise a myriad of ...


Who Governs Global Oil Prices?

... Point’, my first few paragraphs will be a personal note and gratitude to those that assisted me in developing these ideas. In this post, I will be using some of the standpoints highlighted at this year’s IMEMO RAN event; the “Oil & Gas Dialogue” (26/04/13). As usual, I will offer additional links to expand our discussion. It is almost a cliché, but once again this topic is contested in academic literature, so I am sure we will not all agree on a same route, but even ...


«Oil & Gas Dialogue» IMEMO RAN

... apocalypse as some may have felt, but in today’s world things change quickly making one ponder – what must be done to stop any changes, how to adapt to them if they occur and what if sceptics are right? «Oil and Gas Dialogue: Russian Gas in the European Market» Joint International Forum held at IMEMO RAN conference hall on 7th December 2012; moderated by Ivanova N. I., RAN Academic and Associate Director of IMEMO RAN, and Eric Dam, General Director of Energy Delta Institute. Optimism Remains Thin in the Air: As the world continues to scuffle against ...


«Eastern Siberia Oil & Gas Conference»

... that. But Russia could continue to compete if it improves efficiency and creates a local economy as well as a status of a reliable supplier that will be a unique selling point in the turbulent world. «3rd International Eastern Siberia Oil & Gas Conference» held at Baltschug Kempinski Hotel (Moscow), on 28th November 2012; moderated by Krutikhin M. I., Partner at RusEnergy. Igor Ossipov Oil & Gas Eurasia Correspondent, Oil/Diesel Broker and RIAC Blogger.


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