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US-China Relations: Moving Towards a New Cold War?

... the Ukrainian crisis. At that time, it seemed that Moscow was doomed to oppose a powerful and consolidated enemy on its own. In a matter of months, their relations lost all remnants of partnership of the previous 20 years and entered a stage of a new Cold War. As distinct from the Soviet Union, Russia found itself in a much more vulnerable position. Its economic, military and human potential was incomparably lower whereas the West had greatly increased its potentialities. In addition, Russia avoided ...


There Is No Chance for a New Treaty

Is nuclear war possible today? What needs to be done today to prevent nuclear war in the future? Is nuclear war possible today? What needs to be done today to prevent nuclear war in the future? Will the recent election have an impact on US arms control policy? Director, Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS); Corresponding Member, RAS; Professor, RAS (Russia); Member of the International Advisory Council of the...


U.S.-Russia Relations: The Price of Cold War

... destructively and dangerously so. As each side sinks into deeper and wider alarm over the threat the other is believed to pose, something larger is being missed. The ignored price they and the rest of the world will eventually pay for their escalating Cold War is immense. At the top of the list, unnoticed, a nuclear world is slowly slipping out of control. No longer two, but five countries—China, India, Pakistan, Russia, and the United States—now hold the key to nuclear war or peace. Each is bent ...


Europe and Russia: Four Scenarios for the New Cycle

“No Man’s Land”, “New Cold War”, “Eurasian Melting Pot” or “Two legged Greater Europe” Four years after the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis the EU — Russia relations remain in a poor state. With “no business as usual” approach on both sides, many bilateral ...


Working Under the Radar: The Stealth Alternative in Russia's Foreign Policy

It is time for us to quit constantly complaining about the treachery of the West, and stop dwelling on who cheated us and how in the 1990s The new cold war between Russia and the West is characterized by the absence of a clear ideological confrontation. This constitutes its fundamental difference from the era of bipolarity, when the Soviet Union and the United States were irreconcilable ideological ...


Hybrid Cooperation: A New Model for Russia-EU Relations

... so-called “hybrid relations” model. Hybrid vehicles use two or more sources of energy, usually a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) and an electric battery. In our case, the old model of geopolitical confrontation between East and West (the Cold War model) plays the role of an ICE. This model is expensive and outdated, but did provide sufficient stability and predictability, both in Europe and around the world. It offered numerous channels for political cooperation, military contacts, risk ...


Could the Ukraine Crisis Trigger a New Cold War?

... economic, social, and ethnic crises of the internal transition period, the desired effect of this foreign policy was not demonstrated until the 2000's. The US, on the other hand, assumed that the void in the sphere of geopolitics that emerged after the Cold War could only be filled in by itself, with all political, economic, and military factors in its favour. This situation, which mobilized the strategic interests of the US on the world stage, has been formulated very clearly by the famous American ...


President Trump would be well advised to remember Gorbachov’s and Bush Sr.’s post-Cold War political testament left in Malta when he gets into office in Washington

It is now fair to say that the case of Syria and Ukraine clearly exposed fallacy of thinking that US, and in broader sense the West, relations with Russia have improved in any shape or form since the end of the Cold War era, as we are currently witnessing significant moment in the human history when these very ties have plunged to levels unseen since the end of the East-West division ended in the late ‘80s. This persistent inability to finally overcome the ...


New Aspects of the Ukraine Crisis: Civil Society

... representatives of U.S. universities in charge of students' exchanges under the auspices of the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) voiced their concern about domestic security in Russia. They said that many American parents, who remember the Cold War, and who continue to be influenced by that mentality, are reluctant to allow their children to travel to Russia because of the current international issues as they are concerned about safety. The CIEE imposes strict security requirements for ...


Protecting Nuclear Sanity

The threat of nuclear war between Russia and the West, long relegated to Cold War history, reappeared last year as the crisis in East-West relations escalated. Russian strategic bombers now fly long-range patrols near the coast of the US and its NATO allies, while Russian missile tests and military exercises involving simulated ...


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