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A Brief History of Sino-Soviet Union/Russia Political Relations from 1949 to 2019

... “leaned to one side” to follow the Stalin-led Soviet Union as the “elder brother” in terms of diplomacy, economic development and system design, with a hierarchical characteristic. Besides the aforementioned same political ideology and bipartisan history between China and the USSR, this strategy was determined by the objective environment at that time. With the support of the USSR, China joined the Korean War to oppose the US-led United Nations forces, leaving Beijing with the impossible task of establishing ...


Russia in a Eurasian Triple Entente, with excerpts from Vadim Tsymbursky and Halford Mackinder

... entirely new paradigm, where Russia’s relations with China and India supersede interests in Europe. In such circumstances, with the swing back of world power to the East, there arise interesting areas for co-operation in a triple entente between Russia, China and India. In general, with history and geography on their side, co-operation between these three great nations is obvious and logical. In the short-term, however, certain issues have to be resolved by the Asian powers. China needs to solve its border issues with India, and secure ...


Bridges to India

... business', which changed the entire world with Silicon Valley's technical innovations and new business models. Based on long history in The Valley, about 80% of startups will stagnate or die, even with experienced venture capitalists helping motivated ... ... thing: Access. Various access routes have been considered, such as INSTC and Iranrud transportation systems, pipelines through China, Iran and elsewhere, and shipping via Sevmorput. Of these, Sevmorput looks like the most feasible path for the near term....


Obstacles and Opportunities for Economic Engagement between Australia and the Russian Federation

... Introduction My presentation on contemporary Australia-Russia economic relations is divided into two sections. The first focuses on geo-economics, which looks at both countries current trade and foreign investment priorities, including the implications of China’s monumental One Belt One Road project (OBOR), in which Russia has often been characterised as an integral player. Its primary focus is on the issue that in addition to its cultivation of closer links with a rising China, Russia’s ‘pivot to ...


Beyond the Right Side of History

... 1989, Francis Fukuyama published his famous essay “The End of History?” The title drew a line under a long period of world history and held out the promise of a perpetual liberal world order. The latter had proved its worth by winning the fierce 20th-century ... ... which had allegedly proved that there was another, more effective, development model. However, the experience of Russia and China, which were usually cited as examples of such a model, showed quite soon that authoritarian capitalism was closely linked ...


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