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On Russia’s Fulfillment of Obligations under the Convention on Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

... IMEMO Report In connection with Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, a number of American and European experts and officials have repeatedly expressed concerns that the Russian armed forces could hypothetically, if not intentionally, use chemical weapons. IMEMO specialists decided to analyze the dynamics of Russia’s fulfillment of obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) to determine what real grounds American and European experts, and even more so officials, could have ...


Exploring the Implications of the Second Round of ‘Chemical Sanctions’

... Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13883 “Administration of Proliferation Sanctions and Amendment of Executive Order 12851.” Media outside Russia were quick to label the move as a second round of sanctions against Russia over the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Skripal case. What is this all about, specifically, and what new sanctions could Russia face? Trump’s executive order was preceded by a letter from congressmen Eliot Engel (D) and Michael McCaul (R) expressing deep concern over ...


Syrian Surprises

... situation will end sooner or later. However, the President of the United States continues to threaten Damascus with devastating massive strikes should al-Assad “stage a bloodbath in Idlib.” The allegations about the Syrian Army’s planned use of chemical weapons in the offensive against Idlib are intended exclusively to disguise the militants’ imminent acts of provocation involving chemical weapons. If we are to take an unbiased look at the possible use of chemical weapons in Idlib – something ...


Why Chemical Weapon Is More Dangerous Than Nuclear

Today chemical weapons pose a more challenging and dangerous threat than even nuclear ones. Recent events in the UK’s Salisbury and Syrian city of Duma make one reassess the problem of chemical weapons Ekaterina Konovalova: MAD's Midlife Crisis: The Impact ...


We have a smoking gun to expose fake accusations on Syria

... bunkers of the opposition that fled from Douma, including by the way, smoke grenades made in Salisbury, UK. And canisters of chlorine made in Germany. Now if you read Le Soir , there are three Belgian firms under investigation, for providing elements of chemical weapons to Syria, for the opposition. Good for Belgium, because they investigate. Others don’t. Yes. Source: .


We Will Need to Return to Dialogue

... About Expulsions of Russian Diplomats One of the casualties of the worsening of relations between our countries could be the further weakening of the major arms control agreements reached at the end of the Cold War — in relation to both nuclear and chemical weapons. The collapse of the INF Treaty, agreed by Presidents Gorbachev and Reagan in 1987, is now a growing risk. If it takes place, it would not only be profoundly damaging in its own right. It would also make it more difficult to renew the ...


Novichok: What Do We Know?

... and mechanism of action” and has nothing to do with any specific agents. Rink also says that “[Mirzayanov] did not take part in the discussion of the systems as they were being developed; nor did he have anything to do with the manufacturing of chemical weapons.” To corroborate his statements, Mirzayanov has posted on Facebook a classified text (not a photocopy, just a typed text) which he alleges comes from a criminal case against himself. However, seeing as the criminal proceedings were ...


MAD's Midlife Crisis: The Impact of US-Russia Rivalry on International Arms Control

....” Disarmament diplomacy in action: Russian and US approaches for strengthening WMD regimes Dmitry Stefanovich: US Nuclear Policy Upgraded Certainly, the existing regimes for non-proliferation or prohibition of WMD differ from each other. While the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and the NPT have institutionalized specialized agencies and organizations mandated to verify its implementation by States Parties on an international level (the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) ...


RIAC round table “Chemical Weapons in Syria: Russia's Position and the New US Accusations”

On February 6, RIAC members held a round table discussion at the International Multimedia Center "Rossiya Segodnya " under the framework of «Chemical weapons in Syria: Russia's position and the new US accusations» the format allowed for a contextual review of both internal Syrian and international reactions, political postures and a set of technical conditions around the use of chemical weapons....


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