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BRICS+: It’s Back With Scale and Ambition

... overall size of their economies in the developing world, the inclusion of countries such as Senegal (chairmanship in the African Union in 2022), United Arab Emirates (chairmanship in the Gulf Cooperation Council in 2022) and Argentina (chairmanship in CELAC in 2022) is suggestive of a regional approach to building the BRICS+ platform. That regional approach was also evidenced in the Forum of political parties, think-tanks and NGOs that was held on May 19th in BRICS+ format - among the countries invited ...


Enter the Platform World: What Are the Prospects for the Global South?

... significant achievements. At the same time, there is tremendous scope for a far greater variability and diversity in the platforms that may be launched by Global South economies, the most sizeable and comprehensive of which could include the aggregation of CELAC (Latin America), African Union (Africa), SCO (Eurasia). A more diverse set of regional blocs that targets deeper integration could feature a BRICS+ platform that comprises the South African Development Community (SADC), MERCOSUR, BIMSTEC, China-ASEAN ...


India and Latin America: When a Rising Power and an Emergent Growth Pole Engage

... engagement, building on New Delhi’s cultivation of myriad sovereigns of the region, through established and newfound platforms of collectives, from the Pacific Alliance grouping (India enjoys an ‘Observer’ status) to the pan-regional configuration of CELAC (India and CELAC have forged a Ministerial dialogue arrangement). Political fault-lines across the region, present themselves as a potential trip-wire, however, this challenge goes with the understood modern-day politico-diplomatic terrain of striking ...


The EU-CELAC Summit in Brussels: New Horizons or New Geopolitical Schemes?

... was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1999. These regional summits take place every two years in order to review transcontinental cooperation and map out plans for the future. After the establishment of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) by Latin American and Caribbean countries, the summit in Brussels was the second held since 2013 between the EU and CELAC, which became the EU's counterpart for the bi-regional partnership process. Thus, the Summit was co-chaired by President of ...


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