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Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew: Brazil After the Olympics

... with relatively good economic indicators, the situation in the country today is very unstable. Same Inside Out The Olympics are held against the background of grave political and economic crises in the country. Governmental instability stemming from Dilma Rousseff’s suspension, undying corruption scandals, and the grievous state of Brazilian economy, which dropped by 3.8% , turned Rio 2016 into one of the worst prepared for Olympics. At the same time, the region is swept with a Zika virus epidemy, which had threatened to have the Games relocated. Besides, if Brazil was the initial ...


Russia and Brazil - What Will Come After Rousseff?

In October of 2005 Vladimir Putin and Luiz Inacio Luiz da Silva, entered into historic strategic alliance, which continued to grow under presidents Dilma Rousseff and Dmitry Medvedev and led to commerce in oil extraction, the exploration of outer space, aerospace cooperation and the sale of Russian military hardware to Brazil. Moreover, Brazil is now a major exporter of meat and other agricultural products to Russia. However, the relationship could obtain greater status if it were given a higher media profile like the Brazil-China alliance has been. After all, Russian ...


Petrobras Scandal has Brazil's Government Skating on Thin Ice

As Brazil's governability crisis escalates senate president Renan Calheiros has emerged as the political operator who can best protect the institutional legitimacy of embattled president Dilma Rousseff and her fragile Worker's Party (PT) coalition government. Dilma's political “bodyguard” The 59 year old Calheiros, from Alagoas State, a major tobacco producer, in the poor northeast, has served as president of Brazil's senate ...


Brazil's Scandal Woes Widen

Impeachment of president Dilma Rousseff will only further damage Brazil's reputation Over the past few days media everywhere have been buzzing up reports that the often reticent Swiss justice ministry is investigating Odebrecht, Brazil's most prestigious and influential parastatal company, in connection with a massive ...


Brazil: Political Crisis and Hunger for Change?

... transferred; 400 million dollars are still frozen in Swiss banks pending the completion of the audit of Petrobras and its contractors. Economic background of corruption scandals REUTERS/Nacho Doce/Pixstream Eric Ehrmann: Protests Test Resilience of Brazil's Democracy The start of Dilma Rousseff’s second mandate has coincided with a deterioration in the economic situation characterized as stagflation. According to official data, in 2014 the economy grew by only 0.1 percent and preliminary estimates forecast a shrinking of ...


Protests Test Resilience of Brazil's Democracy

Dilma's new economic program. No pain. No gain After Sunday's nationwide demonstrations grabbed the world's attention, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff said that people who took to the streets to protest against corruption and call for her impeachment are a reminder that the struggle for a better democracy makes Brazil stronger than it has ever been. This wave of “anti-Dilma” ...


Brazil: Hard-won Victory and Challenges for Dilma Rousseff

The general election became the main event of 2014 in Brazil. President Dilma Rousseff won a second term in Brazil’s presidential election, but she faces many challenges and problems that were not resolved during her first term. The altered balance of forces will inevitably force the head of state to make adjustments ...


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