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Southeast Europe Today. Immediate Development Prospects

... to be a principal problem today. This already creates hotbeds of tensions in predominantly Muslim areas in the Balkans. The European Union’s position on the matter is no cause for optimism either. The degradation of the political regimes in some Balkans states has also had a serious impact on destabilization tendencies in the region. In 2018–2019, a wave of mass rallies rolled through Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. The protesters demanded the resignation of their respective governments and presidents and independence for the media. They also accused the ruling elites of putting pressure on the opposition and of having ties to the ...


Possible International “Package Solution” Formats on the Balkans Issue

... borders of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the possible option of creating a confederation with Croatia / Serbia / Montenegro; — Macedonia would be in a worse position, left without most of its own territory. Moreover, a tendency to tear ... ... or Serbia. Only nationalist population of the region could support such a radical scenario, it would seriously shut off the Balkans from the EU in mid-term perspective. At the same time, in a long run, in the context of the region, this is one of the ...


Andrey Kortunov speaks at 2BS Forum in Montenegro

The sixth annual To Be Secure (2BS) Forum , organized by the Atlantic Council of Montenegro, under the auspices of the Government of Montenegro, took place in Budva, Montenegro, on May 5-7, 2016. The Forum is one of the major international platforms for discussing the most important dilemmas in the field of security in the Balkans and South East Europe (SEE), as well as in Europe as a whole. This year, the main focus of the discussions was on the issues of combating terrorism, political radicalism, and of managing migration flows in and around Europe. Particular attention ...


Moving Towards New Meanings. 9 May in the Balkans

... are held under European flags . It should be noted that attitudes to May 9 have acquired a geopolitical meaning this year in Montenegro. In late April, for example, a banner was installed in the city of Bar by the movement “Against war – Against ... ... importance to such incidents. Thus, while Victory Day in Russia signifies glory and national unity, it has no such meaning in the Balkans. World War II split Balkan society, and celebrating May 8–9 is a reminder of this, especially given that significant ...


Balkans Come to the Fore

... came out that Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay a visit to Serbia on October 16, 2014. Does this event signify that the Balkans will return to the center of international attention? Alexander Pivovarenko, Research Associate of the RAS Institute of ... ... RIAC expert, shares his insights on the situation. The issue of NATO enlargement through incorporating the Balkan states of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia is being discussed again. In your opinion, is this really a possibility in the ...


Modern Russia in the Modern Balkans: Soft Power through Investment

... special relationship with each country in the region, which we will try to describe as we identify Russia’s place in the Balkans today. The six republics of the former Yugoslavia analyzed in this paper can be divided into three groups. Serbia, which ... ... historically enjoyed a “special relationship” with Russia, can undoubtedly be called a traditional Russian partner . Montenegro can be placed in the same category, but with certain reservations. The nature of investment there is somewhat different,...


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