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Vladimir Putin Meets with Serzh Sargsyan: Moscow Supports a Compromise

... that format so that it does not look like the victory of one party and the crushing defeat of the other. There is much talk in Armenia now that Moscow will put pressure on Yerevan and that Armenia will be forced to make unfounded concessions so that Azerbaijan could join the EEU. The implication is that Moscow does not intend to force any country into the EEU and to turn it into a “Soviet pioneers” organization. If the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh is not settled, Azerbaijan will not be able to become a full-fledged ...


The Birth of the “Caspian Three”?

The emergence of new political formats is usually accompanied by mistrust of the critically minded expert community. However, the emergence of the Russia-Azerbaijan–Iran bloc spanning the western coast of the Caspian Sea could become a powerful impetus for the interpenetration of the three countries’ economies and for institutionalizing political dialog. Are the summit participants themselves ...


The Structure of Energy Politics in the South Caucasus: Grounds for Consolidation or Cooperation?

... move towards creation of a common energy space (including the South Caucasus). Both integration blocs will have a sufficient level of trust to start the process of national legal harmonization in favor of creating common oil and gas markets. Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia will have to take necessary steps as well to join the common energy market. Armenia will take up the obligations of the EEU that will have more political force in favor of national legislation. Georgia will have to accept new rules of the game following its path towards EU membership. Both blocs will have to exercise political influence on Azerbaijan (and Turkey) to make ...


Armenia and Russia: Pragmatics and Stereotypes

... cooperation (MTC) with Azerbaijan plays the most negative role in the perception of the former within Armenian society and the elite. Accordingly, Russia’s reduction in investments and the lack of obvious benefits for Armenia from its membership in the EEU make the socio-economic sphere look even more problem-plagued, at least in the eyes of the Armenian public. Russia’s military-technical cooperation with Azerbaijan has intensified since 2011 [4] , when Moscow began supplying Baku with S-300PMU2 anti-aircraft missile systems, Mi-35M attack helicopters, and then other armaments. However, progress in Russian-Azerbaijani MTC had been notable in previous ...


Russia – Learning from Armenia

... their Armenian colleagues. Second, since January 2, 2015 Yerevan has been an official member of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) [3] . Third, Moscow plays a very important role in the process of Nagorno-Karabakh settlement. Western diplomats and experts ... ... seeking to solve this long-festering conflict [4] . We should bear in mind, however, that however passive Russia may be, neither Azerbaijan nor Armenia, which are directly involved in the ethno-political confrontation, have demonstrated any inclination to ...


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