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Russia Wants to Modernize — Not Militarize — the Arctic

... of militarizing the Arctic. In reality, Russia’s only real military presence here is in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk. These ports are Russia’s only access point to the world’s ocean. Strategically, there are no other viable options. Developing the Arctic economically through new shipping routes or oil and gas projects is made all the more difficult by the harsh climate, the poor existing infrastructure and the Arctic’s vast expanses. Today, there is no success story that Russia might use as a template to follow. Time and money are the only answers ...


Sanctions Activity of the US and the EU in Regard to Russia: Consequences for Arctic Projects

... Паничкин И. Разработка морских нефтегазовых ресурсов Арктики. Текущее состояние и перспективы // Сайт Российского совета по международным делам (РСМД). URL: 19. Разработка морских нефтегазовых ресурсов Арктики: ридер РСМД // Сайт Российского совета по международным ...


Arctic Oil and Gas Resource Development: Current Situation and Prospects

... actors, primarily Asian states, in the Arctic cooperation. Under such circumstances, international cooperation in the Arctic may undergo serious changes, and the volume of contracts for Western-made shelf development equipment may decline significantly. Arctic Oil and Gas Resource Development: Current Situation and Prospects , 1,26 Мб Related material: RIAC Longread "Arctic Oil and Gas Resource Development: Current Situation and Prospects"


To Explore and Develop

... 6.5 million tonnes per year. Industrial development of the field commenced in December 2013. In 2014, the platform delivered 300,000 tonnes of oil (around 2.2 million barrels) to the Port of Rotterdam. The oil produced at the deposit is called ARCO (Arctic Oil). The company plans to double its production and shipment of oil in 2015. The area where the oil field is located is noted for its complex natural and climatic conditions – ice persists for seven months of the year, ice hummocks can be up to ...


Alaska. A Golden Fleece for the U.S. Establishment

... wins the 2016 presidential race. As for the energy lobby as such, many of its members are not sure about the practicability of further development of Arctic hydrocarbons, at least in the near future, because the steep price drop in 2014 has rendered Arctic oil unprofitable. Nevertheless, corporations believe that when easily retrievable hydrocarbons are depleted and prices go up, polar resources will regain their attractiveness. [ 5 ] So, Arctic field development should gradually progress, and the appropriate ...


Arctic Offshore Exploration: An International Perspective

... Arctic shelf development. Outline of the oil and gas resource potential To begin with, I would like to give you a broad outline of the oil and gas resource potential of the Barents and Kara seas. Over the past 30 years, dozens of gas, gas condensate and oil fields have been discovered on the Arctic continental shelf, a number of which can be considered unique. Some of these fields deserve a special mention, including the Shtokman , Leningradskoye and Lunskoye gas fields, as well as the Prirazlomnoye and Dolginskoye oil fields. The delimitation ...


The Arctic Frontier - Armed with Cooperation

... highly innaccurate, but cannot be avoided due to the necessity to draw trends longer than a few decades. As the above hinted in the case of Russia, there is a peculiar situation as technically the world is facing an impeding disaster, yet as the Arctic melts 22% of the worlds undiscovered gas and oil reserves can be found offshore strategically located within its reach. So, it is hard not to wonder, if for Russia it is the best thing since slice bread! Still, before Russia can uncork the champagne, there are caveats. Firstly, Russia has not yet ...


Andrei Zagorsky: Improving the odds of an Arctic gamble

... don’t have enough technologies and money and we look for those who do have them. And since we have a pretty difficult investment climate in this area, we compensate by a more liberal environmental regime. It is in Russia’s interest to develop the Arctic because the oil production elsewhere in Russia is on the decline. Many old fields are largely depleted. So the hope is that Arctic resources would compensate for this development. But the risks remain high. Andrey Zagorsky, director of IMEMO’s Department of ...


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