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Andrey Kortunov Speaks at XIV Association of European Businesses Flagship Conference

On May 24, Moscow hosts XIV Association of European Businesses Flagship Conference “Russia in the New Environment: Is Sustainable Growth Possible?” The annual conference gathers representatives of European industrial, financial, consulting and other companies operating in Russia, Russian and foreign experts studying problems in Russian-European economic and trade cooperation, international organizations oficials and diplomatic corps representatives. RIAC Director General Andrey Kortunov spoke at...


WTO: Is There Hope for a Sinking Ship?

Регионализм vs многосторонняя система: новые соглашения и новая постановка вопроса The WTO’s 10th Ministerial Conference will be taking place on 15–18 December 2015; however, the organization does not seem to be in its best shape in the run up to the event. The Doha Round of trade negotiations within the World Trade Organization (WTO) began 15 years ago. However, no tangible progress has been made in the resolution of some of the most enormous challenges that the global trading system is facing...


Battle for Iran – No Hope from Intergovernmental Agreements

In the current extremely complicated international situation, Russia has to look for new trade partners. However, it is well known that the new is often the well-forgotten old. On November 23, 2015, President Vladimir Putin paid a state visit to Tehran, where Russia and Iran will seal numerous trade and industrial agreements and projects that are aimed at expanding and strengthening trade between the two countries. The visit has been preceded by many days of work carried out by various intergovernmental...


Проект Экономического пояса Шелкового пути обсудили в Берлине

12-13 ноября 2015 года состоялся Первый глобальный форум в Берлине ( 1st Berlin Global Forum ), организованный Фондом БМВ ( BMW Foundation ) при содействии аналитического центра «Группа планетарной безопасности» ( Earth Security Group ). Обсуждение, ставшее итогом серии из пяти международных круглых столов, было посвящено трем основным темам: энергетической безопасности и устойчивого развития, перспективам международного сотрудничества в рамках китайской инициативы «Один пояс, один...


Indian Economy: Growth Outstrips Reform

Indian economy will need not a facelift but a thorough overhaul The Narendra Modi Government, which came to power in India in May 2014, promised to carry out sweeping reforms and speed up India’s economic growth. Over the last year, the reformist government has managed to regain for India the status of one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Yet it is still early days to speak about the reform being a success. It can safely be said that 2015 will leave many unpleasant memories...


Oleg Ignatkin: The Era of Globality

We are living under the conditions of new world system that is often referred to as globality. The system is characterized by a number of features. 1. This is a period quite often accompanied with the uncertainty of international system. The uncertainty is predicated by the vulnerability of political institutions as well as high volatility of international system. 2. The uncertainty shows a difficulty of organization - global governance requires more thoughtful approach and decision-making. ...


Oleg Ignatkin: Global Inequality - Problems Unsolved

There is no state of denial that global inequality exists- commentators are daily quoting statistics on miserable state of poor countries. Still, morally, there is something here, that doesn’t correspond to our moral beliefs – that is, there is something wrong that some people can afford exorbitant lifestyles, whereas others are destitute and miserable. And I don’t speak about millions here, oh no, here we speak about a billion people, who live at the condition of 1 dollar a day...


Oleg Ignatkin. Evaluation of the Millennium Goals: Hard Road Ahead

Millennium goals, proclaimed by the UN were and remain an intrinsic feature of a mix of grandiloquent speechifying and idealistic intentions by the leaders of the “free world” aimed at eradicating poverty, fighting health problems, improving education, further liberating female population across the world from the so-called “two jobs”, still pose an insurmountable challenge and far-reaching “utopian” goal. The underlying basis for the aforementioned concern is...


Oleg Ignatkin: Global elite can be responsible

Irresponsibility of the global elite has always been a matter of deep concern and suspicion. One can say that throughout history, that were largely irresponsible. Many crises occurred because of that. There are a number of theories that present the evaluation of the elites’ actions. V.Pareto, G.Moska, R.Mihels have been developing the theories of elites participation. In International Relations elites’ participation is connected with the problem of their recruitment and party mobilization...


Oleg Ignatkin: Diplomacy Limited

Throughout the history being unleashed diplomacy has always s been a topic that evoked deep respect from many people. As well as the world that existed 20-30 years ago contrasts sharply with the modern one. Firstly, it is connected with the general system of instability, existing in the modern world. One witnesses it judging by the increase of the general number of threats and ambiguous processes of globalization, happening in the modern world. But this instability is linked with the general processes...


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