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Россия — США — Китай: протекционизм, вопросы безопасности и конкуренция в сфере высоких технологий

Цель проекта — обзор регуляторной политики России, Китая и США в технологическом секторе, анализ стратегий компаний по преодолению новых ограничений, разработка сценариев развития глобальных технологических ...


Ivan Timofeev at a Roundtable Discussion on the Prospects for Russian-American relations

On October 17, 2016 RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeev took part in the roundtable discussion “Prospects for Russian-US Relations and the Role of Interregional Cooperation”, which was held in the Yeltsin-Center of Ekaterinburg. The event was organized by nonprofit organizations “The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center” and “The Center for Euro-Asian Studies.” Experts from Russia and the US discussed at the Roundtable topical issues of the current Russia-US bilateral...


Political Games Around US Military Equipment Exhibition in Chişinǎu

In late April – early May 2016, US troops and military equipment arrived in Moldova for NATO’s Dragon Pioneer 2016 Joint Military Exercises , which are to take place from May 3 to May 20. The United States brought 198 troops of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment and 58 units of military equipment. The situation is rather hot because the Americans intended to exhibit the US military equipment in Chişinǎu’s central square on May 9 (Victory Day), which caused protests on the part of the left-wing...


Rifle Hanging on the Wall

US tactical nuclear weapons in Europe US tactical nuclear weapons in Europe The US tactical nuclear weapons in Europe draw the attention of the Russian media and politicians on a regular basis — they refer to them as a major instability factor and example of Washington’s aggressive nature. Apparently, the sharpening of contradictions between Russia and NATO will kindle even more interest in this issue. The modernization of the US arsenal that started “at a bad time” seems to have added fuel to...


Не доверяют, не уважают

... «преисполнены решимости» и так далее. Что означает это внезапное единение? Долгожданное прозрение относительно того, что Россия и США действительно сталкиваются с общей угрозой, которая важнее, чем все разногласия? Прагматическое желание Москвы и Вашингтона снизить ...


Baghdad Meetings: On the Results of Russian Delegation’s Breakthrough Visit to Iraq

The February 11, 2016 visit of the Russian High Governmental Delegation to the Republic of Iraq is a remarkable event. It definitely stands out among all the bilateral meetings and negotiations to have taken place between the two countries. What makes the visit so significant is the fact that it is largely a breakthrough event: for the first time in many years, it was conducted in the best traditions of the long-lost USSR–Iraq friendship and it significantly boosted hopes for a new chapter...


Japan Goes Hard – New Military Law Adopted

The decision of Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet to adopt this new legislation does not meet the aspirations of the Japanese people It was recently announced in the media that Japan has adopted a new military doctrine, allowing the country to take part in military operations. It could result in a dramatic turn from Tokyo’s peaceful foreign policy and further aggravate tension in the already turbulent region. What is the essence of the new law? What comes next? How will this decision affect the relations...


Oleg Ignatkin: The Era of Globality

We are living under the conditions of new world system that is often referred to as globality. The system is characterized by a number of features. 1. This is a period quite often accompanied with the uncertainty of international system. The uncertainty is predicated by the vulnerability of political institutions as well as high volatility of international system. 2. The uncertainty shows a difficulty of organization - global governance requires more thoughtful approach and decision-making. ...


Oleg Ignatkin: Global Inequality - Problems Unsolved

There is no state of denial that global inequality exists- commentators are daily quoting statistics on miserable state of poor countries. Still, morally, there is something here, that doesn’t correspond to our moral beliefs – that is, there is something wrong that some people can afford exorbitant lifestyles, whereas others are destitute and miserable. And I don’t speak about millions here, oh no, here we speak about a billion people, who live at the condition of 1 dollar a day...


Oleg Ignatkin. Evaluation of the Millennium Goals: Hard Road Ahead

Millennium goals, proclaimed by the UN were and remain an intrinsic feature of a mix of grandiloquent speechifying and idealistic intentions by the leaders of the “free world” aimed at eradicating poverty, fighting health problems, improving education, further liberating female population across the world from the so-called “two jobs”, still pose an insurmountable challenge and far-reaching “utopian” goal. The underlying basis for the aforementioned concern is...


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