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Russell-Einstein and the Indivisibility of Nuclear Security

February 13, 2024

Mihai-Tiberiu Dima

IBR-2M Nuclear Security Group

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

Dubna, Russia   

How does the World contend with the 2000’s idea (recently resurfaced after the failed Ukrainian counter-offensive [01]) of the use of mini-nukes [02] ?... “mini” being a sugar-coating for eliciting acceptability - after all, if DU rounds have been fisted down the throat of Europe’s most fertile soil [03], why not “minnies” also ! Proliferation, diversification of WMD’s, and the containment of this madness were addressed 68 years ago by some of the world’s most brilliant minds: the Russel-Einstein manifesto and its advocacy for Indivisibility of Nuclear Security. That did not prevent the Cuba Missile Crisis 7 years later - at a 4:1 strike advantage for the US [04]. Today’s parity, NATO:Russia+China is perhaps 1:1 [05], yet the appetite for WW-3 is somehow greater [06]; why ? In light of the Russell-Einstein ideas I investigate the current dissolution of moral-metrics [07] and evaluate what solutions, if any, may exist.


In their famous manifesto [08], Betrand Russell and Albert Einstein, joined by a pleiad of all great pioneers from Nuclear Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine – among which 7 Nobel Prize laureates (Max Born, P.W. Bridgman, A. Einstein, L. Infeld, J.F. Curie, H.J. Muller, L. Pauling, C.F. Powell, J. Rotblat, B. Russell, H. Yukawa) argue that “The abolition of war will demand distasteful limitations of national sovereignty. [09] [J.F. Curie: these limitations are to be agreed by all and in the interests of all]. This assertion was predecessed by Russell’s correspondence with Einstein: “in any attempt to avoid atomic war the strictest neutrality is to be observed. There must be no suggestion of seeking advantage for either side or of preferring either side. Everything must be said from the point of view of mankind, not of this or that group” [10].

The Indivisibility of Security was rightly stated, by some of the most eminent people of this planet, as the foundation of avoiding WW-3, way back in 1955 ! Any kindergarten-circumvention of this principle (abandonment of ABM, CFE, Minsk, embracing CGS and Star-Trek - the generation after the last generation), denotes a Rambouillet-1999 style desire for starting WW-3 [11].

The signatories correctly anticipated that in the absence of Indivisibility of Security provisions, the nuclear-arms race will spiral out of control (and likeso its costs)[1]. And while authors focused on the most ardent issue of their time: nuclear weapons, they did hold the view, sanctioned by all subsequent developments, that equally dangerous are biological, virotic, and AI-enhanced weapons. Russell in his correspondence with Einstein states: “although the H-bomb at the moment occupies the centre of attention, it does not exhaust the destructive possibilities of science, and it is probable that the dangers of bacteriological warfare may before long become just as great. This reinforces the general proposition that war and science can no longer coexist” [10].

Sun Tzu says to leave an open door to your enemy to retreat: "build your enemy a golden bridge to retreat across" [12], else this containment will create the impulse of the needed amplitude to breach the containment (Heisenberg principle [13]). Consequently, modern China states in its Global Security Initiative the “indivisibility between individual security and common security, between traditional and nontraditional security, between security rights and security obligations, and between security and development“ [14] – bridges without which the island of stability cannot be reached.


In the opposite direction, we see NATO expansion and other military forward positioning arrangements on Russia’s and China’s borders for 3 decades now. How will these countries respond ?

Sun Tzu’s advice would probably have been that, unless the West has ´3 their military power or more, it would best want not to find out. While I know a number of guys in various Western countries who understand me and concur completely with this view, they do tell me that they are afraid their countries have been hijacked by some globalist-juntas, of thick-coconut exceptionazism [15], which want to drive their countries into WW-3 !

I read in Russia Today [16]: "Lee Jae-myung, was rushed to the hospital after an unidentified man stabbed him during a question-and-answer session with reporters on Tuesday morning. [...] Lee Jae-myung, 59, lost the 2022 presidential election to Yoon Suk-yeol by a margin of 0.73%, and is widely expected to run again in 2027." Is this the answer what type of unification the financial-militarist internationalist circles see fit for the Korea's ?

In the opposite corner, a photo of a mindful Prof. S. Karaganov answering an interview question: "we in Russia are the real Europeans. We remain healthy. And they want to exclude these healthy forces" [17]. Just as I am contemplating, an email arrives from a friend. It is with Argentinian President Milei, who decrees throwing out the Ministries of Tourism and Sports, Culture, Environment and Sustainable Development, Science, Technology and Innovation, Labor, Employment and Social Security, Education (which he stamps as indoctrination), Transport, Health [18]. Sounds like a clip from a darker part of history [19]. Making public spending more efficient is surely important, nobody argues against that, however certain governmental bodies need to exist to assure investment and spending in the gaps that the private sector does not – and thereby assure the functioning of civilization.

Where are the moral-metrics of contemporaneity ? Civilization disappeared ? … Rational dialogue out ?! … Opposition simply slain; that the new democracy ?!?

Ever since 2020 the world has split and shattered in two, along various lines. The air is thick with folly, a hot-tempest hangs-over like thunder clouds, like the madness before the End of Times [20, 21]! The dissolution of morality is what I point out here – and I am not the only one to do so [22]; Prof. Karaganov states [17] "We see that new values have emerged in the West, including the denial of everything human and divine in man. Western elites have begun to nurture these anti-values and to suppress normal values" [21, 23, 24]. Not without consequence [25].

The root of the problem, stated in John Chrysostom’s homilies to the Antiochians [26], is that wealth polarization [27] brings about absolute political and military power [see Babylon - 28], which corrupts equally absolute. Holding onto absolute power takes a consistent dose of madness, and even more, the invention of more madness - he pauses, holds his breath, then proclaims solemnly: “in the sense of its obligativity !” [29, 30]... Obligativity of what, of the march of the Headless Horsemen of the Apocalypse ?! Croatian President Zoran Milanovic says that he has "never seen such madness" and that unless “some talks are going on, otherwise we are inching toward the Third World War" ignited by proxy [31].

One (supreme) madness is “spending one’s way out of debt” [32], then solving the problem like Philip IV - through the arson of the Planet. Therefrom the Rambouillet-1999 style provocative kindergarten attitude, with the intent of starting WW-3 [11]. Incidentally, said debt was considered sustainable till now - but to a large extent through neo-colonialism (externalisation of burden), economic-fascism (internalisation of burden) [33] and the unsanctioned use of the printing-press [34]. Failure to sustain such enormity was covered mostly with aggressive posturing (ABM pullout, INF pullout, Open-Skies pullout, Prompt Global Strike, infinite NATO expansion, the militarisation of Ukraine, malstroeming India into an AUKUS led Asian-NATO [35], etc) ... and again more misuse of the printing-press [36].

In line with the above required madness (in the sense of its obligativity), kicking under the peace-negociations table (with minnie-nuke dérisoire account-settlements) on the way to (and against a) peace accord is likely. A veritable Olympiad of the Absurd permeates the international mass-media - to the tune of which politicians either dance, or are kicked out [16]; agitates and herds the populace into support for WW-3, the ultimate - and final (glory), (posture): #hypersonic-ethno-weed dreams [22, 37] never surrender and continue their march towards … “Two Suns in the sunset”. Zoran Milanovic continues: "From her we learn that we are all at war with Russia. [...] Maybe Germany is at war with Russia” – (in the sense of its obligativity) – “but we are not at war with anyone” [31].

This is the context in which an accelerated climate change, in particular desertification [38] due to methane emissions from tropical wetlands [39], finds us. An estimated 25% of world population faces extreme water shortage, estimated to grow to 45-50% by 2050 (a problem known since the 1990’s – with the consecrated scandal-company of all scandals WW-2 to present, Bechtel’s involvement in the issue, in Latin America [40]). Of the world’s top grain producers, the first 7 sum up 80% of world exports, and 5 or them are facing desertification problems. The international relations between these countries, succinctly presented above, are not at their best (diplomatically put). On the other hand desertification is an accelerated phenomenon, that hits fast, with no time for international relations to settle down to a new reality. Grain availability on world markets will plummet, very few countries will preserve capacity, many of the self-sufficient countries will no longer be so and the rest … the rest: Babylon’s fate [41] !

Renouncing exceptionazism [15] and its required-madness (in the sense of its obligativty), and restoring the Indivisibility of Security is the first step towards saving Planet Earth. I am sure endless russellian peroration will not make the subject any clearer: everybody knows very well what Indivisibility of Security means, and those who slide so trade-craftly by it are just le fou imaginé.

It is time to realise that the future of humanity does not lie in 110ooo-370ooo nanoplastics/L [42], or other toxic consumerisms. Returning to traditional values and a society that preserves nature and lives within means (empreinte environnementale et sociale) is a much more stable concept.

High time too, given that the perception of today’s Western world and its interference in the internal affairs of other people is not in its highest regard [46] - which prompts the question: what is the usefulness with which (Die Goldene-Locken) Billion, representing under 10% of world population, consume ca. 30% of its resources [47] ? Respectively, those [48] who aim at herding the US into WW-3, on the tried and tested Pearl-Harbor scenario [49] (by placing an Ukrainian Air-Force base in a NATO country [50]), should figure who is more apt, in the existing context, to survive a 35 odd year down the road outcome of WW-3 [51]: the West or the East ?

As can be observed, the global geo-political crisis evolves on a background of global financial crisis, climate crisis and military flash points rigorously apt to start WW-3 (Ukraine, Taiwan). The Indivisibility of Nuclear Security argued for by the Russell-Einstein manifesto, becomes not only Indivisibility of Security regardless the specific WMD (as foreseen by the signatories), but the Indivisibility of Survival chances in the global current context – if survival is still of interest.


[01] - US May Consider 'Nuclear Option' to Avoid Defeat in Ukraine, A. Dergalin, Sputnik News, 29.12.2023. CIA analyst Ray McGovern: “There is going to be some idiot in the Pentagon or in the White House who is going to say: ‘Look, Mr. President, the only way we can show Russia that we mean business is to use one of these mini-nukes’ ”. However, till Oct.2022 that was not official policy - U.S. President J. Biden: “I don’t think there’s any such thing as an ability to easily lose a tactical nuclear weapon and not end up with Armageddon”, White House, 07.10.2022.

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This is the kind of stupefaction I experience when I read the 100% #hypersonic-ethno-weed in the Telegraph (from Romanian: #EtnobotaniceHypersonice), only to twist down to 0% [37] a few days later (i.e. - when there were no Patriots, i.e. - gift us more !). For a realistic, technical analysis: “US Patriots ‘incapable’ of downing Kh-47 hypersonic Kinzhal missiles; Ukraine’s claims bogus”, Vijainder K. Thakur, retired IAF fighter-pilot, EurAsian Times, 26.12.2023.

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[34] - Eastern Europe - between the East and West. M.T. Dima, (2023): “the early experience of humanity was that the circulation of a value-carrying vehicle resulted in its debasement through a wide variety of highly-inventive methods (both private and governmental). Fiat money (stemming from the activity of clearance houses) was supposed to solve that problem, however it encountered debasement of its own - by the compulsive use of the printing-press [47], quantitative-easing and other modern quantum-[…!] methods”.


[35] - “The effect of AUKUS on India’s foreign and defence policies”, Strategic Comments (a journal of the International Institute for Strategic Studies) 28, comment 06, March (2022).

[36] - “Federal Reserve turns the dollar into toilet paper”, D.P. Goldman, Asia Times, 06.05.2021; China hints at its asymmetric warfare system aimed at dethroning US dollar - In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that China seeks not to carve out for the yuan a bit more room in the current Western-led system – or even dethrone the dollar and install the yuan in its place – but to create ‘from the ground-up’ the financial infrastructure that insures national sovereignty and protection from the vulnerabilities of the increasingly mismanaged dollar-based system. And it hardly needs mentioning that China is far from alone on this path, H. Johnston, Russia Today, 20.01.2024; Moscow calls U.S. plan to confiscate Russian assets '21st century piracy', Reuters, 12.01.2024: "Theft of state, private and public property has become a trademark of the Anglo-Saxons," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a news briefing; Why attempts to divert frozen russian assets could seriously damage the West’s credibility, N. Larsen, International Banker, 07.09.2023; UK used its funds to steal Venezuelan gold: Report, Embavenez SVG, St. Vincent Times, 28.04.2023; The main problems with the dollar and in part with the euro are: (i) the compulsive-use of the printing-press and (ii) sanctionitis & confiscationitis. The West is basically walking into the footsteps of Die Hanse’s clearing-system failures – and upon that, towards its ultimate demise.

[37] - Russian Missile Strikes Defeat Ukrainian Air Defenses, Kyiv Notes Shortage of US Patriot Systems, S. Korshak, Kyiv Post, 08.01.2024; Russia strikes Ukraine’s military-industrial complex - MoD Officials in Kiev say they failed to intercept any of Moscow’s Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, Yury Ignat, spokesman of the Ukrainian Air Force, admitted failure to intercept all four Kinzhal, six Iskander-M, and eight X-22 missiles, Russia Today, 08.01.2024.

[38] - A quarter of humanity faces extreme water stress - and it’s poised to get worse, new report finds, H. Khalil, CNN, 16.08.2023; Russia says first free grain shipments to Africa are on their way, Reuters, 17.11.2023.

[39] - 2023 smashes record for world’s hottest year by huge margin, D. Carrington, The Guardian, 09.01.2024; This year 'virtually certain' to be warmest in 125,000 years, EU scientists say, K. Abnett and G. Dickie, Reuters, 08.11.2023; Tropical methane emissions explain large fraction of recent changes in global atmospheric methane growth rate, L. Feng et al., Nature Communications 13:1378 (2022); Why Methane Surged in 2020, NASA Earth Observatory, 15.02.2023; Globally coherent water cycle response to temperature change during the past two millennia, B.L. Konecky et al., Nature Geoscience 16, 997-1004 (2023) – respectively, the water cycle follows the global warming.

[40] - Bechtel Surrenders in Bolivia Water Revolt Case, EarthJustice, 19.01.2006.

[41] - Isaiah (13:10) Behold, the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it. (13:11) And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible. (13:19) And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. (13:20) It shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation:[…]. (13:22) and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged; Jemeriah (50:2) Babylon will be captured; Bel will be put to shame, Marduk filled with terror. (50:35) A sword against the Babylonians !, declares the Lord - against those who live in Babylon and against her officials and wise men ! (50:36) A sword against her false prophets ! They will become fools. A sword against her warriors ! They will be filled with terror. (50:37) A sword against her horses and chariots and all the foreigners in her ranks ! They will become weaklings. A sword against her treasures ! They will be plundered. (50:38) A drought on her waters ! They will dry up. For it is a land of idols, idols that will go mad with terror.

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[44] - Das Reich hat keine Alliierte, nur Subjekten.

[45] - … and what about the undesirable “allies” ? the question from my previous article, references [03] and [26]: https://russiancouncil.ru/en/blogs/t-dragonel/eastern-europe-between-the-east-and-west/

[46] - Which country is a major threat to World peace ?, Internations Forum, “Western civilization has lost the spirit of compassion, morals and mutual respect. Western civilization has produced several school of thought in the political, economic and social fields such as capitalism, communism, sosialisme, nazism, fasism, zionism etc. These teachings have caused misery to many people. Western civilization has caused domestic wars and world wars and even now happen. So, their civilization is a conflict civilization which not only give rise to conflicts between other nations, but also conflicts within themselves. They have damaged the environment, damaged the biological balance of nature, caused the emergence of AIDS and narcotics and caused the emergence of weapon of mass destruction. Their civilization is a threat to themselves, a threat to others, a threat to the earth and a threat to the future of all humanity”, https://www.internations.org/world-forum/which-country-is-a-major-threat-to-world-peace-4430486, Community member opinion (Karachi, Pakistan), 07.01.2024;

Nobody wants to work in Britain’s cold, crumbling parliament, A. Dickson, Politico, 09.01.2024; ’National scandal’: 5,000 UK deaths caused by cold homes last winter, charities [End Fuel Poverty coalition] claim, M. Holder, BusinessGreen, 19.01.2024; The New West, a sort of "inhuman-face-communism", D. Popescu, Cristoiu Blog, 27.11.2023 – "In the New West, censorship has been re-labelled "content moderation" [Orwell's Ministry of Truth], [...] with cancel culture, re-writing of books, demolition of statues, [...] forbiding authors, firing professors and doctors, falsifying history [...]. Democracy has become a myth [...] Constitution is trampled upon, protests are forbidden, protesters are hounded with fighting-dogs, those resisting had their bank accounts blocked, were threatened with degradation of parental rights, suspension of work contracts and arrest. [...] The servitude practiced by the mass-media of today makes yesterday's "The Spark" [Communist Party's newspaper] look like a dissidence model. Propaganda is not even masked anymore, nobody bothers to justify or cosmeticise, everything is brutal, in the open, cynical and ridiculous, and on top of all: on your money ! [...] What food the majority can afford is junk-food, i.e. - cancer in a tin-can. [...] In the New West, in some states [Switzerland] it is illegal to posses a thermostat that can be set above 19 C. [...] In Ceausescu's Romania, true, there was no abundance, but everybody had food to eat [...] This state which has money for tanks, war planes and submarines, which can afford an army of well-paid-no-work employees, [...] does not invest in the young, in Education, Health, Research. Yes, in communism, the Romanians dreamt of a western life [...] Today the westerners live in the cold, cannot afford to turn on the heat ["a comfy 12 C"], to buy food, as they risk being "cancelled" for "opinion crime"; yes, the shelves are full, but the food is so toxic that Ceausescu's chicken-claws and chicory-coffee would pass as delicacies today. A recent analysis shows that around 30% of Europeans are in poverty [...] forcing the majority to skip meals and face hard financial choices. In the New West meritocracy has become a sad joke, the idiot is called “intellectual”, the thief, “business-man” [errata: "financial-engineer”], the prostitute is the icon of femininity [and all pro-SS (titute) war-mongering TV stations, “defenders of democracy” !], the Securitate-agent, "content moderator", the agitator, "researcher", the bureaucrat, "European Commissioner" [...] What are you lamenting about !? Are you an anti-westerner, putinist, or commie-nostalgic, you useless idiot !? [...] A world where there is always money for WARS, but never for feeding hungry children ! https://www.cristoiublog.ro/noul-occident-un-soi-de-comunism-cu-fata-inumana/;

“Come on”, I said. “They're here for U.S. dollars”; “True. But why are there so many from countries with fascist dictators ?” I looked Fidel in the eye. “You're not kidding, are you ?”; “No, most of these girls have lost their families - fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriends. They grew up with torture and death. Dancing and prostitution don't seem all that bad to them”, J. Perkins in Confessions of an Economic Hit-man, p. 69, ISBN-1576753018 (2004). The author further expands - Economic hit men (EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and other foreign "aid" organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet's natural resources. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization. [basically economic assassins who are sent in, and if they fail then follow the troops]. Einar Greve [former VP Chas. T. Main Consulting Inc., an NSA-styled C-Systems]: “Basically his story is true.… What John's book says is, there was a conspiracy to put all these countries on the hook, and that happened. Whether or not it was some sinister plot or not is up to interpretation, but many of these countries are still over the barrel and have never been able to repay the loans”, C.T. Revere, “Tsunami aid may line US pockets”, Tucson Citizen, 17.01.2005;

Fake it till you make it’ is an old trick Silicon Valley startups use to get money. Starry-eyed stock investors keep falling for it, J.L. Funk and G.N. Smith, MarketWatch, 07.03.2022 - ‘Vaporware’ are products that are promised to be ready, or ready soon, and then delivered late or not at all. - see Securities and Exchange Commission plaintiff vs. Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, Inc. defendants - US District Court, Northern District of California, San Jose division, Case 5:18-cv-01602, filed 14.03.2018; Elizabeth Holmes Sentenced To More Than 11 Years, US Attorney Office, Northern District California, press release 18.11.2022; See also citation [36] on the actual value of the USD. – This entrenched fake.ism mentality (fiercely denounced by US President Trump through his coined term: FAKE-news) has its roots in Bishop Berkeley’s dogma from 1710: “Esse est percipi” [G. Berkeley - The Principles of Human Knowledge, Part I, Sect. 23, p. 76] and was perhaps most eloquently expressed by W. Heisenberg: “Therefore, to be perceived is identical with existence” - Physics and Philosophy, the revolution of modern science, Harper & Row, p. 84 (1996);

Here’s why the signs of a new world order are becoming increasingly obvious - The majority of the world is no longer willing to accept Western diktat. That heralds a revolution: […] the revival of foreign policy activity by a greater number of countries, which we define as the world majority: a group of states that do not set themselves revolutionary tasks, but seek to strengthen their independence in world affairs and determine their own future, T. Bordachev, Russia Today, 11.01.2024; The US and Russia have vastly different ideas about who defeated Hitler’s Nazis, and here’s why it’s a problem, T. Bordachev, Russia Today, 15.01.2024: “Russia, which, while recognizing the cultural and technical achievements of the West, has never wanted to turn this into a recognition of its dominance”. The "well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information" [in the US 2020 election] is even termed "cross-partisan" now ! - The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election, M. Ball, 04.02.2021, Time Magazine;

Hillary Clinton floats ‘formal de-programming’ of Trump supporters, suggests GOP base is made of bigots, J.A. Wulfson, Fox News, 06.10.2023. Re-programming political opponents !?... Outright orwellian ! And how is this done; like this ? Feds fine eBay $3M over employees who sent live spiders and cockroaches to couple, Associated Press, Euronews.Next, 12.01.2024: “eBay’s then-CEO, Devin Wenig, sent another top executive a message saying: ‘If you are ever going to take her down ... now is the time’, according to court documents.” […] Along with a box of live spiders and the cockroaches, the couple had a funeral wreath, a bloody pig mask and a book about surviving the loss of a spouse show up at their door; 2024 Is the year of elections and that’s a threat to democracy – [!???], T. Harshaw, Bloomberg, 07.01.2024; "Billionaires become richer, the working class struggles, and the poor live in desperation. That is the unfortunate state of the world economy. […] Never before in human history have so few owned so much. Never before in human history has there been such income and wealth inequality. […] And never before have we seen this unprecedented level of greed, arrogance and irresponsibility on the part of the ruling class", US Senator B. Sanders, foreword to Oxfam 2023 Inequality Report, 14.01.2024; Return to dust (2022 - Li Ruijun, Hucheng-7, China) is an introspective vérité-movie pursuing the uprooting theme of China's Last Peasant out of the archetypal farmer - land bond: “Everything starts from and grows in the soil. Dirt is very clean. The soil doesn’t despise us. How can we despise soil ? The soil rewards us whether you’re rich and powerful, or an ordinary person.” The main character, Ma Youtie, abandoned by family, neglected by village cadres, exploited by le nouveau-riche embodies our ancestral set of traditional values, wiped clean by cold-“modernity”, tycoon mentality and callousness: empathy, integrity, sensitivity, perseverance and connection: “Things grown in the field can't go anywhere. Exposed to wind and sun... Living, then dying... Never leaving the field. That's right. Mind you, though... Where can our feet take us ? We're also tied to our land. We can't go anywhere. Tell me, how can a peasant live without land ?" The movie reflects the global pervasion of spineless-capitalism in all countries, bulldozing tradition, empathy and universal human-values;

Britons Mock Warmongering Lecture by UK Defense Secretary, Sputnik News, 17.01.2024 - "The era of the peace dividend is over" said Shapps in remarks he also shared on his profile on the X social media platform. [...] "The people need to prepare for a new era of conflict with you bastards" wrote user John Wight, expressing widespread antipathy towards governing elites in the West. "Wars happen when the government tells you who your enemy is. Revolution happens when you work it out for yourself"; Pyongyang's Poseidon ? North Korea Unveils New 'Tsunami' Underwater Nuclear Weapon, Sputnik News, 19.01.2024 - Regarding the reason why North Korea developed such a weapon, Kornev said that he sees certain merit in Pyongyang’s rhetoric about needing nuclear weapons to ensure North Korea’s safety and to deter possible attacks from the West and its “lackeys”; Pentagon says China set to have over 1,000 nukes by 2030, J. Johnson, Japan Times, 20.10.2023; Leader of Belarus says he wouldn’t hesitate to use Russian nuclear weapons to repel aggression, Associated Press, 13.06.2023. What happens to countries which do not have nukes, color-revolutions + subsequent puppet-regimes & looting ?

Fauci-backed group [EcoHealth Alliance – Peter Daszak] that funded bat coronavirus tests in Wuhan still claims it's just a 'coincidence' that pandemic began in same city as scandal-hit lab - as evidence of a cover-up mounts, M. Shaheen, Daily Mail Online, 08.03.2023;

The West cannot be trusted. Even now, it wants only one thing – to live at the expense of others […]”, Russian Foreign Minister S. Lavrov, Russian Diplomacy 2023 Conference, 18.01.2024; Vice City: Can the decadent Davos elites really solve the world's problems ?, H. Johnston, Russia Today, 17.01.2024 - “historian Arnold Toynbee, a giant in the field of the philosophy of history in the 20th century, developed as one of his central theses the idea that what kills a civilization is a split between its leadership - encompassing not just the rulers but the entire elite class - and everybody else. In a rising civilization, the leaders form what he calls a ‘creative minority’ (referring to a small cohort, not a racial minority) that earns the respect of the people it leads by responding to problems and implementing solutions that actually work. […] trouble comes when a civilization’s vital energies are exhausted as this class of people ceases to innovate and no longer offers creative responses to real problems. Instead, they turn into a despotic minority, merely insisting over and over and ever more stridently that their preferred solutions be applied even as it becomes increasingly apparent that they aren’t working. ‘A creative minority degenerates into a dominant minority which attempts to retain by force a position which it has ceased to merit’, Toynbee wrote”.

[47] - Industrialized countries [of which G7 represent 56% in GDP] consume more than 60% of non-fuel minerals, 58% of oil and about 50% of natural gas - Sustainable development of global mineral resources market in Industry 4.0 context, S. Hushko et al, 2021 IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci. 628, 012025 (2021); World's richest 1% cause double CO2 emissions of poorest 50%, says Oxfam, F. Harvey, The Guardian, 21.09.2020; High-income nations are responsible for 74% of global excess material use, driven primarily by the USA (27%) and the EU-28 high-income countries (25%). - National responsibility for ecological breakdown: a fair-shares assessment of resource use, 1970–2017, J.H. Hickel et al., The Lancet 6, 4442-4449 (2022).

[48] - “Our problem is that at turning points in our history, we bet on the side that is losing, […] The point is not to bet on the winners, the point is that over and over again we do not bet on ourselves and our own interests”, Aleksey Arestovich, X (Twitter), 17.01.2024 – it is not completely clear that the Ukrainians are alone in this business, other countries exhibit the same syndrome.

[49] - The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor, J.T. Flynn, Respublica Books LLC, Chicago-US, 1945; unsettled accounts on the involvement of the Royal Navy in Japanese torpedo 91’s Kyoban wooden aerodynamic stabilizer plates (Rev.1 - 1936 and Rev.2 - 1939); allegations that the decryption team of the Purple Machine (Japanese equivalent of Kriegsmarine Enigma-IV), W. Friedman, F. Rowlett and coworkers, had intercepted communications confirming attack date, that were withheld by The Navy and The President.

[50] - The scenario of an Ukrainian air-force base in Romania gains contour. US G-ral Ben Hodges confirms: “I would be 100% favorable to this” – The failure of the US and its allies to support Ukraine has global implications, because it encourages Iran, North Korea and China, declared for ERR News, G-ral Ben Hodges, former US troop presence commander in Europe. He however considered not realistic for the moment the creation of an air-base to host the F-16’s that will be used by Kiev against Russia, M. Filipescu, Romania/TV.net, 10.01.2024.

[51] - Cernobyl 35 years later: the TRIUMPH OF NATURE (despite RADIOCTIVITY) - The area of the largest nuclear disaster in history has become the third largest plant and animal reserve in Europe, B. Barazzetti, ResHumana, 21.01.2022.


[1] After all, what can be done with 37000 nukes that cannot be done with 10900 - see figure 1 ?... Simple: the CFE Treaty of 1990 (not the Minsk of 2014-2015 !).

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