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Eastern Europe – between the East and West

October 26, 2023

I introspect what, if anything, would big powers and small countries expect of each other in this uncertain era – and how alignment would look like. In particular, I am interested in Eastern Europe, which historically played a geo-political buffer role.


Source:  Le Figaro

Avons nous besoin des Russes ?... ”We do not need anybody !“, hands down the verdict the eisen-stimme of elite exceptionazism [01, 02, 03] - so much so that they cannot stand even themselves. With that approach, well … the Threat of World War no exaggeration, says Prime Minister Orban [04]. International mass media tries to muzzle him ... while the US 45th President Trump characterises those as: “people that are very smart, but they’re fascists and they’re radical left lunatics” and Dmitry Medvedev (Deputy Chairman of the Russia’s Security Council) states that “they should be treated as leaders of countries of a Nazi coalition” [05]; Trump continues “and they’re destroying our country“ [04]; destroying not only the US, but: “This could very well lead under the Biden administration's leadership to an all-out nuclear World War III, can happen. We're not very far away from it, believe it or not”. Agree, or not, the problem is serious, based on cold-calculated numbers [06, 07, 08, 09, 10] and beneath the pretended-lunacy, there is real underlying politics: “There was, moreover, the suspicion on the side of Germans that England wanted to involve Germany in a war against Russia” [11], that being at the time of WW-I (and of WW-II also). Merkel and Hollande [12] did the courtesy of admitting that the intent of the West in co-signing Minsk-1, -2, was to buy time and properly arm Ukraine. Together with the growing xenophobia in Ukraine, open military action of Kiev against Donbass, and the refusal of the US and NATO to engage in non-unilateral security arrangements, this cornered Russia in de-nazifying the military-active vector of this "containment" policy. In the course of the Special Operation in Ukraine, the US is providing a gradually increasing (Overton-like [13,14]) level of military equipment (however, always below the nuclear threshold). This prompts parity on the part of Russia. The same policy is pursued in Taiwan [15], raising the question: qui prodit from raising the (non-strategic) operational capabilities of these countries - and with what purpose


Figure 1 - King Mihai-I of Romania, 1944.


Calls start to appear [17], warning about the “Engineering of Consent” [18] into war through these operatives (presented as ‘lunatics’). United and coordinated action is needed to avoid world conflict: “Il n'y a pas de sécurité pour les Européens s'il n'y a pas de sécurité pour la Russie" [19] – French President Macron, 07.02.2022, re-iterating basically Bismarck’s 1863 remark: “the secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia” [20]. (An essential, simple, rational thought, over 7 generations, yet again and again and again, incapable of penetrating through a coconut.) On a more optimistic tone, Austria’s Foreign Minister Schallenberg noted, 21.08.2023: “We cannot cancel Russia; we cannot stop dialogue with Russia, […] Whatever happens, Russia will remain our largest neighbor geographically, will remain the leader in the number of nuclear warheads. Russia is still a member of the UN Security Council. We cannot discuss climate change or any other issue without including Russia in the discussion," [21] and similarly, Germany’s Chancellor Scholz states that: “It is absolutely clear for us, Germans, and to all Europeans as well, that [a] lasting security [system] cannot be created against Russia, only with Russia. We share this opinion both in NATO and the European Union,” [22] 15.02.2022.


Figure 2 – Throne Room, Romania 1944, hours after King Mihai-I (figure 1) proclaimed [23] Romania’s withdrawal from the Coalition of the Unwilling [24] against the Allied Nations.

Optimistic, not optimist enough: such voices always existed, however they were silenced. The consequences of “disobedience” towards Nazi World Order are illustrated in figure 2: Romania’s Throne Room, 23.08.1944, after King Mihai-I (figure 1) proclaimed [23] Romania’s withdrawal from the Coalition of the Unwilling [24] against the Allied Nations.

Can WW-III be averted ? What happens if not, or if there is a limited conflict, or maybe none at all ? Today’s geopolitical landscape is changing fast: BRICS countries hold now 42% of oil production and a higher fraction of the reserves, 72% of rare-earths, 37% PPP GDP (vs 30% G7), 36% land mass (double that of G7 and strategically strewn), 49% of wheat harvest (vs. 19% G7), 55% rice (vs. 3%), 79% aluminum (vs. 1.3%), 38% industrial production (vs. 30%) [09], etc. How will the rest of countries align in this context ? What degree of independence will they afford in practical terms ? What is there to be expected ?

Peace or war, countries will still be in two sizes: large and small. Larger countries are interested in securing their borders (since they already have almost all of need within their territory), while small and medium countries are concerned with the availability of energy, raw resources, commercial routes + access to markets and security. As such they join, or interact with larger entities. In the past this took the form of NATO + EEC and Warsaw Pact + COMECON (in both cases the military component preeminent to economic integration).

Large entities are either geographically separated, polarising the in-between space as a buffer zone, or have a hot 38th parallel iron-border – the former evidently preferable. From science we know that between two significantly different media the best interface is one of intermediate characteristics. Having a buffer zone, partially aligned at each end, assures functionality in a number of ways. Therefore it should not contested, percolated, or swayed to one side or another - buffer countries, whose elites let themselves be cajoled into the Nazihad (the Unholy War [25]), typically end up fragmented, or outright erased from the map [26], as expendable less-useful-servants of their nazi masters [27].

Eastern Europe is a study-model of such a geopolitical buffer. Time has shaped the culture, religion, traditions and ethnical composition of Central-, South- and Eastern European nations in between the big powers of Europe (Western Concert, Ottoman Empire and the Tsarist Empire) throughout 1000 years of history. As shown by Prof. Murgescu [28], the accumulation of economic lag forced these countries to adapt to their stronger and wealthier neighbors, while the main contenders themselves could not to one another. Historical and geographical context forced these countries to do what their powerful neighbors could not. As such this is impossible to be reproduced today and this gradient-buffer with a Western Christian, Eastern Christian and Muslim potpourri, between East-West-and-South represents a very important asset for Europe – worth rethinking military alliances over [29], should belligerent nations be manipulated-into [30] its economic/military block, or if existing ones are transformed [31] into belligerents. With such nations in, it is better out.

Avoiding WW-III participation warrants exit from any military alliance [23, 29, 32]. Exit from an economic union can also be real if said union tanks [33], or if – as outlined in [29]: persists in its crusade against Orthodox “Infidels” [34], maniacally #insists to replace traditional food with worms & grasshoppers [35] and pursues a Vaxxxisade helmed by Pope Pfizer’s financial pision [36] against The People.

Currency erosion – much of the world’s relations are thought in terms of money, so the first item I will approach is this. The world is experiencing not only an erosion of societal and moral norms, but also one of vehicles of credit. For small countries money is of a disproportionately larger importance compared to larger countries. This is due to their limited internal resource persity (mineral, human, energy, market, etc). Par consequent they to flock to the safety of “values” that their richer friends use.

A deeper analysis is needed into what these values can be and whether larger countries really possess them [37].

In a functional world, money is a means of storage because it can be re-inflated back into goods and services, at any time. In a dysfunctional world however, fiat money becomes toilet-paper in the inflation-mill, and trade is preferred in gold. Uselessly Trudeau threatens grocery chains, for “The idea that grocers are causing food inflation is not only false, but also impossible” - Galen Weston, Chairman Loblaw [38] //… this is so reminiscent of Mihai Eminescu’s “3rd Letter” [39]:


Unheeded was the Emperor's fury, lion-like in rage,

For fiercer still the fight strewed deadly wage;

Unheeded did he flutter the green regalia to his ranks

For mightily assailed in front they were, and hit on both flanks.

The dysfunctionality of globalist-capitalism, “that is devoid of moral foundations and is based on the unending growth of consumption that is destroying the planet” [40], is not going away by threatening market principles, neither in Canada, nor in any other country: “I wish they understood how the definition of 'success' has changed. My boomer folks lived on one teacher's salary, were able to buy a home and cars, raised 3 children, had no student loan debt, and were able to retire at 65. That way of life is no longer available to future generations.” [41].

Rage, promises, fanfare - bows and ribbons, marching band … [Oh, please !].

A pertinent paper epitomizes previous studies on the downfall of the late Qing Dynasty [42]. The objective reality behind this event was the 4-fold population increase during the XIXth century and the preservation of the elite’s per/capita standing. In a linear model, with infinite resources, the GDP just scales with population and the 99% can still feed the 1% into opulence. However, when resources are finite and the population increases dramatically, the elite 1% cannot still expect the same per/capita standing, and insistence in this respect leads to revolt. This is precisely what happened at the end of the Qing Dynasty, the demise of which was basically due to unsurmountable expenditure in quelling revolts – i.e. exactly what G7 is experiencing today: incapacity to foot the bill of looting the “recalcitrants” [85].

Further down the line, during crises, gold also loses value and trade is eminently multi-barter: “Half a kingdom for a horse !”... A book that appeared last year [43] describes how the super-rich plan to insulate themselves of the outcome of WW-III, that they feel is approaching: “One had already secured a dozen Navy SEALs to make their way to his compound if he gave them the right cue. But how would he pay the guards once even his crypto was worthless ? What would stop the guards from eventually choosing their own leader? The billionaires considered using special combination locks on the food supply that only they knew. Or making guards wear disciplinary collars of some kind in return for their survival. Or maybe building robots to serve as guards and workers – if that technology could be developed “in time.”

I tried to reason with them. I made pro-social arguments for partnership and solidarity as the best approaches to our collective, long-term challenges. The way to get your guards to exhibit loyalty in the future is to treat them like friends right now, I explained. Don’t just invest in ammo and electric fences, invest in people and relationships. They rolled their eyes at what must have sounded to them like hippie philosophy, so I cheekily suggested that the way to make sure your head of security doesn’t slit your throat tomorrow is to pay for his daughter’s bat mitzvah today. They laughed.”.

If you dare think about such scenarios you are marginalized as an outcast who believes in conspiracy, however there at the top, be assured, they do think about this. By the rather amateurish approach these rich have, they do not seem connected with the “veiled ones”. Regardless their wealth, they are like everybody else: on their own – and they sense correctly that neither money, nor gold, will re-inflate back into goods and services when that time will come.

So then, what is money ?... it is just invested trust. When credibility is lost, money vanishes into thin air, be it paper, silver, gold, or diamonds: 2023 the year when disillusionment grew planetary.

The tetradrachm [44] was the main transactional-vehicle of antiquity. Athens minted 17.2 gram silver coins with the Athens-and-owl imprint. But so did Sparta, the enemy of Athens. So did Rome (the denarius, with Minerva and her owl), Egypt, Syria, and even celts on the approximate territory of today’s north-east Hungary.

The tetradrachm was present in Rome for basically the entire Republic period, and even later, stemming mostly from the mint in Alexandria, Egypt (until 297 A.D., under the Diocletian currency reforms).

The huge popularity of the tetradrachm in the ancient world surpassed at times even gold and poses the question what is of importance: value, or transactional ability ? Today, in Kosovo valuta-forte are fake euro’s [45] …

Take for instance rhodium: it is more than double the value of gold. Is rhodium a good transactional vehicle ? I would not be able to discern it from chromed stainless-steel, other than being 1.6 times heavier. It is a catalyst in automotive industry and (modest) neutron sensing material in nuclear industry. As clearance-vehicle it is at the end of the metal-list, below copper, and quite the same as means of value-storage. Platinum is also much the same; it used to be double the value of gold, now it is half the value of gold, it can be almost anything. Can platinum be used as value standard ?

Indeed: what is value ?... an instructive book on this subject is “The diamond invention” [46], that exposes the machinations behind the fabrication of “value” bestowed upon personal diamonds (vs. diamond grit, for fine machining, and of recent CVD diamond, for microelectronics). Personal diamonds are notable not only for the subjective way in which they acquired “value”, but also for their large buy-sell asymmetry – a clue about the non-market principles behind their so called “value”.

Commerce therefore entails 2 orthogonal aspects that need to be considered separately:

- transaction-vehicle is a numerical-tag expressing worth in terms of a basket of accepted valuables (a goods defined analogue of IMF’s SDR); not translatable and with no intrinsic value, basically just a clearance-vehicle,

- value-storage converts use-value to storage and inflates it back to use-value when needed – both conversions desirably with minimal cost and also minimal maintenance cost. It is required to be accepted by a world-wide commercial community, both present and in particular in the future, and it has to be able to “inflate-back” back into a wide array of goods and services.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, it is impossible to create an object that satisfies both demands. In fact the value-storage is ill-defined both theoretically and practically (and neither is the transaction-vehicle all that well standing).

In combining the two, the early experience of humanity was that the circulation of a value-carrying vehicle resulted in its debasement through a wide variety of highly-inventive methods (both private and governmental). Fiat money (stemming from the activity of clearance houses) was supposed to solve that problem, however it encountered debasement of its own – by the compulsive use of the printing-press [47], quantitative-easing and other modern quantum-[…!] methods.

Transactional value is governed by a mechanism similar to the Landau potential in thermodynamics:

W = U - TS - mbuyNbuy - msellNsell.

At a given “commercial-temperature” the system has a mbuy demand for species Nbuy and a msell desire to shed species Nsell.

The system holds constant potential (zero trade deficit) if mbuyDNbuy = -msellDNsell, where mbuy and msell are the chemical potentials of the two species (intrinsic need – say salt in ancient Namibia, respectively intrinsic production capability – say rice in China). The chemical potential plays the role of price. However, the chemical potential of a certain species depends significantly on temperature and even more so on the system hosting the embedded species. For instance, in ancient Namibia salt held respectable value, while in the Neolithic Slatinei-Lunca (today’s Romania) it was common [48] and evinced little value – and like so in present day Namibia.

It is easy to see the difficulty in defining an object that can “store” value. Value is an intensive quantity, not an extensive one. As such, it cannot be stored. This mental-mirage is similar to the confusion we make between temperature (intensive quantity) and heat (extensive quantity): DQ = T × DS. Temperature cannot be stored, while heat … maybe.

For the sake of argument, let us assume that we can “store” excess Landau potential, to be subsequently spent as: DW = - mbuyDNbuy. If at the respective moment mbuy is high, we will buy little DNbuy, and conversely, if mbuy is low, we will buy a lot of DNbuy. But mbuy depends on both how much the buyer is desperate to get said species, and the seller desperate to shed the species.

Barter is the most honest trade, because mbuy and msell are evaluated both at the same moment in time. They reflect the balance between need and excess, judged as a pair. Need cannot be judged vs. abstract excess in illo tempore and neither production capability excess vs. abstract need who knows when: one has no way of judging how much production one is willing to trade off until a certain need arises. Example: the 0.3 M$ Hubble main mirror survey was missed because of being a cost-overrun, however NASA’s STS-61 mission to install corrective optics (1500 M$) was deemed acceptable. Likewise, money exists for waging war against those who offer something to the world, but not for addressing climate-change: “What is NATO and the empires for, if what is coming is the end of intelligence ? The climate disaster will kill hundreds of millions of people and listen carefully, it is not produced by the planet, it is produced by capital.” [49] (read: unbridled greed).

Ancient philosophers have long warned humanity about the fixation with storage as form of control and possession. This is because we cannot bottle-up Qi (vital flow), or Landau potential. We have to let it flow. It flows to create equilibrium both in the present and in the future. The fear of the future is what drives accumulation; however this needs to be solved rationally.

Gold has traditionally been used as value storage. It took millennia for gold to be accepted as storage facility, it has a cultural-historical dimension to it, of rather wide international areal. It is the widest possible encompassing asset, yet even so, after a hypothetical WW-III the transaction-vehicle would not be gold, rather non-contaminated food and water, medicine, etc.

Value storage concerns primordially the stability of mbuy – since it is implicit that the accumulation is for times of crisis, when mbuy sky-rockets. Thus, instead of packing present use-value into storage and later inflating it back into another use-value, it is worth storing the actual valuables themselves. Or maybe they are perishables … then it is worth investing in good international relations, each producing what the other does not, thus insuring all parties.

This includes common sense investment: water management, re-forestation, water saving, energy efficiency, manufacture of high-value energy-low-intensity goods, quality common medicine, well-structured emergency services, etc. Building value into the future, which is the cornerstone of security and prosperity cannot be based on vulnerabilities, or on creating additional vulnerabilities: “Thus, while on one hand we build infrastructure projects, on the other hand we impact the environment and create the premises for natural disasters, which end up destroying what we just built. [...] we have a country that we build by destroying it” – Recorder investigation [50].

In general crises are averted by investing in performant education: skilled people find solutions in times of need, they perform better under stress, they act coherently as part of a team. And in peace times they are productive, enhancing national wealth.

By anticipating various possible measures across the board, there is little left that can have negative consequences - hence there is no need for “financial” means to cover such contingencies. Important is consolidating the structural pillars [51] of a country and its economy. The interesting corollary is that the fiat currency of such a country would itself become the financial storage unit of choice for other countries, because of all the redundancies built into its economy.

A large number of voices talk today of a BRICS super-currency [10]. However, reconsider the tetradrachm, which circulated for like 500 years (x5 more than the USD). What was its success based upon ? What would this super-currency have to have to share its success ? All countries with a redundant infrastructure, prudent and sound financial policy will have sought after currencies. They could in principle unite and form a convertible currency common to all of them (or maybe not, just exist each inpidually).

This could be achieved in the form of double-currency circulation, as was the case of the aureus and denarius in Rome during the Empire time; or convertible-ruble, -yuan, -leu, -pesos, etc as it were in communist countries, where the hard-version of the currency would basically play the role of the aureus.

A currency (and not gold) is preferable because:

i) complacent use of gold without the above mentioned structural measures, leads to its debasement as a currency,

ii) there is insufficient gold for wide international use and other (significant) values need to come into play. And as I mentioned, most important are the measures of good infrastructure, societal equilibrium and proper foreign relations.

This concludes what “values” a rational small country would look up to: mostly the structure behind the value. This is particularly so in the context of the current rampant protectionism wave [52], determining small countries to think twice [32] whom they partner with.

A world tired of rules – this item is in support of International Law, as the only jurisprudence based set of rules, surviving critical thought. BRICS is rising as an informal [53] country-club because the world is satiated with “rules”, and it does not want to hear anymore thereof.

Why ?... is the world tired also of the laws of physics ? Perhaps: man’s dream to fly is the freedom sought from the shackles of gravity. However, back to Earth, flight too conforms to the laws of physics.

The problem with “rules” is their lack of objectivity and jurisprudence. Hoodoo Brown displaced in the late 1870’s a bunch of bandits, in a small town east of Santa Fe, with a set of gang-“rules” just as criminal as those of those he was displacing, only that in institutionalized form. In lack of objective laws, rules appear and disappear in a never-ending sequence of arbitrarism. There is a difference between “rule” and law [Zamolxes, Primus Getarum Legislator – Carolo Lundio, Uppsala, 1687], and with the arising questions on procedural aspects solvable through ample international dialogue.

Straight talk however is contemptuously reprimanded, as we have seen in Fox-vs-Tucker [54], or H. Clinton calling for the “formal de-programming” [55] of Trump’s supporters. This sabotage of dialogue instills political instability and fickle international relations – as Russian Foreign Minister noted, “the rhetoric of our opponents is filled with slogans […] not a single word about the root causes of the problem […] avoiding having a substantial discussion based on facts and the respect for all tenets of the [UN] Charter. Apparently, it doesn’t have arguments for an honest dialogue” [56]. Prof. S. Karaganov re-iterates: “The West is engaged in a desperate final battle to preserve its dominance which allowed it to exploit the rest of humanity and suppress other civilisations” [40].

Both domestically and internationally we sense the same problem: lack of vision, of argument, of a way forward – only repression rooted in exceptionazism [02]: “Thank you for such help, where Poland is ordered over our heads to open its Polish borders to Ukrainian grain, the aim of which is to finish off Polish agriculture and Polish farmers. Mrs. von der Leyen is not the president or prime minister of Poland, and these matters are decided in Poland, not in Brussels” Arkadiusz Mularczyk, Polish Deputy Foreign Minister [57]. Ella Pamfilova: Russia does not need Western democracy […] democracy in the West has become "not the rule of the majority, but the power of the minority [58]”.

Regardless the historical epoch we live in, or talk about, this attitude is a dead-end street. [.]

It is thus evident the thirst of the world community for an alternative – for a change !

BRICS was a group with the possibility of transforming itself into either a more or less structured organization or instead becoming a free-form community. The second option was chosen. […] the only condition for an invitation - non-participation in Western military and political coalitions.” [53] To the thirst-dying world out there this is totally a “Dance of Vestal Virgins” … it is not clear how this “free-form” is in any way different from just taking a group-photo together, in particular when some members want to be with one leg in the rules-boat and with the other in the law-boat [59]: No one can serve two masters (Matthew 6:24).

#NotLongAwaitedAnswer: Time of persuasion: over. Putin and Xi are not going to the G20 summit [60]. It seems membership requirements are starting to appear on the horizon, else G7 will infiltrate BRICS and turn it into a G7-proxy (already “Open Society Foundations” is targeting all of BRICS, honing various forms of sabotage below the surface – reason for which they’ve been excommunicated also from an EU country, Hungary [61]).

In this context, small countries either try to balance between big powers, try to cash-in from the haggle (a sometimes-fatal approach), or look for a longer-term vision. The latter was articulated by former Romanian President Basescu, in his controversial, but politically pertinent choice: “rather than performing for many small “fire-flies”, I’d rather perform for one big one” [62].

The objective reality behind this is that relations are complex and entail depth. Big powers create dependencies on various levels, which, in case of poor relations, are subject to suspension (temporarily, or permanent), hence the imperative for a long-term perspective. Historically, most big-2-small relations have been entrenched in colonial exploitation: “For Africa, the cost of the West's friendship exceeds the benefit” [63], a diplomatic rephrasing of what is known as Blood Diamonds. Even “white-collar” level relations have been riddled with what Secretary of Russia’s National Security Council Nikolay Patrushev described as: “NATO’s military power is used to maintain Western hegemony, economic enslavement, and political pressure on states that pose no military threat to the alliance” [64]. For this reason, relations with a block of countries are yet more difficult to articulate than bilateral ones - in particular in the context of multiplicity, as noted by Basescu.

Block-entities rarely act unitarily and appear as many countries at a country-club. Block inconsistencies inspire prudence and preference for select-bilaterals with the reliable powers of the block, regardless their financial standing. “Rather than part to the feast with a fool, better in difficulty with the wise” – Romanian folk saying.

Inconsistencies: Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi ? … manifest themselves as trust breakers. Illustratively: in the EU, France and Germany were imposing a 3% budget deficit maximum, while themselves were not capable of taming their own budgets. Similarly, today only naïve EU countries sanction Russia, the sanction-initiators themselves having found finance intermediaries in Hong-Kong, oil via India, and other means through which they evade their own ... (hypocrisy ? [65]). This is not in support of sanctions-policy (on Russia, or on any other country), rather only to show the impact of block-inconsistences.

Consider, in the mirror, BRICS. What does the lack of solidarity for one of their own inspire (especially when truth is known and when, in lesser circumstances, they acted oppositely [66]) ? Would Basescu have opted for relations with BRICS, or for select-bilaterals with its reliable members [67] ? (OK, Basescu would opt for the US, but that is another matter.) Nobody wants to base relations with a group unsure of its stand, that can turn and freeze assets, subserviently obey secondary sanctions, or any other such “surprizes” dictated from the outside.

o rules based order: - President Putin remarked that “Golden Billion” countries “are trying to replace the system of international law with their own so-called rules-based-order” [68], however, as fate has it, BRICS member India supports this rules-based-order [59]. Since this really is a fundamental issue in international relations, weak or lack-of consensus on the matter is an incentive to avoid block-level relations;

o sanctions-policy: - there seems to be at least an informal agreement that new members cannot have a sanctions policy in place against any existing BRICS member [69]. It would thus be all the more logical that a written accord exist between BRICS already-members in this respect. Ambiguity on this issue brews unvoiced, but deep reaching international impact, exploited by US democrat-leaning propaganda [70], questioning whether BRICS is up to its task;

o stability: - Argentina is now member: but favored presidential contender Javier Milei (for the October-2023 runoffs) promised to cut off trade relations with China and reorient Argentina towards the … “civilized” world; while another Washington-based Argentinian official said: “IMF and BRICS are two very different families” suggesting Buenos Aires cannot be in both [71]. Should other countries trust a block that cuts commercial ties with itself ?...

The absence of Chinese President Xi and Russian President Putin from the G20 summit [60] seems to indicate that the days of BRICS’ “fluid-stance” are coming to a rapid and fortuitous end. The US Santa-Claus card at the G20 summit of unloading a sack full of initiatives, the helm of which to be ceremoniously awarded to cute poodles, was rather thin veiled – and as such got called out [72]. Failing to fill the void left by the absence of Chinese and Russian leaders reminds one of the much acclaimed B3W (2021), when, identically, nobody stepped up to foot the ($3000 billion) bill. It seems the Flavius Æetius doctrine, of promising anything [73] and later “taking care” of them, has mixed results.

Small-country psychology – to understand how small countries fit in between big powers, it is useful to digress into the psychology of their elites. This is what we refer to in Romania as “the small log that throws over the big cart”, because big powers can manipulate the flaws in the psychology of small countries and use them like expendable pawns [59]. From the point of view of big-countries it is not strategic to let such an army of hostile pawns accumulate. Nor is it attractive for small-countries to be sacrifice pawns.

Was bedeutet es, in der Nachkriegszeit im Osten, Europäer zu sein ?” [33] is a 1990’s introspection thema of Romanian philosopher Gabriel Liiceanu. He transgresses the pitch of Emil Cioran [74] that “The pride of a person born into a small culture is always hurt”, because, Cioran continues, “Man can only create when believing he is the center of history”. Cioran (24 at the time) addresses the issue from a systemic/cosmogonic perspective, perhaps declaratively agnostic, but deeply religious (Преображение Румынии) – and immersed in a religious-meaning context (“Dostoevsky was saying that for each man ethnicity paves his way towards God” – Petre Ţuţea). For Ţuţea yes, for Liiceanu-1990 less: his ethnicity bothers him, he is not one of (Goldene-Locken) Billion and this impedes his fast-lane acquiescence in French and German circles (Humboldt Foundation) to open his Humanitas Publishing House (and other rather thin-veiled political biases from sponsors). The Plesu-Liiceanu gastronomical-splurge mentality [75] rooted in the 1980’s flourished a decade later and laid the foundation to today’s “unhappy with everybody“ psychology of the elites.

The Prime Minister of such a country – with elites ‘hurt’ in their NATOnal pride, might want … “also into space” [31] ? That’s dangerous. More likely said “elites” count on a copious Plesu-Liiceanu splurge [75], upping their demands on drooling images from Christie’s [g]astronomical bids. This “sky is the limit” weltanschauung, yawningly porced from reality, doesn’t seem to fathom that even big powers are limited, in fact, in real terms, much more than apparent. Such UFO-expectations [76] in relations with big powers typically end bad.

A world war is unwelcomed by all countries – big and small, thus posing the practical question: what can be done ?

Buffer zone elites have to be anchored in reality, for which they need a decent background. Starting from Cioran’s observation, I will speculate that the repressed pride of small-origin can amply be compensated by good international posture in a professional field, of one’s own particular interest. This endows self-worth and no interest in upstart subservient “emancipation” (through founding War-Parties, xenophobic movements, or other pursuits benefitting shady international “sponsors”). More profoundly, it gives the geopolitical-dimensional awareness: extrapolating the conclusion that top scientific and technological levels can only be attained through certain critical mass, not available to small countries, the conclusion is that peaceful collaboration with larger entities is needed in all domains. For this professionally competent elites comprehending the aspect are imperative [77].

Hasty counter-argument: Barbilian, Professor of Mathematics, on duty in Iron Guard outfit at the University of Bucharest [78], 1940. Yes, Barbilian and Plesu-Liiceanu shared the same teutonic periplus, in different epochs, and with the same “kind-of “ outcome. It is true that professional standing does not always guarantee honorable discharge of duty, however, a country with ample professional and academic standing has way more checks and balances and cannot be turned upside down that easily. Forces that do these kinds of things first sabotage the society, chipping away at (1) the economic situation, after at (2) the society’s professional standing and only lastly, having softened their target, do they invent and bring in some Croix de Feu, Brown Shirts, SS, etc to “do the dirty” [79]. Moreover, these reactionary elements are always brewed in political movements of wide popular support [08], which (at the in-opportune moment) are highjacked (such as the 1926 Bamberger Führertagung - NSDAP; 1934 Nacht der langen Messer - SA) and turned into fascist movements.

The international war waged against education [80] confirms my assertion (2) above, and the importance of sustaining society-wide professional standing. The latter counters economic fall (1), a determinant key element, as well as the (wide popular support guised) appearance of fascist “hit-movements”.

Professional competence – then what definition should we contemplate ? … My claim is that professional competence is not the objective per se (which is the political standing), but rather an awakening factor. This can be viewed in the sense of realising the necessity for collaboration on amiable terms with larger entities which have the technological critical mass, that smaller countries do not. And taking a cue from concrete technology-relations - extrapolating to the rest of bilateral relations in all domains. Let me exemplify: nuclear reactors - quickly everybody jumps to the mental image of nuclear physics and quantum fission. That is all true, but in practice does anybody think about nuclear-grade steel ?... I mean those reactors have to be made of something, and if that something has a lifetime of 5 years and not 50 as it should, then they fall apart. There is nuclear chemistry and nuclear metallurgy and a pleiad of other domains that contribute to the making of such a unit. Realising this (1) breadth and (2) depth means realising the need for amiable collaboration - present and future: “Rosatom claims to be the world leader in high-performance solutions for all types of nuclear power plants. It offers integrated clean energy solutionsacross the nuclear supply chain, including the design, building, and operation of nuclear facilities, uranium mining, conversion and enrichment, the supply of nuclear fuel, decommissioning, spent fuel storage, transportation, and safe nuclear waste disposal” [81]. My detractors will say that I am advocating Russia’s companies: I am an independent minded professional presenting a genuine Romanian point of view. I think that one may equally work with Westinghouse: the point here is the quality of rational thought, not that of side taking. I am sure that realising the breadth and depth at Westinghouse will bring the sense of appreciating the same at Rosatom – and in general that such technology disappears when spare parts, facilities, supply chains, financial services and markets are affected by war, or economic war. This consciousness attained for one example brings, by extrapolation, predictability and decent relations with all international players. For such to happen, the elites in charge must be capable of understanding this depth. Decision factors with little understanding of anything throw around concepts like confetti ! My grandfather was naval engineer, our country used to build oil tankers of up to 170000 DWT, now only 50000 DWT. The country is not capable of the technology that it was handling 40 years ago (say MMN8080 Microelectronica [82], Turmo IV-CA Turbomecanica), only 0.2% of students are at the level of 1980’s top 30%, yet great achievements are loudly proclaimed. On that path it is easy to slide in the imported trend of exceptionazism, overestimate our capabilities (grossly) and lead the country into war. There never was any particular appetite of these elites for professional competence (aviation-pioneer A. Vlaicu sabotaged and killed [83], first Romanian cosmonaut D. Prunariu marginalized both under Ceausescu and post-1990, aviation, naval, heavy-water, microelectronic industries destroyed post-1990, etc); technological collaboration with the Soviet-empire repressed; technological collaboration now with the American-empire repressed. The only gleam of hope was the technology forcefully injected into Romania, by France (CANDU collaboration, Pro-Electron semiconductors, Aerospatiale helicopters – and surprisingly the small Kamov-126 at Avioane Bacau to which the cousin of my grandfather, Cornel Comsa, contributed, Turbomecanica, etc), during the communist regime. This kind-of-attitude of the “pedigree”ists of marginalising and chasing away the professionally competent puts the country in the completely-dependent poodle category, and when the masters need it, completely sacrificeable-pawn category in their military adventurisms. Because, with no capability of one’s own, the only other thing left to sell is allegiance.

However, the idea that small countries should be foraged simply to side with one big-power and not with another is a Plesu-Liiceanu gastronomical-splurge mindset [75] of “unhappy with everybody” mentality elites [31].

No big power invests that much into pleasing pygmies [76] even if they can prove themselves nuisance puppets [73] at the hands of another big power: “The declared task of inflicting a “strategic defeat” on Russia has finally blinded the eyes of irresponsible politicians who are obsessed with their own impunity and have lost an elementary sense of self-preservation”, Russian Foreign Minister S. Lavrov, UNGA address, 23.09.2023; “I do not see any chance to awaken a sense of self-preservation in the Western global elites other than through an escalation of the nuclear threat”, Prof. S. Karaganov [40], 25.09.2023. Incidentally, the déjà vu of G7 countries advertising Russia’s Special Operation one month before it started, is just like the intent of the Rambouillet dis-Accords which threw Yugoslavia into war. The rebuttal of Russia’s Security Guarantees proposal of 15.12.2021 looks like of the same intent. World nuclear war seems actually wanted as part of a grand-scheme [06], just like the Kosovo war was.

The same way the billionaires mentioned in [43], albeit belonging to some part of the “elite”, are expendable, likewise small-countries are hog-wash after they’ve been finished by the global crisis of capitalism. If they want to survive, they need to remember and rely on their autochthonous-boyars (today: high-level independent professionals) and terminate their autophagous “omida-mentality” which subserved delocalized international capital - interested only in maximal returns, and with no respect for the natural, or social, environment (or for those countries themselves, together with their elites !).

Equally, big powers of rational design should also be interested in this type of self-interest aware elites [77], because they are the ones that foster predictable and mutually advantageous international relations – breaking the vectorization of sabotage-through-proxy from afar.

In particular, the (de facto existing) geo-political buffer represented by Eastern Europe could use rational solutions [84], today more than ever. The economic complementarity between Europe and Russia is akin to differing “thermodynamic chemical potentials”, which gives rise to a driving force for vigorous commerce - that does not stop with the current sanctions’ hype (precisely as thermodynamics shows, [65]). This flow is profitable to both traders and in-between regions - and brings with it policy mediation and military equilibrium. Although the “cut the middle-man out” idiom has its justified existence, it is also true that goods need to go over land, just like they have to go over water - and nobody is interested the transit to be lengthy, or pernicious. There are also considerations of varied distribution, as well as manpower issues, financial routing (in the dawn of an era where fiat-currency is losing ground to Bretton-Woods styled currency order), etc.

Managing these realities and preserving the geo-political buffer is our rational future - the rest is chaos.


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[…] Paul Comley French, a reporter for the Philadelphia Record […] testified that MacGuire stated, ‘We need a fascist government in this country to save the Nation from the Communists’ […] French stated that during the course of the conversation, MacGuire continually discussed ‘the need of a man on a white horse’ [NN - ad literam: such were Corneliu Zelea Codreanu’s public appearances in Romania. Later he was manipulated into his own demise and the Legion of Archangel Mikhail was decapitated (much like the SturmAbteilung in Germany - Nacht der Langen Messer / June 1934 – to become the SS) and turned into the Iron Guard, openly fascist, headed by Horia Sima, siphoned out of Romania by the SS, after the Guard’s failed armed rebellion / 21.01.1941] … and quoted MacGuire as having said ‘We might go along with Roosevelt and then do with him what Mussolini did with the King of Italy’ […] MacGuire had a hazy recollection that […] MacGuire admitted that […] MacGuire testified that […] MacGuire denied that […] MacGuire stated that […] While being questioned by both Congressman McCormack and Dickstein, MacGuire suddenly remembered that […]”; Trading with the Enemy Act (Pub. L. 65-91 / 1917) - Union Banking Corporation (Prescott Bush Director - a Brown Brothers Harriman asset and US fronthead for F. 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Groeninger - 1; all of which shares are held for the benefit of Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart, N.V., Rotterdam, The Netherlands, which bank is owned or controlled by members of the Thyssen family, nationals of Germany and/or Hungary, […] (b) that the property described as follows: […] is an interest in the aforesaid business enterprise held by the nationals of an enemy country or countries, and also is property within the United States owned or controlled by nationals of a designated enemy country or countries (Germany and/or Hungary); […] the national interest of the United States requires that such persons be treated as national of the aforesaid designated enemy country or countries […]”.

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[29] - Exit from NATO, Romania’s last chance to avert entry into war – Fellow Citizens, our country is on the brim of a cliff; we are pushed into a war of aggression and those who want to use us as cannon fodder in their war of conquest are the imperialist circles that usurped power in the US, subjugated militarily-politically-economically Western Europe immediately after WW-II, and after the fall of communism, imposed their political-military, economic and cultural domination on the countries of the former communist bloc. Time has come to realise that we are in a dual state of occupation, military and non-military. The military occupation is through Romania's accession to NATO and by the presence of foreign troops on our territory. The non-military one is economic, but also cultural and cognitive. The U.S. is the command center that provoked and is fueling the war in Ukraine. The US directed the 2014 coup in Kiev [as admitted by US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland in late 2013, of funneling $5 billion into the EuroMaidan coup d’état]. The US has encouraged the massacre of tens of thousands of civilians in the Donbass region for eight years prompting Russia to intervene [and prevent the mistakes of the first year of WW-II]. Behind this war lies the Great International Finance, the "masters of money", the authors of the Great Reset, obsessed with the establishment of the New World Order. These demonic forces are at the origin of the fabricated Covid-19 pandemic, the "global warming" hype, the total digital [nazi]-lager.ification of society, the silent criminal ideas bellying "smart cities", the weaponisation of 5G technology, the total control through elimination of cash, the planned destruction of the world economy. This evil plan of globalist elites has a dual purpose: depopulation and control. The war in Ukraine, into which Romania is being pushed, is yet another element in the plan of the Occult, obsessed with reducing world population. Between mass murder by injecting killer serums [Dr. D. Cartland – Pfizer’s jab contains the SV40 sequence which is known as a promoter of cancer virii. The SV40 sequence is completely un-necessary to produce the mRNA jab] in the fabricated Covid-19 pandemic and mass murder in a war is only a difference of method, not of purpose. The answer to the question "Why is Romania dragged into this unjust war?" – must be like a cold shower for every Romanian citizen; it is very simple. Because our country is a member of NATO. We must admit that Romania's accession to NATO was a fatal strategic mistake. As well as our accession to the European Union. NATO's eastward expansion itself was aimed at starting a war against Russia, by using Ukraine as the trigger for this military conflict. Western strategists have been able to skillfully manipulate our historical traumas [33] and feed us with the myth of the "Russian danger" to ensnare us. The legislative acts adopted two weeks ago by the Romanian Parliament give a free hand to the NATO command to dispose in any way deemed fit, of our country's military personnel and national territory for a total war against Russia. The first condition to avoid Romania's entry into war is the denunciation of the NATO accession agreement. I appeal to Romanian parliamentarians who care about the fate of the country to urgently initiate the legal procedure to denounce all Romania's international commitments to the NATO Alliance. The second major emergency for Romania is the termination of the stationing of all foreign troops on national territory, effective immediately. The third indispensable condition for avoiding Romania's involvement in war is neutrality. Neutrality must thus become a binding constitutional norm and the creed of any responsible Romanian. So help us God !", Romanian MP Lasca Mihai-Ioan – Party of Romanian People's Patriots, 21.03.2023 (video available).

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[32] - China and the Central and Eastern European states, A. Severin (Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister 1996-1997), Cotidianul, 07.10.2023 – advocates a “BRICS-Friends“ structure to circumvent the ever more inflexible and dictatorial trends of “Atlanticism”. This reflects a deeper Romanian psychology of avoiding Russia (as mentioned by Severin himself in the article), however with Russia vastly-in-the-middle between Romania and China (in many more dimensions than just geographically), the only realistic option is to engage Russia. Romania got along with France (de facto creator of the Romanian state), perhaps with the US (?) and in general little with Germany and Russia. The reason for this is that these two are technical nations and appreciate numbers more than Manoilescu’s-Oh-I-faint-scene. Romania’s elites are once again running away from numbers and embracing theatricalism, amply betting on “Beijing’s special-cooperation form for Europe’s Central and Eastern states, adapted to their specific needs and traditions” (Severin). Translation: with it’s gigantic economic size, it is hoped that China will feed Eastern Europe for … political-show (and gateway access for its goods). These remnants of the Phanar elites [75, 78], parachuted by the late Ottoman Empire to subdue the Romanian Principalities, exist by marginalising their nemesis – the professionally competent elites [80] that I mentioned as solution for a predictable and ascending relation between the small states of Eastern Europe and their stronger East-West-South neighbors.

[33] - Le Journal de Paltinis, Recit d’une formation spirituelle et philosophique, G. Liiceanu, tr. And notes by Marie-France Ionesco, Editions de La Decouverte, Paris – Armillaire (1999); Paraphrasing Liiceanu, it might be worth asking: What does it mean today to be a European, when the West is in the East, and EU-27 GDP is 15% of World GDP, down from 24% EU-12 GDP in 1990 ? (#NotWaitingForAnAnswer: Europe doubled in size and halved in relevance.)

[34] - Under the façade of ecumenical dialogue a part of Orthodox institutions started using the Bush doctrine: “You’re either with us, or you’re with the enemy.” (Voice of America, Internet Archive, 21.09.2001), to pressure peer Churches into submission to the political-West. To this the Russian Church reacted with the following communique: “The Bishops Conference regrets to state that among the instruments of the political forces hostile to Orthodoxy is the leaders of the Patriarchate of Constantinople blinded by the thirst for satisfying private interests and ambitions. Having considered the Synodal Biblical-Theological Commission’s conclusion ‘On the distortion of the Orthodox doctrine on the Church in the deeds of the Patriarchate of Constantinople hierarchy and statements of its representatives’, the Bishops Conference expresses its agreement with this document’s conclusion and submit it to the Holy Synod.”, Resolution of the Bishops Conference (Holy Trinity Lavra of St.Sergius, 19.07.2023).

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Unheeded was the Emperor's fury, lion-like in rage,

For fiercer still the fight strewed deadly wage;

Unheeded did he flutter the green regalia to his ranks

For mightily assailed in front they were, and hit on both flanks,

The East's entire battle host scattered in a fray,

As infantry line upon line laid mown down like summer hay.

Blizzard waves of arrows fell and swords swayed,

Riders trampled the earth and dead bestrewed the ground.

Till, onset from all sides at once, helpless to fight or fly,

It seemed the very earth was doomed and fallen was the sky ...

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[76] - 2. “[Marshall Antonescu] was also demanding that subsequent to the occupation [of Romania, 1944] by the soviets, there exist one county in the west with no soviet military presence, such that the government and central administrative authorities function there unhindered. – Who cannot see today that both demands were totally illusory ?A. - […], B. - to imagine that holding a (limited) zone free of soviet troops, around Romanian governmental institutions, presented any interest when half of Europe was occupied by soviet forces, was a naivety which illustrates dramatically the disaster for the country, when an officer (albeit militarily valuable) morphs into an unqualified politician, almighty and possessed by unmeasurable ego.”, Neagu Djuvara (direct witness) to the mystery of the “Stockholm telegram” (sent by Conseiller de Légation George Duca) through which the USSR (after a not that expedient deliberation) concluded that Antonescu was irrational and accepted to further negotiations through the opposition parties, Adevarul, 05.02.2012.

[77] - Putin laments lack of ‘smart people’ at top of western politics, Russia Today, 11.10.2023.

[78] - In contrast to authoritative academic personalities of the Romanian interbellum period (Procopiu, discovery of the electron magnetic moment in parallel to Bohr; Paulescu, discovery of pancreine) who never benefitted from generous “anonymous” funding sources, Barbilian had access to an open line of credit to finance his rencontres du 3ème type with Helge NoFamilyName at Münchener Englischer Garten and return to Romania (after 4 years and 3 cities) with a NoPhD in Mathematics. He was later helped to get one from the University of Bucharest (after 5 years and multiple rescues from bars & cocaine) and atop, endowed with a thorough and conscientious german-wife (daughter of a well-known doctor from Cottbus – to keep him off drugs, away from uncertain “peintresses” norvégiennes and to pack his lunch for work). This allowed him the time to write more lyrics about (Oh !...) Laponie Enigel, enchant Nina Cassian (“the old man with walrus moustache fascinated me”) and kludge the Möbius invariant Apollonian metric. Too comfy to make it known, it was later registered by Wilhelm Blaschke and properly developed by Joseph Kelly. He also found time to put on the Green Shirt (Iron Guard, 1940) – a rather contentious move, that cost him a brief moment of fear in 1956, when fellow poet Mihai Beniuc dug out the aspect. At the time, aberrantly, people who did not even take part in the Legion were condemned to hard labor (Constantin Marculescu, 08.01.1950-19.07.1953, 11 years old when the Legion was disbanded), hence all the more Barbilian’s fear was duly founded. Nonetheless, Seine große Professur, who needed Gerda (his German wife) to tie his shoelaces, benefitted in no time from a voluminous counter-dossier, that, even more impressive, was accepted – and his (gastronomico-opportunistic [75]) association with the Legion, absolved.

[79] - Hitler was assuring Marshal Antonescu of Romania during their 14.01.1941 meeting, that the SS (and Iron Guard in Romania) are there only for “doing the dirty” and that after they would be disbanned [88]. Aside the fact that the SS should never have been invented, such fierce Cerberi are permanent in systems like that. Nonetheless, in Romania, Marshal Antonescu crushed the Guard, following Hitler’s assurances during the meeting, and preferred their exile to Germany, to avoid prosecuting exactly those with whom he thereto governed, The truth about Marshal Antonescu, vol. I, p. 69-70, George Magherescu, 1991; Nazis in the West are a trump card up the sleeve of politicians, Rostislav Ishchenko, Pravda, 12.10.2023.

[80] - Lengthy note on the world-wide attack on education. Globalist circles (among which NGO’s like the Open Society Foundation [61]) act uniformly across the world to diminish education standards, in particular techno-scientific education: math is “grandma”, math is “communist”. With this, the widest and most useful set of professions is put on hold [89]. The falling math levels are used to transform math professors into selectors who pass only those observing certain doctrines (multi-&-pluri sexual orientation, anti-Russian attitude – absolutely authentic: Vth grade questionnaires in which kids have to say if they like Western or Russian sports teams, if they oppose their parents and if believe in The Universe vs the church). Simultaneously, there is a under-taking to demonise and eliminate math from exams and in general corner science (Math-Physics-Biology-Chemistry all compressed into one discipline called “Saayens” – with few allotted hours and as optionalo-inexistent as possible).

In parallel, there is a huge movement towards Psychology, the Zen-factory that produces the hordes and armies of “influencers” (read: brain-twisters !): “I do not vote with grandma”, “tradition is communist”, “we do not live in the XVIIIth century”, W’App - Insta - Facebook compulsive selfie-mania, Vier-Pfoten hysteria, cell-phone addiction (through which the Zen-commandments are dispatched), etc.

Lack of personal accomplishment leads to Cargo Cult [90] and Fakeulture. A particular note: observe how professional kind-of competence is masked around the globe under the ritualic anointment of the black gown-&-cap [91]. (Empty)-publication frenzy is another Cargo Cult symptom, imitating science, but devoid thereof. A similar herding action, with much more at stake, is against International Law - in favor of replacing it with jurisprudence-less ”rules” [59].

The attack on math has created a serious crisis in many high-tech sectors; reference [89] is an international collection of articles documenting this. Depleting society of professionals in crucial math-dependent domains, makes the respective society dependent on technology and professionals from abroad. I would be the least surprised to hear that international-personnel (selected and anointed as described above) is available to alleviate the crisis, in exchange for various non-trivial political concessions.

Undoing this infiltration of the educational system is of primordial importance. Solving the educational system problems would entail:

a) decoupling instruction from evaluation and instructor evaluation on the basis of average student performance-increase

b) modularising education, with definite + practical aims for each module, set of modules making up a skill (demanded by employers), or a module meta-set forming a profession (with afferent diploma)

c) nation-wide (or block-wide) standardised digital didactical content.

For the research system:

a) establishing practical, impact oriented, evaluation methods other than publications. Note that the US does not have anti-plagiarism “laws” [92], rather only sound infringement of copyright legal matter. This ludicrous species appeared in Europe, with the sole purpose of pitting political forces one against the other (while fueling them with fake-PhD’s, publications, etc), such as to better jockey them

b) engagement – excellently embodied by the InterKosmos Programme, offers smaller actors the responsibility for a piece of such achievements and contact with real life complexities, dispersing the fog of illusions. This awareness induces a positive type of alignment: one of awareness of self-capacity in the bigger picture, the complexity of the latter and need for decent international cooperation.

Furthermore, note the excellent article in Spiegel [93]: No Copyright Law. The Real Reason for Germany's Industrial Expansion ?; food for thought when technological expansion comes to mind.

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[85] - Struggle for future of world order ‘intensifying’, Russia Today, 12.10.2023: "Rising powers" are seeking to cast off the Western "dictat" - head of Russian foreign intelligence Sergey Naryshkin. An ever-increasing number of “rising powers” want more independence in their foreign policy and are resisiting the crumbling hegemony of the West, he added. "The West, led by the US, can no longer ensure its dominance on a global scale" [... only that that costs money, nobody takes the ponzillar as means of payment anymore, and the G7 is in a bad financial crisis to begin with - no money for proxies to do the dirty]. In its efforts to maintain a unipolar world, the US deliberately tries to destabilize key world regions, he believes.

[86] - Porsche’s “next generation” light tech uses 16000 LED’s to turn night into day, L. Papadopoulos, Interesting Engineering, 25.12.2022. Exterminating the eyes of opposite traffic is a macho brand of LED-o-nazism. Companies go along with the idea, for profit - however this is dangerous and results in accidents; what motivates this ? Lighting quality is defined by 3 parameters: intensity, spectrum (or temperature) and radiance (d2F/dAdqcosq, pointedness, or anti-diffusion). Shark-light LED’s are very intense, have a spectrum in the range of 4000-6000K and lack a diffusing damper. There is extensive evidence that this is the perfect light for psychotic effects: Coming to a street near you - the lights that keep you awake and could make people ill, A.-a. Jarvis, Daily Mail, 22.04.2014; Some evidence that white LEDs are toxic for humans at domestic radiance, S. Point, J. Lambrozo, Radioprotection 52, 297 (2017); Environmental risks from artificial night time lighting widespread and increasing across Europe, A. Sanchez de Miguel, J. Bennie, E. Rosenfeld, S. Dzurjak, K.J. Gaston, Sci. Adv. 8, e0158891 (2022); How blue light can affect your health, J. Helmer, W. Seltman (OD), Web-MD, 16.09.2022; In spite of all evidence, the UK Advertising Standards Authority has banned in 2015 an advertisement for lenses filtering out blue-light (Boots Opticians). Why the #insist favoring intense white light (containing sufficient blue-light), for psychotic effects ? How come that in just a few years the whole planet changed to shark-white LED’s ? Is some international “hydra” with servants everywhere pursuing this ? … in principle yes, at mayor level, controlling all the small-but-many contracts and there from funds for the rest of its network. The official cover is that these devices are xyz-times more efficient. However, so are their decent-light LED-cousins also. Wherefrom the #insist for shark-white light ? … and for graffiti ? … and for shoefitti (aka sports shoes in the sky - hanging from street cables, formally claimed to be demarking drug-dealer districts, but in reality just a façade-explanation) ? What is the aim of psychotic, what is the aim of poking the public eye with graffiti and with sports shoes in the sky ? It seems like some sort of political statement that the respective city is controlled from the shadows by said international-“hydra”.

[87] - National Socialism was abandoned early, at the Bamberger Führertagung, 14.02.1926, thereafter the NSDAP being step by step converted to war-economic-fascism [07]. J. Goebbels (PhD Heidelberg) noted: „Hitler spoke. Two hours. I feel as if lightning-struck. Hitler ?! A reactionary ?!”, Joseph Goebbels Tagebücher, hrsg. Von Ralf Georg Reuth. München 1992, ISBN 3-492-21411-8, Bd. 1, S. 228 (entry of 15.02.1926).

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[90] - What Cargo Cult Rituals Reveal About Human Nature, essay, D. Xygalatas, available from


[91] - Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth: The Awakened Ones, the Hidden Destiny of America, and the Day after Tomorrow, M.A. Flynn, ISBN 978-0990497400, Defense Publishing; Graduation Day is a Masonic Initiation Ritual (author’s own youtube video):


[92] – Re: Plagiarism / EU-US comparison, P. Samuelson, Richard M. Sherman Distinguished Prof. of Law, Berkeley Law School, 2017: Plagiarism can overlap with copyright infringement in the US when someone appropriates the expression of another and passes it off as his own, but many acts of plagiarism are not infringements, as when someone takes ideas or some detailed elements that are too abstract to be copyright-protectable. I think of infringement & plagiarism as different types of sins. Plagiarism is mainly an issue of false representation. Infringement is mainly an issue of taking too much in a manner that causes harm to the market. Because US law does not have moral rights rules (except for a narrow class of visual arts), the lack of attribution is more relevant to plagiarism than to infringement in the US. Social norms are probably the most significant guard vs. plagiarism in the US.

[93] - No Copyright Law. The Real Reason for Germany's Industrial Expansion ?, Von Frank Thadeusz, Spiegel International, 18.08.2010.


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