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Is China still the "big dog" in Brazil and Latin America?

... US leader, has the ear of the president more than does Pence and because he is higher up on the Trump power curve, Kushner can "free lance" comments supporting Trump's inflamatory or concilatory tweets and statements regarding free trade, Venezuela, the Trans Pacific Partnership, etc, with the full protecoction of the White House apparat. Something VP Pence is unlikely to do.UPDATE  12  APRIL   In an action that helps facilitate opportunities for a greater political and economic opening ...

21.02.2018 08:02:07

El Comercio names the senior Peruvian politicians involved in big Odebrecht scandal

... conclusions.UPDATE  17 DEC  Multiple sources have reported that the US-friendly "Group of Lima" which includes Peru, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and St. Lucia may break off relations with Venezuela due to its authoritarian government, disrespect for democratic values, and its poor record on human rights, among other things. Venezuela's foreign minister has responded to the move with anger, accusing the "Group of Lima" of behaving ...

22.11.2017 01:42:24

JVLV: To Potus and Marco; New Policies on Cuba Must Include Regime Change in Venezuela

While preparing changes in our Cuban policies, you must include changes in our policies vis-a-vis pro-Castro Caracas in Venezuela. The Maduro regime is supported by both Cuba and Iran. We must not allow Tehran's mullahs to continue getting uranium from Venezuela! And we must insist on free elections. Many democrats are dying in Venezuela— a country in our strategic backyard....

17.06.2017 13:08:50

Is Oil Low Price Going to Sustain the Economic Recovery?

... speculation. Then, as partially anticipated, there's the financial risk. Many producers have incurred in heavy debts to finance their development, confiding in their revenues from oil sales to repay them and in the favorable interest rates, Venezuela being a prime example. Then even if not so financially exposed, some recessive effects are doomed to happen anyway. For example, according to the IMF, in 2015 Russia will supposedly lose a chunk of its GDP amounting to 3%. That would explain ...

17.02.2015 14:11:00

A Chess Match for the Control of Oil

... on geopolitical ground, with the aim to knock out of the market not the shale industry, but rather the other traditional producers. And if we factor in that this effectively translates into a hard impact on the economies of countries like Russia and Venezuela, which are not currently enjoying a healthy diplomatic relationship with the United States, then sinking the oil price down would be a way to kill two birds with one stone, configuring a win-win scenario for the Saudi-American partnership. Of ...

30.12.2014 21:27:00

Islam, the hidden “I” in BRICS

... religion and others who are no longer followers but hold true to their cultural roots in the former Ottoman Empire and the Levant and the North African littoral (Maghreb) and Egypt. Some businessmen and government officials of Middle Eastern heritage in Venezuela started pushing for an OPEC organization to countervail the U.S. dominated “Seven Sisters” oil cartel as early as 1949, as did Iran. By the time a “third generation” of the BRICS replaces the second one will the organization ...

14.07.2014 04:38:00

Can Russia help save Peronist Argentina from itself?

... and elsewhere, the Putin visit to Argentina will include discussions on oil, arms and heavy equipment. The outcome of the visit could impact Argentina’s energy and economic relationships with regional allies it shares with Russia, Bolivia and Venezuela. South America is wide open for energy business and the budding relationship between gas producers Bolivia and Algeria are a reminder of that. The upside for Russia is that none of the Latin governments have openly supported the U.S.-led sanctions ...

30.06.2014 09:20:00

Banking on Bolshevism. Brazil’s “caviar left” spending billions to revive Cuba’s broken communist economy

... an important electronic intelligence gathering station outside Havana, the Chinese have pivoted away from Cuba toward Mexico and Central America. The economic impact of the move will bring far greater rewards to the Chinese economy than what Cuba and Venezuela offer. China has made it a priority to develop assembly and manufacturing relationships with Mexico, Nicaragua and Costa Rica which could reduce the cost of Beijing moving goods into the lucrative North American market. Already controlling ...

07.03.2014 20:01:00

From Das Kapital To Human Capital... Cuba's Doctor Diplomacy Pays Big Dividends For Now

... hundred Servimeds to end shortage of 3 million doctors being publicized by the WHO. One wonders if the war to provide health care for all is a war of attrition. How Did Servimed Get So Big So Fast? It has a lot to do with Cuba’s relationship with Venezuela. Cuba provides health care infrastructure, educators and other skilled personnel to Venezuela. Some medical helpers were active in the oil rich nation during the corrupt administration of Carlos Andres Perez, before Hugo Chavez came to power....

01.10.2013 03:56:00

Who’s deciding about fighting drugs?

... cold war as those are sometimes made by US in relation to the Nixon antidrug policy in Latin America. Therefore the drug problem is global and Russia should support attempts of fighting with cartels also in Central and South America as its doing with Venezuela which wants to buy from Russia tanks T-72 B1, rocket launchers Igla, systems Antey 2500 and Smerch. The drug lords are supplied by heavy weapons so therefore a need of such contracts and smuggling is mostly going by small planes supported by ...

08.07.2013 18:50:00

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