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“Rocket Man” Kim Jong-Un

“Rocket Man” Kim Jong-Un surely believes we are doing what Abe most feared! So does Vladimir Putin. In an article written two weeks ago but published only yesterday by the BESA Center for Strategic Studies and Linkedin, we made two points about North Korea. 1. That the president’s coercive diplomacy against North Korea worked temporarily. Since Sept. 15 there has been no launching of North Korean missiles. But we also warned that our foreign foes, particularly the North Koreans, but also ...

Valenta Jiri and Leni
29.11.2017 16:38:36

Are Americans Destroying Themselves from Within, as Lincoln Feared?

... and is leading the effort to try to undo it. Her reasoning, as she alleges in her new memoir, What Happened, is that Trump’s victory was the result of a “Russian plot.” To Morell, Trump’s election was “the political equivalent of 9/11.” North Korea: Coercive Diplomacy As Trump was preparing for his Far East tour, he was demonized by two former presidents with smear code words. “Bigotry,” declared George W. Bush on October 19, “…is blasphemy against the American creed…Russian ...

РСМД Дайджест
29.11.2017 16:22:01

Is nuclear blackmailing going to be a new normal?

... where humanity suffers from a threat of nuclear blackmailing by states, as well as militants if tactical nukes accidentally fall into their hand. Interestingly, both countries accused of nuclear blackmailing happen to be Frontline states of China. North Korea When President Trump started his visit to Asia, after a series of provocative statements by the US and North Korea, it was being speculated that some concrete action plan will emerge in his handling of North Korea. During this marathon visit,...

РСМД Дайджест
14.11.2017 17:47:35

Rex, with North Korea, strategic savvy, not strategic patience!

We are Crazy, so Waltz Me Around Again Willy! A few weeks ago, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson proclaimed the ending of the doctrine of strategic patience with rogue regimes like nuclear North Korea. At the U.N., however, he seemed to be suggesting we can seek a resolution of the crisis through economic pressure and diplomacy. In response, the North Korean regime fired a ballistic missile. It exploded but the response tells all about ...

Valenta Jiri and Leni
02.05.2017 12:05:09

It is not NK but All of Asia in US Crosshairs!

... to the East with alarm? How will you reverse this trend with one master stroke, and temporarily staunch the decline of Pax Americana? A rapid socio-economic meltdown across Asia might produce this hypothetical outcome, and this is where the current North Korean “crisis” may provide an opening gambit. Amidst “rising tensions” in the Korean Peninsula – while South Koreans are concerned with noodles, not nukes – the United States has pre-emptively decided what is best for the region. But ...

Maavak Mathew
27.04.2017 14:31:35

Hardball Diplomacy: Why Trump's Show of Force Leaves Beijing Unimpressed

... debate among observers wondering what was behind Xi's silence. "Xi can't fail to be impressed by Trump's resolve. Xi will have to reassess what the Trump presidency means for Chinese interests in East Asia, particularly North Korea and the South China Sea," Australian military analyst Alan Dupont suggested, as cited by the New York Times. Malaysian geopolitical analyst Mathew Maavak commented on the matter in his recent interview with Sputnik. "I think ...

Maavak Mathew
17.04.2017 15:53:04

A Global Campaign to Call for a Peace Treaty: No to War on Korean Peninsula and in the whole Northeast Asian Region

Drafted by Prof. Kiyul Chung. On July 27, 1953, Korean War hostilities were ended only temporarily by introducing the fragile Armistice Agreement which was signed by DRPK, China and USA/UN. However, that “temporary cessation” of the deadly military conflicts has not put an end to all hostilities as it was supposed to and as was clearly stated as its intent in the 1953 document. Instead, a situation has continued of the peaceful reunification of Korean peninsula being serially obstructed...

4th Media The
13.05.2013 17:55:00

North Korean Duck

In recent days North Korea has gone much further in its rhetoric and provocations than ever before. Early March Pyongyang threatened to exercise its "right to a pre-emptive nuclear attack", then it promised to strike the United States with “smaller and ...

Prosviryakova Maria
03.04.2013 16:20:00

The Human Dimension of North Korea

North Korea is notorious for its human rights’ violations, labor camps, bizarre provocations of the United States and a blind worship of its leaders. And these topics, of course, catch attention of Western media that usually portrays North Korea ...

Prosviryakova Maria
18.03.2013 14:54:00

Tit-For-Tat With North Korea

The tense situation over North Korea’s nuclear program continues to escalate. Last year it proclaimed itself a nuclear state in its constitution and then successfully launched a space rocket that is only a little different from one that could carry a warhead. If this months’ ...

Prosviryakova Maria
27.02.2013 10:54:00

North Korea and its Nukes

A couple of decades ago North Korea was a country barely noticeable to anyone in the world. Today it is on everyone’s radar screen. And its leader Kim Jong-un, “the sun of the 21st century”, brightly shined in headlines of all morning papers after North Korea ...

Prosviryakova Maria
13.02.2013 11:21:00

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