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Hardball Diplomacy: Why Trump's Show of Force Leaves Beijing Unimpressed

... lifeline to Pyongyang," the Malaysian analyst suggested. "Even if Trump had promised a quid pro quo in terms of tacit US recognition over Chinese territorial claims in the South China Sea, it won't go down well with US-friendly nations in ASEAN. Furthermore, no one would trust a US president who will attack a nation just days after proffering rapprochement, as was the case with Syria," he noted. Indeed, a few days before the Pentagon's missile strike against Syria, the Trump ...

17.04.2017 15:53:04

A Legal Imbroglio in the South China Sea

... Sea dispute is increasing in tempo and magnitude by the week. The US is wasting no time, resource and effort in sponsoring seminars, talks and think tank confabs to drive a wedge between China and other claimant nations in the region. Ambitious young ASEAN scholars and diplomats, anxious to boost their resumes and post-retirement corporate prospects, are actively being lured towards this end via the offer of generous stints at prestigious American universities and think tanks. Vietnam is the suitor ...

06.06.2016 05:16:00

Overseas views on NPC & CPPCC: China can be a stabilizer of Asia-Pacific region

... China Sea? Maavak: Negotiations should only involve claimant nations. Non-claimant outside parties have no business in getting involved in regional boundary disputes. All claimant parties -- China and relevant Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries -- can agree to a broad legal framework, which can be refined as negotiations proceed towards a lasting solution. Until these disputes are territorially resolved through peaceful means at some future date, all claimant nations should ...

12.03.2016 02:29:00

Elizabeth Wishnick: Russia: New Player in the South China Sea?

... editor of the Thai newspaper The Nation, commented last year that while Russia’s security initiatives in East Asia have been “dismal,” Putin’s third term in office “will impact on the Asia-Pacific region, in particular, ASEAN, more than ever before.” This is because of Russia’s interest in redistributing power in the region, unlike the United States and China, who seek to extend their own influence. At a time of anxiety in Southeast Asia over China’s ...

27.07.2013 12:07:00

PLEASE - CSR is not Ethics In Business!

.... This problem did not just appear like some fall of an iceberg or an ash cloud. It has been going for years if not for over a decade. There was sparring of words of course. Whose companies, whose problem, who did what when and why. Year in year out ASEAN leaders meet, APEC leaders meet, Foreign Ministers meet and the list could go on – this problem remains but a problem. One has to wonder if it is even on the agenda for discussion. Having worked both in private and public sector over the some ...

09.07.2013 19:14:00

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