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Male Community And Women's Rights

March 8, 2020

It is necessary to reconsider how some societal terms can be approached, such as Femininity, Identity, Honor and Masculinity, etc. Hence, we can say in a language clear and unequivocal, The true maximum repression is what the male community suffers from, where it loses the meaningful spiritual force through which men (before women) can soar in the space of freedom, thus stop determining what is best for women and what they should do.
Accordingly, if there is a sincere desire in societies to recognize women’s rights as one of the basic rights of human beings, this means that we must reconsider everything related to the culture of societal institutions in order to try to think about those rights in an ethical way, completely different from what was previously understood. Where many of these rights cannot be recognized without facing some challenges at the level of the concept of rights per se, or the violations whose field lies in family life. This requires subjecting both family and cultural thought, including the religious dimension, to an explicit critical examination. Therefore, we can approach this reality according to the following problematics:

  1. Is it logical to justify violations against women through cultural and religious standards?

  2. For how long will women be taken as evidence of the cultural and moral integrity of society?
  3. What is the vital field that enables women to overcome the system of domination and marginalization?

It seems that women have placed in the womb of a spiral the definition of closed cultures, as cultures that retain the traditional forms of femininity, and that the violation of their fundamental rights is a common and common pattern. Hence, there is nothing new, if we want to provide some evidence about the bitter reality of Arab women, as military tendency increases(so to speak) or so-called violence against women (domestic rape), not to mention the practices of circumcision in some societies, in addition to economic weakness and lack of independence Somewhat physical.

But it is surprising that some women accept these appearances, and arguing that they have got used to such practices, and is deplorable that many of our women do not know anything about exploiting them. Thus, of course when attempting to evaluate this complex hybrid and dialectical problematics, we will collide with the harshness and intensity of the following questions:

  1. Why is it that our masculinity is only related to the oppression of our women?
  2. Should the vital field guaranteeing the rights of women be depends on a legal system and not on the Male Society Culture?
  3. According to the principles of human rights: Are women entitled to accept violation of their humanity?

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