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Republicans Taking Down President Trump

August 16, 2017

The GOP's Republican Guard is actively paralyzing President Donald Trump’s agenda. Just as an inner circle of Roman Senate conspired under the Dome of the Pantheon to assassinate Caesar, a present-day Senate under the United States Capital Dome is flooding the swamp to obstruct, impeach, and remove Trump from office. The Cosmopolitan elites in both the Republican and Democrat Party sense their foothold of established power crumbling as they find themselves outflanked by the President’s ability to garner support and protection from the American ‘peasants’ seeking a better life.

We are in a classical struggle that will go down as one of America’s greatest political battles and turning points where either the oligarchy of elitists invalidates this president and continue down the path of an unfettered progressive globalization or they will lose their heads in an America-First agenda for and by the people. During the 2017 CPAC Conference, Steve Bannon predicted there would be a fight “every day” against the Trump agenda. The president's senior advisor was portentously accurate.

Photo: REUTERS/Carlos Barria

With the congressional and senatorial endorsements across the political aisles to launch a staffed-up Special Counsel with a pedigree to find a crime rather than investigate a crime that does not exist, Robert Mueller’s 16-member team of partisan-laden prosecutors have one thing in mind. Prosecute Trump! Mueller’s deep-sea fishing expedition has employed a grand jury that permits him to widen a net far beyond the alleged Russian collusion into the US elections and into Trump’s personal finances that will find wrongdoing for simply purchasing a Reuben sandwich topped with Russian dressing. Trump has warned that he would act against the Special council if it overstepped its boundaries.

Fretting the worse in shutting down the investigation and their hopes to impeach Trump, a bi-partisan effort expeditiously coalesced to keep the president from interfering in the ongoing Russia probe by the special counsel. A bill was introduced by North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis (Republican) that would call for the creation of a judicial review, should any president (targeting Trump) attempt to remove a special counsel. The bill would write into law current department guidelines governing who can fire a special counsel, and make them retroactive to this year’s appointment of Robert Mueller.

In a most obvious and under reported action by the Senate, they hatched yet another conniving measure to reign in Trump. Senators voted to hold short sessions during their August recess to prevent the President from making any recess appointments while they’re gone on vacation; effectively making Trump a lame duck for nearly a month. This agreement between Republicans and Democrats required a unanimous agreement by every single senator. By holding a series of one-minute proforma sessions every three business days, it foils and removes the power of the executive office from making any governing appointments. Have a great vacation!

These are the same Republicans that accumulated enough votes to repeal Obamacare when President Barack Obama was in power only to be vetoed yet they failed to muster unanimity within their own party when they decidedly rejected the same repeal vote when they had Trump with pen in hand to sign off. These actions clearly demonstrate to the American people that Republicans are in cahoots with the Democrats. Senator John McCain, in an exaggerated thumbs-down motion in his deciding cast vote to reject the repeal was reminiscent in the epic Roman Colosseum flicks to send the poor soul to his demise. McCain sent a visible message beyond the vote as he leads the coup by the establishment to overthrow the outsider seeking to drain these swamp monsters.

Not to be out done by McCain, Senate Majority Leader of the Republican Guard Mitch McConnell shifted the blame over his failure to harvest all the Republican Senators and not a single Democrat to repeal the Affordable Care Act when the unwise owl declared Trump has excessive expectations in failing to understand the legislative process. Really? The longest sitting senior senator, since 1985, should have figured out the process by now. McConnell has been talking about repeal and replace for seven years and Trump conveniently became his fall guy.

Trump's adversaries in Republican Guard crafted yet another bill and their Democrats colluded in an overtly bi-partisan indignation that further quarantines Trump by handcuffing his ability to conduct a foreign policy to protect American national security interests and essentially crowns him as a ceremonial president. Both legislative chambers passed the bill, 'Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act' that targets additional Russian sanctions with veto-proof majorities by a vote of 98-2 in the Senate and 419 to 3 in the House of Representatives. If the president had chosen to veto the bill, both chambers had more than the two-thirds votes necessary to override it.

Trump said the Russian sanctions law he signed into force is "seriously flawed". This bill contains unconstitutional provisions that usurp presidential authority and acutely causes division within the American government by encroaching on the executive branch’s authority to negotiate and cooperate with the likes of Russia and China on matters that impact state security threats. It essentially places America on the outside of multi-lateral dialogues and draws adversarial regimes closer together in isolating the United States.

Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Russian Federation Council has echoed Trump’s concerns when he said, “the consequences of the implementation of this law will surely be felt in the US-Russian relations for years or even for decades” and this law puts Trump into subordinate position in relation to Congress for the first time in the history of the US presidency. Go figure we have the Russian government more onside with the American people than the swamp.

Senator McCain clearly exposed his bias towards Trump when on one hand he remains adamant in his hawkish remarks towards Russia and the President’s attempt to build a constructive bridge with the only country in the world that can destroy America; yet the Chair of the Armed Service Committee took exception to Trump’s “fire and fury” and “locked and loaded” comments towards the North Korean regime threatening America with nuclear weapons when the old lizard retorted that he was very concerned about the level of rhetoric that President Trump employed concerning North Korea.

This is the same McCain who made a brutally harsh statement about North Korea leader Kim Jong Un when he called him a “crazy fat kid running North Korea”. Yup, just a little name-calling rhetoric from the leader of the ‘Old Guard’ who has been overseeing the failed policies of this rogue regime’s growth into a nuclear power for the past 30 years in the Senate. The audacity it must take to conceive division by criticizing his own president’s direct approach at a time of crisis as opposed to the murky appeasement of the past. Senator, America must be united if she is to prevail. It is time for McCain to lose his chairmanship.

The Republican Never-Trumpers strategy to take the President down by a thousand cuts is very evident. These Senators fear losing their party, their prestige, and their insulated hold on power in Washington. The Republicans are being aided and abetted by the Special Prosecutor flailing in any direction without oversight with intent to initiate the impeachment of the President, obstructionist Democrats using every tool in their arsenal, and an overtly biased media hoodwinking a multitude of slackened politically astute Americans removed from drilling down on the truth.

What is President Trump to do to counter the multifarious knives slashing from all sides? Unquestionably set the record straight with the American people. Social media, main street American voters, a booming economy, and keeping America safe are his best friends. Trump must challenge the biased narrative at every corner or face the eventual bleeding out of the populace worn down by the relentless pounding by his political enemies. President George Bush met this unfair predisposed fate in his waning tenure when he decided not to push back on the weighted narratives. Trump has the luxury of tweeting to counter punch at will.

Rally’s across the fruited plain are morale boosters for Trump loyalists and for the president himself basking in the support, while alternatively a depressant for the nemeses wondering if they can overcome the American devotion for the underdog cutting through the swamp.

It is essential the economy remains top of mind with most elections based on the size of the voter’s pocketbook. Trump and his well-versed team on the economy must continue to drive the job market with lower corporate taxes, a tax amnesty on American companies returning cash stored overseas, a fair and equitable trade deal with Canada and Mexico, an opening of oil spigots across the American heartland, and attracting large corporate infrastructure and manufacturing. If it is any indication from the recent Republican Guard debacle over repeal of Obamacare, they will complicate tax reform and infrastructure spending to derail the economy.

The other front will be the president’s ability to keep America safe from terrorist attacks and remaining strong militarily in the face of aggression against America and her allies. Strong leadership and decisive action such as the U.S. missile attack against a Syrian airbase in retaliation for a horrible chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians, and his fervent stand against the ongoing threats of a nuclear attack by North Korea is vital. Much ground can be made with Russian relations if President Vladimir Putin can see past those standing in Trump’s way.

For all the animosity facing this president, he is not alone. The transparent political warfare hostile to the outsider president by the Republican Guard and the Deep State Swamp leaking intel and seeking his impeachment may just ensure a second term. Let’s be very clear that this president’s inner soul will not go down without a fight.

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