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Small Towns of Our Large Country. 5th issue of the Meeting Russia Journal

November 1, 2023
Dear friends, we are very glad to present you the fifth issue of our Public Diplomacy Journal for Young Leaders “Meeting Russia”. This issue is your “gateway” to Russia’s historical towns. While Moscow and Saint Petersburg are in the media spotlight, smaller cities and towns do not often get the media attention they deserve.

The topic of the issue is Small Towns of Our Large Country:

  • Kolomna: Ancient City of Calatches and Merchants. Natalia Burlinova, President of Creative Diplomacy, describes her impressions of Kolomna following her weekend in the town.
  • Vologda: Legendary Lacemaking and Dairy Production
  • Rybinsk: Forward into Past. Young researcher Alexander Tkalenko writes of Rybinsk and its journey "forward into the Past".
  • Gorodets: The Town of All Trades
  • Tashtagol: A Place for Adventure and Discovery. Alla Shelyapina, Creative Diplomacy's manager of work with compatriots, offers an exciting story of Tashtagol – a Siberian town where people ski in swimming suits and scientists still hope to find Yeti.
  • Russia Beyond Large Cities. Olga Tipaylova, Creative Diplomacy's translator and editor, expresses anxiety over Russia's regional disproportions, and cautious optimism about the potential of the regions and the state's domestic policy.
  • Small Towns in Big Literature. Ms. Tipaylova also invites the readers to the Russian classic novels in which the action takes place in Russian towns far from Moscow or Saint Petersburg.
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