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Hollywood banks on Cold War and "McCarthyism" Update 27 Nov

... Vosjoli, the head of the old SDECE, who challenged the martinet president Charles de Gaulle, seemed approproate summer reading for the millions of french who now crowd the beaches and try to relax and get away from the agitated daily life of cosmopolitan France. Particularly since current president Macron is known to behave sometimes as a martinet (as deGaulle did), and there is nobody with the character of a de Vosjoli to step forward and challenge the "boy wonder" French leader, who could ...


Russian-French research cooperation: Where there is a will, there is a way

... goals set out in this roadmap is to establish cooperation between the largest research funding agencies in both countries – namely, the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) and Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR). According to the Web of Science data, France is the third most important collaborating country (after the US and Germany) by the number of co-authored papers of the Russian scientists with more than 3,000 publications each year. These works represent a stable community of 12-13 thousand researchers ...


Paris, Kremlin’s new ally in Europe?

... he would condemn Russia [only] “if they poisoned” Skripal. In other words, if the Russian Government’s implication was supported by concrete evidence. But the most surprising, for rather bold, reaction came from its closest neighbour and ally: France. In a much-commented press conference, Benjamin Griveaux, the spokesman of the French Government, indicated that France wouldn’t jump to any hurried conclusions, and that Mrs. May’s accusation of Moscow seemed to him as “fantasy politics”,...


The Western Guide to Understanding the Russian Soul

... with Monsieur Pierre de Fermor, the President of Friends of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice (Les Amis de la Cathédrale Russe de Nice - ACRN) Adriel Kasonta: The St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral in Nice is recognized as a national monument of France, which was described by Russian Ambassador to France, Alexander Orlov, as “the most beautiful and biggest Russian cathedral outside of Russia”, during the charity event hosted by ACRN on 9 June 2016 at The Negresco in Nice. The cathedral was ...


…Another Hologram?

Mr Macron has won the support of the wealthier and better educated, but has let down the youth and poor It is likely Monsieur Emmanuel Macron will win the second round of France’s presidential elections on 7 May. During the election campaign, when asked about rumours of an affair with a (male) journalist, Mr Macron replied that maybe the one having the affair was his hologram. He was also trying to strike a blow at his ...


2017 French Presidential Elections: a decisive choice for the improvement of Russian-French relations

... Considering the sanctions that have been renewed until July 31st 2017, the fact that François Hollande has refused to meet with the Russian president Vladimir Putin, which can nearly be considered as diplomatic incident as well as the disagreement between France and Russia regarding Syria and Ukraine; relations between the two countries have been at their worst point. As both candidates, François Fillon and Marine Le Pen, keep insisting, the future French government will play a major role in the normalization ...


Tackling the Libyan Crisis

The protracted conflict in Libya that has almost disappeared from the political agenda may deteriorate further and result in a full-scale war. What is the role of France in resolving the crisis in Libya? Russian International Affairs Council asked Ambassador Elisabeth Barbier , Special Envoy of France to Libya, to comment on a political solution for a problem. At this stage, there is no national French initiative....


Brexistentialism for useful innocents

... by Fox News, by Garry Kasparov writing in The Guardian, and by former U.S. Ambassador Micheal McFaul. Not a very good trust builder for two nations who have pledged to work together to combat extremism. Existentialism, a product of Nazi-occupied France In fact, academic existentialism did not evolve into an “ism” (or an “academic brand”) until 1944, in Nazi-occupied France. It emerged because Hitler's censors are known to have overlooked works by the likes of ...


A French perspective on the Ukrainian crisis

... only be solved within the European continent. The Normandy format was initiated in Bénouville the 6th of June 2014 at the celebration of the 70th anniversary of D-Day, with the objective to allow a first encounter between Poroshenko and Putin. France is thus a facilitator for negotiations. It did not sign the Minsk agreements but supported them with a declaration. There are further reasons that make France part of the ‘Normandy Format’. France (under the presidency of Nicolas ...


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  1. Korean Peninsula Crisis Has no Military Solution. How Can It Be Solved?
    Demilitarization of the region based on Russia-China "Dual Freeze" proposal  
     36 (35%)
    Restoring multilateral negotiation process without any preliminary conditions  
     27 (26%)
    While the situation benefits Kim Jong-un's and Trump's domestic agenda, there will be no solution  
     22 (21%)
    Armed conflict still cannot be avoided  
     12 (12%)
    Stonger deterrence on behalf of the U.S. through modernization of military infrastructure in the region  
     4 (4%)
    Toughening economic sanctions against North Korea  
     2 (2%)
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