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Carlyle A. Thayer

Emeritus Professor, The University of New South Wales at the…

Boris Martynov

Doctor of Political Science, Deputy Director of the RAS Institute of…

Alexey Dolinsky

Cand.Sc.(Ped.), Junior Research Fellow, Moscow Lomonosov University

Belek Ibraev

RIAC Expert

Anatole Boute

Lecturer in Law at University of Aberdeen, Legal Adviser to the IFC…

Anastasia Belyaeva

Diplomat, scholar in Asian Studies (at the Institute of Asian and…

Ziyavudin Magomedov

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "Summa Group" LLC

Dmitry Stefanovich

Independent expert

Kerim Has

Ph.D., Eurasian policy expert

Alina Shcherbakova

Ph.D in Economics, Associate Professor at the Faculty of World…

Aleksandr Nekipelov

Director of the Moscow School of Economics at the Lomonosov Moscow…

Anatoly Malyuk

Ph.D, Head of Chair, Cybernetics and Information Security Department…

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