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RIAC and Professional Staff Members of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Discuss Russia-U.S. Cooperation in the Arctic

... Relations Committee at United States Senate , as well as Karl McNamara, Representative of the Political Section of the US Embassy in Russia, paid a visit to the Russian International Affairs Council. The issues discusses at the meeting with RIAC Director General ... ... Program Director Timur Makhmutov covered various aspects of Russian-American relations, namely Russian-American cooperation in the Arctic and the future of the Arctic Council, in the first pace; global and regional security problems; the role of the US Congress ...


Conflicting Interests in Regulating Navigation in the Bering Strait

On 26 May, 2011 during the G8 meeting in Deauville (France) the Russian and U.S. presidents issued a joint statement on cooperation in the Bering Strait area. The statement stressed the crucial ... ... situations and raise the level of navigation safety. There is no doubt that сooperation between Russia and the U.S. in the Arctic as a whole and in the Bering Strait in particular benefits both sides, and is vital due to climate change which is expected ...


The Obsolete Legacy of Antarctica

The Antarctic may serve for Moscow for a tradeoff during any discussion on division of the ... ... military conflict in Ukraine has overshadowed all other foreign policy problems for Russian audiences for some time. However, Moscow may soon face trouble in the Arctic... ... Understanding on Cooperation in the Antarctic with the United States to signify its partial refusal to consult on the Antarctic with the Latin American states. Meanwhile, the Antarctic...


Arctic Uncertainty

... the vast majority of experts involved in studying Arctic issues were unanimous in their opinion that the potential for conflict, let alone the threat of direct military confrontation in the region, was very insignificant, as all the countries of the Arctic Five (Russia, USA, Canada, Norway, Denmark) were interested in the prioritized development of cooperation. Nevertheless, it was widely recognized that despite little if any possibility of growing tension in the Arctic on its own account, other non-regional conflicts ...


Arctic Council Gets New Leader: what choice will Washington make?

... with Russia. In this case Washington may act as the leader of a process of conciliation and use the accumulated experience of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the region to build a mutually advantageous dialogue. Or it can choose to make the Arctic a platform on which the USA and the countries of Europe will try to throw down a challenge to Russia as part of the struggle with the crisis in Ukraine. In this case Arctic cooperation will unfortunately become a hostage to the geopolitical disagreements between Russia and the West. 1 . Arctic challenges, UI Stockholm, Sweden. January 16, 2015....


Climate change, indigenous people, sustainable infrastructure – what else are we missing in the Arctic?

The Arctic region remains a frozen treasure that everybody wants to lay hands on. In Russia, when we speak about the Arctic region, we mean oil exploitation. The scope of the discussion should be broader and more ... ... Fishery’s science and policy expert shares his views with RIAC. In April 2015 the chairmanship of the Arctic Council goes to the USA. What are the main difficulties the U.S. is likely to face? How does the USA account for the climate change program in the ...


Is Arctic Cooperation Falling Prey to the Ukraine Crisis?

On January 20-21, the Norwegian city of Tromsø once again was the venue for the international conference "Arctic Frontiers 2015" devoted to development issues in the Arctic region. With relations between Russia and the West at a low point due to the Ukraine crisis, questions arise if their future cooperation in the Arctic can be made possible in a full-fledged format. We met with RIAC Member Andrey Zagorsky , Director of IMEMO Department of Disarmament ...


International Cooperation Works

Interview We asked David Benton of the US Arctic Research Commission to comment on international cooperation in the North-Pacific, and to give his perspective on international ... ... for waters beyond the jurisdiction of the coastal nations. Most of the countries around the North Pacific Rim – Japan, Russia, Canada and the United States have very robust fishery management regimes in terms of the scientific assessment of stocks ...


The Arctic Frontier - Armed with Cooperation

... of its territory which amounted to 1.2 million sq km. It was an unsuccessful bid due to a lack of evidence, but it has been resumed and is now in progress through a very long-application procedure (decades, not months). To add more umph to the bid, Russia even put a titanium flag on the Arctic's seabed with a mini-submarine in 2007 (USA Today, 2007). In much of the Western press this venture was criticised as 'too 15th century', albeit forgetting the US flag on the Moon even though technically the outer space is more explored than depths of earth's seas. Also,...


The Arctic: China's New Domain

... usually thought to have a more aggressive stance, which can be seen from the recommendations to the central government that are made in the studies, carried out by scholars. And there is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that manages relations with related Arctic countries, it usually tries to avoid sharp statements in order not to provoke countries like the USA, Canada and Russia, that are involved in this issue as well.[11] China has begun to claim a legitimate role in the Arctic as part of what is commonly being referred to as its ‘northern strategy’. In March 2010, a Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo of the PLA Navy ...


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