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RIAC at Training Seminar on Russian Global Outreach at European University Institute in Florence

On October 11–13, 2018, European University Institute in Florence under the auspices of Robert Schumann Center for Advanced Studies and with the participation of the Academy of Global Management and Torino World Affairs Institute, University of Torino held an annual international Executive “The Resilience of Russia’s Global Outreach: Challenges and Opportunities" for representatives of think tanks, experts, and journalists. On October 11–13, 2018, European University Institute in Florence...


“Restored Sovereignty” as the Basis of National Pride

... to Survive in a Trench Warfare,” RIAC Director General Andrey Kortunov rightly points out that Russia’s foreign policy in recent years has gradually become a source of national pride, and one of the reasons for this is the restoration of state sovereignty. Indeed, the military successes in Syria and the extremely convincing portion of the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly devoted to national defence leave no doubt in the public consciousness about Russia’s military and political ...


“The World in Disarray”: Is An Update of the International System Possible?

... climate change, epidemics and diseases, financial instability, or cyber security - affect the whole world in one way or the other.  Today’s international setting suggests that the world order to which we are used to, based on the principle of the sovereignty of states, needs to be updated in order to reflect the changes of the post-Cold War era. An updated version of the world order is the main theme that Richard Haass, the President of the Council on Foreign Relations, explores in his recent ...


Discipline and Punish Again?

... are sad examples of situations where thousands of people are killed in the name of an obligation to protect. Protection of human rights of some people turns out death of others. In this case, a wide discussion is necessary to determine the borders of sovereignty of the state, citizens and third countries; however, it is not the subject matter of this paper. One thing is obvious, though — in the modern world, there are still some, and even more, threats to the personal sovereignty, and military ...


The Japanese Vision on State and Order

Sovereignty, Power and Domestic Governance On 8 July 1853, the U.S. Navy commander Matthew Perry, accompanying combat-ready fleets, suddenly showed up at the Bay of Tokyo and forcefully demanded the opening-up of Japan. At the time, the future of Japan ...


The Arctic Frontier - Armed with Cooperation

... (see: Arctic Stats Map). In essence, this reflects the changing tide in the world as countries like China and India seek new flows of economic growth. Still, even with an increasing number of participants as the Ambassador-at-Large Vasilyev outlines: sovereignty, security of various types (incl. environmental) and care for indigenous people remain vital. In the foreseeable future the council will build upon its existing successes: such as the 2011 agreement on search and rescue collaboration or this ...


Sovereignty in the 21st Century

... regulation of international relations or an ageing concept? Over the recent decades the attention of a wide range of experts in a number of Western countries, primarily in the US and Great Britain, has been literally riveted to the problem of state sovereignty. Different researchers are trying to prognosticate the trajectories of its development, or to substantiate the necessity to limit sovereignty of individual states; they also introduce concepts of “waning”, “softened”, “layered” ...


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