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Bahrain – When media apathy becomes a crime against humanity

..., Bahrainis have withdrawn behind sectarian lines, closing in on themselves as they fight for their plight to be recognized as valid and fair. But if Bahrain regime continues to sow destruction and bloodshed across the kingdom, keen to crush Bahrain Shias from under its feet in a bid to reinvent its kingdom ethnic make-up, what can be said of the media? What responsibility should the media carry before Bahrain ethnic cleansing? While few have seldom dared utter such words, realities on the ground ...


Yemen Shia community fails prey to globalization games

... political restraint and its officials’ determination to bow to popular will, Yemen stands ever closer to the abyss, as nefarious political agendas could lay waste its social and religious equilibrium. Until recently unburdened by the so-called Sunni-Shia divide, Yemen has seen a surge in targeted violence and anti-Shiism over the past months - a direct result of foreign meddling and political manipulation, a dangerous phenomenon rights activists both within and without have been keen to denounce ...


Fighting for Freedom -The Houthis catch Yemen’s imagination

... Houthis’ very stance against radicalism and sectarianism which has provoked Salafis’ ire. Organized for the most part under the political umbrella of Al Islah, Yemen’s very own Sunni radical party, Salafis have since 1994 attempted to lay waste Shia Islam from Yemen highlands as to create a buffer for Saudi Arabia and appease its royals’ irrational fear of Shiite Muslims. As the Houthis exponentially gained in strength and prominence, often challenging Al Islah in areas it thought it ...


Forging ahead, President Karzai stirs Afghanistan away from Washington’ shadow

As American security analysts and officials continue to ring the alarm on US President Barack Obama’s plan to military withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014, a Pentagon-sponsored review made clear that a pull-out will in essence equate to handing the war-torn and battered nation back into the hands of the Taliban, or worse, Al Qaeda. If Washington has long planned to tactically withdraw from Afghanistan as to reduce its military exposure and prevent a thinning out of its tactical resources in the...


Clash of the Yemen – Al Houthi vs Al Ahmar, Ansar Allah vs al Islah

... regime have been keen to portray change as to hold on to their otherwise dwindling powers and financial privileges by playing the revolutionary game, all the while allowing Yemen’s deep state to endure; other factions, namely the Houthis – Shia faction organized under the leadership of Sheikh Abdel Malek Al Houthi- and Al Harak – Southern Secessionist Movement – have been determined to consolidate their political advances by forcing Yemen old guard to make way and accommodate ...


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