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RIAC Presentation at MGIMO Open

On September 24, RIAC presented its educational programs at the MGIMO Open Platform at MGIMO Economic Club . RIAC Deputy Program Director Timur Makhmutov familiarized future economists with RIAC activities and outlined possible ways for bilateral cooperation. RIAC Education Coordinator ...


RIAC Presentation at Siberian Federal University

On April, RIAC’s presentation was held in Siberian Federal University, where Deputy Program Director Timur Makhmutov and Education Coordinator Ekaterina Chimiris told the faculty and students about RIAC activities, primarily in the education field. The attention-grabber was the Global Science program and opportunities for the University experts to take part in the RIAC ...


Russian Education Going Global

... Advancement of Russian scientific achievements abroad and improvement of positions of Russian universities in university ratings is gaining importance. In an interview to Snob magazine on existing projects, initiatives and tasks of his ministry, Deputy Education Minister Igor Fedyukin underlined that solution of the numerous problems in Russian science and education requires, among other things, participation in the international scholarly processes. Foreign publications offer a way out, but authors ...


Andrey Kortunov spoke at the conference “Internationalization of Social and Human Sciences in Russian Higher Education Institutions: Challenges and Prospects”

On September 14, RIAC General Director Andrey Kortunov spoke at the all-Russia conference “Internationalization of Social and Human Sciences in Russian Higher Education Institutions: Challenges and Prospects”. Among the participants of the conference organized by ISE Center were representatives of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, experts from RAS specialized institutes, the executive and teaching ...


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