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Palestine-Israel Talks: Temporary Deadlock or Total Failure?

... of the exiting frontiers. Nevertheless, after some more squeezing on the part of the White House, in summer 2009, Mr. Netanyahu agreed to the "two states for two peoples" principle in a policy speech, effectively recognizing an independent Palestine in today's borders, although with several strict conditions, i.e. demilitarization of the new state, recognition of Israel as a Jewish state , and preservation of two Israeli nixes related to the transfer of East Jerusalem – the single ...


Predicting critical events, an institutional challenge.

“Close your eyes and you’re not sure if it’s an Israeli or a Saudi speaking.” That’s what Daniel Levy, Middle East director at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), told The New York Times in an article dated March 31st. The ECFR, which has called for a greater role for Al Qaeda in Algeria to “promote democracy,” is funded mainly by George Soros. The New York Times sourced Levy about the latest attempt by Israel and Saudi Arabia to cooperate...


Ethnicity and Violence in the Modern World: the Case of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

... common before the war, and even on the very eve of the conflict the most prevalent attitude vis-a-vis people from the other group was not one of hostility. The same can be said about Arabs and Jews in the Middle East prior to the Jewish colonisation of Palestine: Jews in the Middle Ages were even seeking safe haven in the Arab Caliphate escaping from persecution in Europe. Still, it could be argued that ethnic differences matter to the extent that they are manipulated by political elites whose goals ...


The Arab League Summit: a Stress Test or a Chance for an Agreement?

... with this mission during the LAS summit in late March, although the Egypt problem is far from the only cloud to overshadow the League's future. Iran and the U.S.A. on the Margins of the Summit The last truly collective LAS step was made with regards to Palestine. The agreement between the G6 and Tehran over the Iranian nuclear program was viewed officially by Riyadh as something unexpected . The Saudis were cautious about the future settlement and complained that the deal had been reached behind ...


Palestine Today and Tomorrow: Russia's Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

... possible steps to be taken by Russia. In 1988, the Palestinian National Council proclaimed the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, while in 2012, the UN General Assembly voted to assign it the UN observer status. Moreover, the year before, Palestine became a full member of UNESCO. How would you assess Palestine's current status in view of its sovereign statehood? What seems to be the best way to name this entity – Palestinian Autonomy, Palestinian National Administration, the State of ...


RIAC and Fatah Leaders Discuss Middle East Settlement

On January 21, 2014 in view of the coming visit of the PNA President Mahmoud Abbas to Moscow, RIAC members and experts met a Palestinian delegation headed by Dr. Nabil Shaath, Fatah Commissioner for International Relations. The recent trip of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to the Middle East has brought no tangible shifts in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict settlement. Although signing of a long-term peace agreement between the two sides is still scheduled for this spring, scholars doubt it...


A Two-State Dilemma: Israel, Palestine, and Peace Talks

... Liberation Organization, which does not have much room for maneuver in bargaining with Israel. And third, the uncompromising stance of Right-wing Israelis has made it impossible for the Palestinians to find common ground. In August 2013, Israel and Palestine embarked on talks aimed at resolving a half-century-long stalemate between the two nations over the future of a Palestinian state. With the release of 26 Palestinian prisoners, Israel bolstered Fatah movement’s position among Palestinians,...


Proliferation And The Psychopathology of Prohibition

... who engage in WMD commerce to use it as a bargaining chip for other objectives. In spite of four Nobel Peace Prizes (Bunche, Arafat, Rabin, Peres), one of the big drivers of terrorism continues to be the destruction of the State of Israel. Libya and Palestine are cases where opportunistic leaders have helped drive that issue. While Washington spent around $3 trillion on its decade long war in Iraq the four decade presence of Moammar Gaddafi and Yassir Arafat on the world scene has probably caused ...


The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Wasted Breath or a Gleam of Hope?

... Israeli-Palestinian conflict The U.S. under Obama’s second term intensified its shuttle diplomacy efforts to revive peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians that broke down 3 years ago. But will John Kerry’s economic plan for Palestine and recent improvements in Fatah-Hamas dialogue on a unity government lead to any progress in the peace process between Israel and Palestine? Or it will continue to be just talks about talks? Dr. Christopher Vasillopulos and Dr. Mark Heller ...


A Palestinian State – what is behind the facade?

The status and viability of Palestinian State In 2011, Palestine applied for a full membership in the United Nations. Broad international support for this move forced the USA to proclaim its determination to veto this move in the Security Council. Meanwhile, the impasse in the Palestinian-Israeli dialogue,...


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