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The East-Med Pipeline and the European-Turkish Relations

... the East-Med pipeline initiative, however, this will be a time consuming, high risk, and unfeasible project due to three factors. First, the agreement between Israel, Cyprus, and Greece is an unstable agreement considering the economic weaknesses of Greece and Cyprus, and political instability of Israel. Second, Turkey is not willing to give up on its claims and will certainly disrupt any development in the East-Med pipeline initiative.5 Lastly, the US backed containment of Turkey is not a consistent and reliable policy; as Biden Administration has already stepped ...


Talking Turkey With Greece: Turkey and Israel’s Marriage of Convenience

... sixteenth century. There is even a small minority of extreme Zionists in Israel that claims Cypriot territory as part of the Jewish heritage. Thus, an already overcrowded Israel could find more Lebensraum. When one looks at the extremist elements in Turkey and Israel, such plans are not beyond the bounds of possibility. Greece is now part and parcel of the “new” Cold War, co-operating with Israel and the U.S. militarily more than ever before, in the naïve hope that Turkey will drop its claims on Greek territory. But despite irritation with recent Turkish behaviour,...


Turkish Hegemony in the Mediterranean Likely to Create a Mess in the Region

... weeks could be a severe blow to Erdogan's Ottoman dream A powerful alliance against Turkey has been formed to oust it from the Eastern Mediterranean. This happened after... ... Role in the Libyan Conflict In Eastern Mediterranean Turkey, maritime conflict with Greece created international headlines when a Turkish seismic research vessel was escorted... ... developments, after the historic peace deal between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel, Turkey threatened to end its diplomatic ties with the UAE. However, Turkey was...


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