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Intermediate-Range Challenges

... though China may be disappointed with the results of this process), or on certain transparency measures. In addition, China, France and the United Kingdom could set up an independent expert commission to look into the “violations” committed by the ... ... short-range missiles were primarily a threat due to their ability to carry nuclear warheads. Even with a range of several thousand kilometres they would ensure guaranteed destruction of their targets with warheads yielding hundreds of kilotons. Today,...


Turkey vs. the EU: Still arguing? Russians Are Coming…

... place. Moreover, the 2017 referendum demonstrated that the overwhelming majority of ethnic Turks support Recep Erdogan. Italy, France and Spain are largely guided by economic considerations and the Realpolitik concept. At the same time, “junior” EU ... ... the failed coup or of ties with terrorist organizations. Those arrested and accused of terrorism number in the hundreds of thousands. It should be remembered that, previously, in order to liberalize the visa regime, the European Union demanded that Turkey ...


Andrey Kortunov Takes Part in France24 Debate on De-Escalation in Syria

... major regional and global players in the Syrian conflict, the prospects for the political process in Geneva, and the impact of the Syrian conflict on the situation in the region of the Middle East in general. On February 7 French television company France24 held a live debate on the issues of de-escalation is Syria. Tony Badran, Research Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies; Andrey Kortunov, Director General, Russian International Affairs Council; Joshua Landis, Director of Center for Middle ...


The Western Guide to Understanding the Russian Soul

... perception of Russia, built on a certain caution, which he will need to use even more when talking to the new leader of the USA, certainly more unpredictable than the present president of Russia. It is easier to find terms of understanding when between ... ... enemies, to be able to achieve their goals fast. I therefore believe in a necessary easing of the present political ties between France and Russia, in spite of Germany. Am I optimist? I hope not. Kasonta: Your grandchildren Nina and Oscar were baptised at ...


French-American Cooperation in Africa: Managing Insecurity?

... report , February 2016. One of the most recent trends in African affairs has been the growing security cooperation between France and the United States, termed by IFRI as “ reinforced containment ”. A logical response to the many security ... ... leaving these volatile and dangerous places for European shores has decreased , arrivals still number in the hundreds of thousands . The bottom line, as the report rightly indicates, is that African security issues have clear implications for Europe ...


Brexistentialism for useful innocents

... Brexiteers in Great Britain too. Just ask new Tory foreign secretary and super Toff, Boris Johnson, who just last year (born in the USA, BoJo was a dual national) renounced his US citizenship in an unsuccessful attempt to become Prime Minister. But is all this ... ... builder for two nations who have pledged to work together to combat extremism. Existentialism, a product of Nazi-occupied France In fact, academic existentialism did not evolve into an “ism” (or an “academic brand”) until 1944,...


Ban Ki-Moon and the charade of transparency

UN propagandists claim that the selection process to name the next secretary general, who will take office before the inauguration of the next U.S. president, will be the most transparent in the history of the organization, which was founded in 1945. But on close examination, the security council recommends a new secretary general based on "a private meeting." This means that the politics and diplomacy that determine who becomes the next leader of the institution, and the roles of NGOs...


UN Summit on Climate Change in Paris – Destined to Fail or Succeed?

... overview of what to expect from the UN summit on climate change taking place from 30 November to 11 December 2015 in Paris, France. The article begins with background information on climate science, emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and economics ... ... mechanism to address loss and damage from climate change which will be connected to financial support. However, determining causal links between climate change and for example a flood is a complex if not impossible task. There is also a conceptual disagreement ...


Terror in Paris: Time to Think, & Sit Down, Shutup to the Ideologues

... “barbaric” attacks that target their militaries when such militaries are engaged in combat operations. But these attacks were not at France’s ministry of defense, they were not targeting soldiers; they were, among other civilian targets, outside a soccer ... ... work on your similes and metaphors before inflicting your lack of erudition on others. To the militant pro-Snowden anti-NSA crusaders: I’m not going to tell you that what Snowden did had no positive effect; it clearly did. But there are also negative ...


Paris Events Will Further Tighten the Middle East Knot

... government also cannot avoid launching a major retribution. It might include more intensive attacks on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and a clearer and more coordinated allied strategy will certainly replace the rather haphazard attacks. Since France is unlikely to rally enough capabilities, even with the help of major European countries, for an effective response, Europe is likely to appeal to the United States, which has so far preferred to distance itself from the Middle East developments....


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