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Can Eternal Uncertainty Turn into Eternal Peace? Vladimir Nelidov’s Lecture on Russia-Japan Relations

... urged to be skeptical about this kind of assumptions: Russia and Japan continue to adhere to divergent positions on the fate of the Kuril Islands, and the situation is unlikely to change in the near future. The expert also noted that when analyzing Russian-Japanese territorial dispute, it is important to take into account the domestic political factor. According to the lecturer, Abe’s activity on the Kuril Islands is explained by his desire not to “lose face” in front of his voters and act in favor of the ruling party and the big lobby, that actively support the inclusion of the Northern Territories. The current situation is also an important ...


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  1. In your opinion, what are the US long-term goals for Russia?
    U.S. wants to establish partnership relations with Russia on condition that it meets the U.S. requirements  
     33 (31%)
    U.S. wants to deter Russia’s military and political activity  
     30 (28%)
    U.S. wants to dissolve Russia  
     24 (22%)
    U.S. wants to establish alliance relations with Russia under the US conditions to rival China  
     21 (19%)
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