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"Covid-19" and Problematic Relationship Between Economy and Labor Market

Dr. Salam Al Rabadi  According to International Labor Organization (ILO) reports, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused severe damage to the work sector, with more than 250 million jobs lost, not to mention the negative impact of the pandemic in terms of slowing or reversing the trend of rising wages around the world, which affected low-wage ...


Covid-19 and What is Not Seen in the Structure of Arab Societies

Dr. Salam Al Rabadi"According to the dialectic of society and power, there are systemic difficulties that will face anyone who wants to address the governmental policy dilemmas related to the crisis of the "Covid_19" pandemic in the Arab world, which can be expressed by asking about the problematic of separation criteria between public policies and the culture of societies. In other words, the problematic of the distinction between the public and the private, in the light of which...


Women and the Male-dominated Philosophical Thought

""With the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the gains made on the level of equality are vulnerable to reversal. Where this pandemic deepens existing imbalances and reveals weaknesses in the social, political and economic systems, which exacerbate the suffering of women ...


"COVID-19", The United States and China: The Strategic Quagmire Dialectic in International Relations

... for individuals and groups to accumulate and employ influential power. In this context, we can address the attempts of intellectual and political elites to research the problematic of the emerging global reality in light of the repercussions of the Covid-19 outbreak, related to the dialectic comparison between China's rising power and the declining standing of the United States.""Here, attention should be drawn to the fact that this decline is due to the change in the nature of the world ...


"Covid-19" And The Future Of Diplomacy In International Relations

... Ban Treaty(Ottawa Treaty), the Convention on Biological Diversity and all environmental agreements..etc. As well, if we follow all the developments related to the role and effectiveness of the World Health Organization(WHO) at the level of the "Covid-19" pandemic crisis in the year 2020, we can say that they reflect in some aspects the problematics of change in the essence of diplomatic work, not to mention the problematic of the quality of diplomats and how to choose them and which is ...


Russia's vaccine can help Latin America, but faces obstacles

Now that prominent s.British peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet has reported that recent trials of  the Gamaleya-developed "Sputnik V" Covid vaccine shows no adverse affects and generates antibody response, Kremlin supported efforts to produce and further test the vaccine and make it available worldwide later this year could help mediate the public health crisis in Latin America, which, with the United States and  India ranks as one of the three major Covid hotspots. In the Arab world...


Covid-19 Sports Diplomacy. Soft power vs. populism

Sports diplomacy existed long before Joseph Nye coined the term “soft power”. It was supposed to peacefully “co-opt” political actors rather than threaten or coerce them—which is, historically, how “hard power” works. But facing the Covid-19 pandemic, in existential terms, soft power gets left at the starting gate because the pandemic represents a threat greater than the threat of nuclear weapons, and mediating the Covid-19 threat it is not a series of polite conversations, but a ...


How would Germany and Russia position themselves in the event of a Sino-American war?

One can agree with Carl Schmidt, namely to rethink things for the state of emergency and also to prepare mentally for worst case scenarios. An important question that comes to my mind again and again is how Germany will position itself in the event of a Sino-American war – itself and within the EU, especially since it is quite possible that Rumsfeld polarization will re-establish itself in old and new Europe. So far, this question has only been asked once, namely in an 8-page publication by the German...


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