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The Time to Hesitate is Through

... reacting, by attacking Turkey, which is a NATO member, thus enabling Turkey to invoke Article 5, which would have committed NATO into defending Turkey and, thus, stoking a dangerous and possible WW111 scenario? The civil war in Syria – against Isis, is a complicated affair, of literally of biblical proportions: with many interested countries and tribal clans in the region: all, of whom, are vying for some sort of regional control and, ultimately, the control of the many oilfields. So, what ...


The Flat World and Black Swans

... written by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, was published on 17th April, 2007. In his book, he wrote extensively about the risk management methods used by the finance industry and warned about financial crises, subsequently profiting from the late-2000s financial crisis. He also advocated hard for what he calls a "black swan robust" society, meaning a society that can withstand difficult-to-predict events. He also warned of the pseudo-stability in Syria, “Dictatorships that do not appear volatile,...


How the West Lost the Hearts and Minds of the People, of the People of the Middle East

... – against Isil, being used as diversion tactic – diverting the world’s attention away from the Ukrainian crisis, clearly something with a little more oomph, had to be done – rather than just the few hapless air and drone strikes,... ... Syria: going back many years to 1893, when a consular office, of the Russian Empire was first established there. During the Cold War, Syria served as an ally to the Soviet Union, against the will of the Western powers and their bonds became strong. ...


“Shields up – Red Alert!” The Wall’s in Europe are suddenly going back up

... centralized economic, control system – to that of the free market economy. Businesses were springing up like mushrooms, as were nightclubs and casinos and the Internet was still yet to be born, during those heady days of the mid-nineties. During the Cold War years the two adversaries of East V’s West had, more or less, got along, while, at the same time, keeping their distances and respecting each other – save for the odd, serious incident. I.e. the Cuban crisis, for example. The world was, indeed, bi-polar. However, the landscape then was radically different from what it is today and in no small part…thanks to the Internet. Thanks to the Internet, the world suddenly became inter-connected. This (Internet) ...


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