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RIAC Program to be Employed in Tver Region

RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeyev held workshop “Promotion of Russian Exporters in Foreign Internet: Basics of Content Management” for businesses and government of Tver Region. Focused on RIAC’s A+Standard program, the workshop was used to familiarize the participants with the fundamentals for the making of the corporate websites to reflect the specifics of the target audience, including consumers, investors, creditors, journalists and other ...


RIAC Implements Government Proposals. А+Standard program at the Russian Foreign Trade Academy

... dealing with a wide range of tasks and exercises, and brainstorming on several issues. The trainees got acquainted with the A+Standard methodology and were given special materials on the topic that enable them to share the information and skills with ... ... said RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeev. The training was attended by leaders and staff of exporters’ associations, business incubators and foundations from Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Tver, Ulyanovsk, Petrozavodsk and Cheboksary. The key role in organization ...


A+Standard As an Instrument of RIAC’s Partnership with the Russian Managers Association

... representation of corporate social responsibility in the Internet resources of the company". The expert analysis was done using the A+Standard methodology devised in RIAC. "The Internet provides numerous possibilities for increasing effectiveness of the ... ... the company ". Prizes to the winners in other categories of the People Investor contest were awarded by famous Russian businessmen and top-managers: Mikhail Khabarov (A1 Investment Company), Olga Pleshakova ("Transaero" airline company),...


Corporate Social Responsibility through A+Standard System

... October, 2 with participation of Gazprom Neft, MTS, Uralsib, Severstal and other major Russian corporations. The session saw a discussion of possible ways of maximizing the CSR representation on the companies’ web-sites. Dr. Timofeev presented the A+Standard system of assessing and developing Internet resources of the Russian exporting companies. The assessment of CSR representation on web-sites is one of the system elements. While speaking, Ivan Timofeev analyzed a number of Russian and foreign ...


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