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Asia, Eurasia and the European Crisis: Results of 2022

Russia is yet to realise that countries of the Global Majority, represented by Asian and Eurasian states, are not subjective, but objective allies of Moscow in its conflict with the West For Russia, 2023 will be a period of strengthening relations with its natural partners outside the hostile West and forming with them a new infrastructure ...


Russia’s Turn to the East: Between Choice and Necessity

Relations with the Asian countries are indeed becoming not a choice, but a necessity The coming era will require states to have a much greater degree of de facto sovereignty and, in a sense, a capacity for limited autarky. Therefore, for all the importance of ties outside ...


A Russian Perspective on the Food Crisis

... (including urea-ammonia and phosphate fertilizers). Russia is ready to keep on strictly fulfilling its obligations under international contracts regarding shipments of agricultural products. We are aware of the importance of our wheat for the nations of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East . In the current agricultural year, our exports will amount to 37 million tons of grain, next year we plan to increase it up to 50 million tons. Russia intends to continue providing humanitarian assistance,...


The Growth Engines of the Global South

... partnership has served as the backbone for growth and innovation among the advanced economies in the preceding decades. In this respect, a closer economic partnership between India and China would redound significantly to development areas such as Eurasian connectivity, the growth in the regional partners of the two countries, greater scope for joint innovation projects and the launching of South-South platforms in the financial sector. For Russia the Global South is a rapidly expanding market that ...


Russia, China, and the Indo-Pacific

... Indo-Pacific power? For a perspective on these matters, Jongsoo Lee interviews Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center and chair of the Center’s Foreign and Security Policy Program. It is said that the 21st century is the century of China and Asia. How is Russia dealing with the rise of China and Asia? Is there a “pivot” toward China/Asia in Russia’s foreign policy and global priorities? Russia has had to recognize that in the East, as well as in the West, it is now flanked by a power ...


Measures Short of War

... arsenal would make a blind bit of difference to either our short or our long-term national security. Despite the occasional burst of shirtfronting, nationalistic, tough talk, Australia is a small to middle level power on the south-eastern periphery of Asia which since first white settlement has been integrally dependent on great and powerful friends. For more than seventy years this has entailed commitment to the US domination of the Western Alliance. Among other things this has meant America has profited ...


Asian Players in the Arctic: Interests, Opportunities, Prospects

... Republic of Korea, Japan and Singapore became observers to the Arctic Council. The Report examines non-regional actors’ interests in the Arctic, their policy frameworks in the region and principal areas of Arctic studies. Authors also explore the Asian states’ positions on the international status of the Arctic. Specific attention is given to the prospects of cooperation between Russia and India, China, Republic of Korea, Japan, Singapore in developing the region. Authors: A.N. Fedorovsky, Dr....


Where Europe Meets Asia

In spite of constant assertions by officials that Russia is a Eurasian power, recent years have seen growing references to Russia's pivot towards the East and commitment to interaction priority with Asia. Often the sharp turn towards the Asia-Pacific Region is mentioned in the context of Russia's deteriorating relations ...


Russia’s Pivot to the East: To Asia or From Europe?

Russia’s relations with the West painfully severed by the Ukraine crisis, Moscow has been bolstering the Eastern dimension of its foreign policy. It is building a closer partnership with China and demonstrating deeper interest in Asian affairs overall. This has spurred genuine concern in Europe as politicians and observers are wondering how permanent, decisive and final this pivot is and what should European leaders make of it. Asia asks these questions as well, wondering whether ...


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