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Is a New Nuclear Deal with Iran feasible in the Biden administration: Requirements and Barriers

Perhaps, two events have affected Iran-U.S. relations over the past three years. First, Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran in 2018; second, Biden’s victory in the U.S. presidential election in January 2021 was, in fact, Trump’s defeat. Inside Iran, some politicians agreed with Trump’s continued presidency, while others ...

Bijan Aref
09.06.2021 12:17:02

Social media is an advanced weapon for the West

... But it did happen again. YouTube has blocked three Ukrainian television channels linked to an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Such moves remind us of what happened during the last U.S. presidential elections when former U.S. President Donald Trump's social media accounts were blocked. At this point, the Russians can learn a few lessons from these past incidents. Then U.S. President Donald Trump's suspended Twitter account is displayed on a phone screen with the Twitter logo in the background,...

Джасем Басель Хадж
28.04.2021 14:11:43

NATO Troops to Stay in Afghanistan Beyond the May Deadline

... region's connectivity, resulting in more economic activities and bringing prosperity for all in the area. There is complete consensus that the Afghan war is un-winable. The U.S. troops' withdrawal is the only option; the sooner, the better. President Trump initiated negotiations with Taliban directly, without involving the puppet Government of Ashraf Ghani. However, Pakistan played a role of facilitator to bring the Taliban to negotiating table. A peace deal was reached between the U.S. and Talban ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
05.02.2021 16:46:31

Biden-Victory: After the Election is Before the Election

Biden is elected – with most of the traditional voters, the electoral college and before the postal vote is counted, which will probably strengthen him. The former Trump TV station Fox News announced Biden’s election victory and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, old establishment Republican as well as George Jr. Bush congratulated Biden on winning the election, while Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz are still oscilating....

Ostner Ralf
12.11.2020 15:53:40

Russia's Hand to the USA and Why Biden Should Take It

... started to tighten. Russia would be an ideal "honest broker" in such talks China-Taiwan-USA. The USA will want to contain China - that is the fall-back strategy of the USA as the USA steadily loses ground all around China including Taiwan. Trump's trade war on China was not a trade-war, but simply a war. A war by economic means to stall China. The US trade-war will not succeed, especially not now with Biden. The USA cannot even moderately contain China without Russia. Russia needs China,...

Риис Карстен
10.11.2020 18:56:10

A truly decisive election: A campaign unlike any other

... those rare moments when what is done by an aroused minority of activists, between now and election day, to shape the outcome of the vote, is what is crucial, as there is urgent "unfinished business" from the first three-and-a-half years of the Trump presidency to be accomplished. Photo: Mandel Ngan / AFP/Getty Images  The election of Donald Trump in November 2016 delivered a profound shock to an establishment which assumed that Hillary Clinton's election would assure continuity in strategic ...

Schlanger Harley
10.08.2020 13:18:19

Negative effects for Russia of the US-China Phase-One-Deal

... between the United States and China in which both have raised mutual import tariffs from 3.8 percent and 8.3 percent to 21 percent each, and as a result of which the US-Chinese merchandise trade has dropped by almost USD 90 billion, US President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He on January 15, 2020 signed the first phase of a highly controversial and fiercely negotiated trade agreement. On February 14, 2020 this so called “Economic and Trade Agreement” (ETA) entered into force and marked ...

Кофнер Юрий
19.03.2020 12:59:09

I Hate Trump, But He Was Right to Strike Assad Regime of Syria

Trump is still a danger to America and the world. But if he exercises American power in a way that will help save lives and give a brutal tyrant and his backers pause in their relentless, murderous assault on the people of Syria, those claiming to care ...

Frydenborg Brian
04.06.2017 22:23:04

Initial Thoughts on Trump's Syria U-turn

At 04:40 Syrian time, on US President Donald Trump’s order, the destroyers USS Porter and USS Ross fired a barrage of 59 cruise missiles against the Syrian Al-Shayrat airbase, destroying infrastructure ranging from radar installations to air defences, and resulting in the deaths of several ...

Rawlings James
12.04.2017 13:27:12

The Weaponization of Russia in US Domestic Politics

In domestic American political discourse, Russia has become a bludgeon with which the liberal establishment seeks to beat President Donald Trump and his administration. In effect, by appealing to Russia as the source of Trump’s electoral success, the American deep state is working to delegitimise the new administration. In the view of this narrative, Trump’s policies, especially ...

Rawlings James
12.04.2017 13:23:12

Republic of Georgia Shows Trump & His Fans Depressingly Normal

The worst thing about Trump? Globally, people like him and his supporters are everywhere and their politics maddeningly banal, as the ethno-centric politics of hate in the Caucasian Republic of Georgia demonstrate frightening similarities to the same politics in the Unites ...

Frydenborg Brian
12.10.2016 15:03:00

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