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ROK’s Naval Aviation Acquisition Programs in 2018: Plans and Outcomes

Despite the unfolding peace dialogue and reduction of military tensions on Korean Peninsula, South Korea still needs to enhance its military capabilities, what is also a part of "Defense Reform 2.0" aspirations. This doesn't necessary relate to quantitative buildup or acquirement of offensive weapon systems, but focuses on a “generational ...

Волощак Валентин
16.10.2018 09:11:23

The role of foreign aid for development: US assistance to Pakistan and South Korea

Very similar starting points despite today’s differences Today, South Korea’s GDP per capita is more than 11 times higher than Pakistan’s. And the difference in human development is even stronger, as South Korea has extremely good scores for example in life expectancy and education and Pakistan’s ...

Ghosh Lina
27.11.2013 13:15:00

A Global Campaign to Call for a Peace Treaty: No to War on Korean Peninsula and in the whole Northeast Asian Region

... tens of millions of Korean peoples in north, south and overseas to solemnly call for the following demands: I. The Armistice Agreement must be replaced by a Permanent Peace Treaty signed by those responsible parties such as DPRK, China and the US/UN-South Korea. II. All those deadly destructive Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) must be removed from the Korean peninsula and the Northeast Asia region once for all. III. The Asia-Pacific region must remain and be saved for a new future of a peacefully-coexisting ...

4th Media The
13.05.2013 17:55:00

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