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Is England, my England a Dying Butler?

... now promote LGBQT abroad. Whether this makes Britain more popular abroad is a moot point. Apart from that, Britain is vehemently anti-Russian, politically but also emotionally. No more famous stiff upper lip there. More emotional jingoism, as in the Brexit referendum. It’s all about sticking American hair on a weak chest, to appear strong. And what about British-Greek relations? Despite the simpering protestations of well-paid off designer academics in both Britain and Greece, British policy has ...

28.07.2021 17:34:33

Brexit: a chance for a Wider Europe "from Lisbon to Vladivostok"

_ Yuri Kofner, junior economist, MIWI – Institute for Market Integration and Economic Policy. Munich, 19 September 2020. The cost of Brexit Formally, Brexit took place on January 31, 2020. However, Brussels and London still need to work out the rules for their new relationship. This includes everything from trade, immigration, aviation, security, and access to fishing waters. For this,...

19.09.2020 18:43:19

The West and Russia between a regional or an Eurasian power

... have been interesting to see one of Putin´s representative at an anti-NATO demonstration in front of Merkel´s goverment building calling for her toppling.Source: kick.media Now the West is complaining about Putin meddling in Western elections, the Brexit, portraying Trump as Manchurian candidate of Putin, giving a 40 million Euro credit via an oligarch to the Front National. If it is not a selfexcuse for own political mistakes, Western politicans should take this serious. Of course this is annoying ...

25.12.2019 13:01:54

Is the deadlock being reached NOW?

... the previous article the cancellation of the referendum will signal the violation of democracy in the United Kingdom. What is more, it will ultimately lead to throwing away all the time that London and Brussels used to negotiate all the conditions of Brexit. So, it makes sense for both parties to proceed, if it is possible to proceed from the deadlock… Source: hesun.ie To negotiate with the EU successfully and to reach a deal that would be satisfactory for the UK, you need leverage. You need at ...

27.09.2019 17:48:24

What these British are waiting for? I mean Brexit.

... about one year ago to London from Moscow has proven to be an interesting experience for me. Understandably, that every state is interested in the affairs that impact or can potentially impact the state. So, in autumn 2018 everyone was on discussing Brexit. In introduction courses in the University, professors have mentioned not once and not twice in what great time we – all the international students – live as we could witness the United Kingdom leaving EU – a truly historical moment.  London ...

18.09.2019 12:59:52

Boris gearing up for General Elections in Fall of 2019

... districts; brand new wideband into “every” home. And so on. Boris serves the public a rehash of May’s election slogan-promise of a “Country that Works for Everyone.” But Boris pumps it higher, and with a lot more personal vigor. This is not Brexit speak – it is election talk. Source: newslocker.comBoris clearly has recognized, that he has no other option. To continue, he will simply be forced to write out – and win – general elections in the Fall of 2019. No promise of Brexit-Nirvana ...

30.07.2019 11:58:07

Maximize chances for Ireland amid Brexit calamity

Brexit is a calamity. For the Irish border, Brexit is a travesty. Brexit creates uncertainty about the continued peace in the north of Ireland. For the Republic of Ireland, Brexit also means complications for trade, not only with Northern Ireland but ...

04.04.2019 16:14:31

Philip Ingram: Using HUMINT in Cyberspace Is Best to Fight Extremists Online

... either to return home with a new identity or to set up terror cells in some European countries. The extent of this infiltration is not known, and that is causing various security agencies a real headache. In your assessment, what are the implications of Brexit in terms of security? Before the referendum, former head of MI6 Richard Dearlove said that “the truth about Brexit from a national security perspective is that the cost to Britain would be low.” Do you agree? Philip Ingram: Security across ...

21.06.2018 23:10:52

Brexit’ and ‘Belgradentry’: Serbia’s Accession to the EU after Brexit

As European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker admitted in his annual speech to Members of the European Parliament, the European Union is going through an internal existential crisis, caused by the accumulation of several problems, with Brexit being the straw that broke the camel’s back. This situation leaves the Western Balkan states who want to join the EU, particularly Serbia, who remains the most advanced in the negotiations for accession, uncertain and worried about the speed ...

20.10.2016 23:45:00

Brexistentialism for useful innocents

... the populist upheaval that drove a simple majority of Britons to vote to leave the EU. The Telegraph, The Guardian, CNN, Money, and social media say that's what we should believe, and that thet “existential crisis” exists among Brexiteers in Great Britain too. Just ask new Tory foreign secretary and super Toff, Boris Johnson, who just last year (born in the USA, BoJo was a dual national) renounced his US citizenship in an unsuccessful attempt to become Prime Minister. But ...

28.07.2016 07:50:00

Iron ore and steel. Strategic, volatile and primed for conflict

Smarter “Smokestack Industries” are essential to the future. Considered to be developing economies in the “global governance” set-up, Russia and the BRICS know that traditional mainstream media and online propaganda vehicles driven by the “PR is the new journalism” mindset dismiss the reality that iron ore and steel are essential to the future. This means the assignment of a low importance level to the posit that the basic infrastructure of the global economy--...

02.03.2015 17:45:00

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