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What G7 Demands of the Taliban is Unrealistic

... Hamid Karzai-like people, it should not be accepted. They were not Afghan representatives, disingenuous with Afghanistan and they did not protect Afghan interests. Demanding the Taliban to make an all-inclusive government is similar to demanding Joe Biden to involve President Trump in his administration for the reason of being American. The G7, the U.S., and all responsible nations must think sensibly and make reasonable demands. Since the Taliban won, the world should let them decide how to create ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
06.09.2021 12:02:39

Taliban in Kabul after two decades

... to face “Saigon like fate.” The U.S. embassy has burned all sentitive information and assets, leaving no evidence behind and closed. It is a normal practice that a defeated army eliminates all possible evidence before surrendering. President Joe Biden linked the withdrawal with “9/11” to mark the day as a memorial, but faced failure that may mark American defeat like Saigon, once again. The U.S. is planning to send more troops, which is aimed to spoil Afghan peace and sabotage the stability ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
17.08.2021 18:08:22

Digital Multipolarity and the Geopolitics of Cyberspace

... reached nearly $350 million worth of cryptocurrency. The aforementioned 2021 attacks on Colonial Pipeline and JBS netted the perpetrators approximately $5 million and $11 million respectively, some of which were supposedly recovered by U.S. agencies. The Biden Administration has repeatedly accused Russia of bearing responsibility for cyberattacks against U.S. companies and government agencies. Cooperation in tackling cybercrime was featured front and center at the reconciliatory Biden-Putin summit in ...

Fisher Julian
09.08.2021 14:48:36

A Crucial Meeting between President Putin and President Joe Biden

A crucial meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Joe Biden is scheduled to be held on 16 June 2021, in Geneva, Switzerland. Just recently, President Joe Bidden used a word “Killer” for Russian President Putin, with the Russian President wishing him good health in return. Over the past year, the U.S....

Awan Zamir Ahmed
09.06.2021 17:33:27

Is a New Nuclear Deal with Iran feasible in the Biden administration: Requirements and Barriers

Perhaps, two events have affected Iran-U.S. relations over the past three years. First, Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran in 2018; second, Biden’s victory in the U.S. presidential election in January 2021 was, in fact, Trump’s defeat. Inside Iran, some politicians agreed with Trump’s continued presidency, while others hoped Biden would win. During his election campaign, the Biden administration ...

Bijan Aref
09.06.2021 12:17:02

The Timely Summit: Exploring Possible Ramifications

... Sasse, a Republican Senator from Nebraska who serves on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, demonstrating the significant opposition, particularly from the Republican party, to the announcement that there would be a summit between Presidents Biden and Putin on June 16th in Geneva, Switzerland. Both the Kremlin and White House press releases announcing the summit suggest that the purpose for the meeting is to focus on the stability of U.S-Russian relations and to launch discussion of an assortment ...

William Mandelbaum
07.06.2021 13:32:48

Multilateralism Without the USA

Multilateralism can happen without a hegemonic power (the USA) REUTERS/Mike Segar It has already done so for a long time. As I have described earlier: "Nobody waits for Biden" (or the USA). The World is everywhere moving fast around the USA - leaving an ever more bewildered USA behind. US President Biden doesn't get it. Biden still lives in his inner past experiences of the Cold War and the subsequent American World ...

Риис Карстен
08.02.2021 16:08:01

Biden-Victory: After the Election is Before the Election

Biden is elected – with most of the traditional voters, the electoral college and before the postal vote is counted, which will probably strengthen him. The former Trump TV station Fox News announced Biden’s election victory and former Florida Governor ...

Ostner Ralf
12.11.2020 15:53:40

Russia's Hand to the USA and Why Biden Should Take It

... that only Russia can provide?Reuters © Alexander NatruskinNixon and Reagan were the hardest anti-Communists. They both had political backing in their "Hinterland". Nixon used this to open to China, while Reagan used it to open to Russia. Biden could do the same. Do Biden and Putin "like" each other? Perhaps yes, perhaps not so much. But they are both professional, and as professionals they may come to like and respect each other once they see mutual advantages of working together....

Риис Карстен
10.11.2020 18:56:10

PUSH and PULL, the double-faced strategy dividing the EU from Russia

... Brussels against Moscow, the process that eventually lead the EU to jump on the anti-Russian bandwagon was neither so straightforward nor free of concerns. A vivid picture of the events behind the headlines was depicted by U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden, during a speech held at Harvard Kennedy School in Boston on October 3, who commented: “[omissis] that has allowed us to rally the world’s major developed countries to impose real cost on Russia. It is true they did not want to do ...

Corsaro Anna
20.10.2014 23:25:00

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