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Cybersecurity & Digital Transformation

December 12, 2020

Cybersecurity is one of the most important subject in the Fourth Industrial Revolution period during recent pandemic World recognised the importance of Digital Transformation (DT).


DT brings new cyber risks that could impact the initiative of also smart cities globally. As Cyber threats rising every day that target Digital & physical assets. IoT devices is key component to make any businesses or smart city/factory into DT, Devices & IoT manufacturers also increasing. Cyber attacks can potentially lead to damage digital economic systems.


To deploy any IoT devices into societies its important that security considerations to be taken in each stage by Government Authorities & must Establish Regulatory framework to monitor each stage also Cybersecurity education ICT Proper dedicated skills are required for Government Leaders without true expertise it will not be possible to implement cybersecurity principles In the digital society by authorities.


Digital world is changing faster, R&D in cybersecurity will ensure that DT initiatives is prepared for the evolution of cyber technologies.


Good Governance in Developing countries to ensure that cybersecurity is considered at all relevant stages in policymaking. A coordinated framework without beurocratic hurdles to ensure the full alignment of policy initiatives & actions In Digital Governance mechanism.


Securing our Cyber will also lead to achieve the SDGs 2030 by United Nations & to achieve these Goals, Emerging Technologies can also help like Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence.

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