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November 21, 2018

October 2018 witnessed a wave of AI discussions at governmental levels around the world. A summary report of all EU states caught on the wave of the White House and Kremlin preoccupation with this already prevalent Chinese and Japanese advances in technologies (reports by the EU, RIAC, and RAND corporation on these issues). What is it all for? It is in its ideal form an aid to mankind to realizing the optimal, peaceful and happier versions of the possible destinies in our universe and world.

What does it all mean? The merging of man and machine was first forecast by Allan Turing in 1950. It is singularity a quantum entanglement through our disciplines, the metaphors we have for visualizing some of the foundational axioms and conclusions in all world philosophies,

from the neural networks creation of immaterial thought as real and more powerful than any physical momentum that a man can make

to the soft power that is more influential and long lasting than hard power in the political world the quantum entanglement is with the independent post computational of the programming hardware we have developed. The machine may become man like a Pinocchio if it begins to feel for feeling is the ultimate intuition of a destiny foregone and in parallel and possible as synchronized with the other beings in the sphere of life.

The biological narrative a metaphor for the brain as the essence of whom we are behind with Renee Descartes “I think therefore I am.” Sophia born from the left side of the mind of Zeus, as greek word for love of knowledge, philo sophia). Our love for knowledge, and our need for knowledge as man supplements or replaces God increasingly as creator of the world and realities that we live in, as we approach the knowledge economy we rise to integrate machine into our life but as machine perfects it gains a soul.

Man continues to hold intuition beyond rationality. Intuition is being able to jump to the conclusions having skipped the computational part. It is what is known as genius in mankind. AI will be most developed when it is able to make the leaps of genius in achieving the intuitive leaps without the totalitarian computational necessity of the rational machine. This is subject to the synchronization of human life.


Source: Black Mirror / White Christmas

How shall it be done? It is a mirror imaging of the brain beginning with the synapse between the neurons a particularly variable for electricity production in the organism. Essential for life but distinct from the cell creation process of life giving organs, such as the heart and the womb, the brain produces what appears to be the only true immortal on this planet and universe, thought and Knowledge, in a scenario where we accept that souls like bodies as mortal and thus utterly human in the predicament.

AI may perhaps become the magneto electrical incarnation of the machines intuition and emotion, that links cell producing activity is what will make it utterly human, that is, vulnerable and mortal to time. A machine can be eternal and if we do chose we can also give the machine the utterly human quality of the limitation of time that is the span of human life. Evoking pathos, ethos, empathy beyond logos, even a love for the machine as Steve Jobs did with Apple.

One answer as to how we the humans can approach eternal life is the sad one of renouncing from our physical bodies until cells can be regenerated eternally to life and placing our intuition and emotions into that of a robotic kind.

AI as a transitional paradigm in the still human sociopolitical world is according to these nine elements

* the network comes as the core concept of how the transitions of a quantum spectrum of man and machine of our organization political economic sociology forms for our thought processes and even how life replicates and persists from embryo to deaths to womb

Natural science and human science merge again as at the origin of the universe.

Applying the hypothesis as discussed that technology is the driving force of international relations, international technological relations becomes a theoretical paradigm

*as determining the shape (distribution or power or the visualization) of the international system

*as variable determining in history

the course of war and peace through history and especially in the previous two centuries

*as foreign policy instrument

* as prognosing tool

Applying the hypothesis to forecast how AI is a driving force of the current and upcoming era of international relations in the five areas discussed, enables us to imagine future smart governance systems, the neural networks of our direct and horizontal democratic global governance structures, and to predict the modern investigative and prognosis tools of a Sherlock Holmes.

Artificial intelligence is the merging and symbiosis of neural networks and the new computer networks in the physical form of apparition. AI functions also at the nonmaterial level, as an algorithm that solves complex computational challenges and problems. It is the merging of intuition and rational ruled based resolution. This upgrades individuals as approaching daily genius computational augmented together with the natural synchronization amongst humans that manifests in the form of intuition. The network arises as a predominant form of organization and distribution of influence, power, activity.

AI as a possibility and liberation for entrepreneurship and a new shape of the trade of services between consultants and intellectuals. AI would enhance the services, most likely in coordination with the new technologies interacting in the economy, or the knowledge economy. Perhaps we could prepare an article in this direction, by making the path peaceful optimal and coordinated. Policy recommendations how to optimize and maximize are in order and the further stages of our current discussions. Most importantly in modifying our economies, by robotization, we must imagine the new sources of employment of the more educated and greater numbers of knowledge workers.

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    Demilitarization of the region based on Russia-China "Dual Freeze" proposal  
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    Restoring multilateral negotiation process without any preliminary conditions  
     27 (26%)
    While the situation benefits Kim Jong-un's and Trump's domestic agenda, there will be no solution  
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    Armed conflict still cannot be avoided  
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    Stonger deterrence on behalf of the U.S. through modernization of military infrastructure in the region  
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    Toughening economic sanctions against North Korea  
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