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International Day for the Eradication of Poverty: October 17th

October 16, 2013
Global Education Magazine is inspired in the universal values of the Declaration of Emerging Human Rights that aims to contribute to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by United Nations (MDGs) which is supported by the Regional Offices of Latin America and the Caribbean of UNESCO and UNHCR. An initiative launched by the teaching team that formulated the proposal most voted in the group “Sustainable Development for the Eradication of Poverty in Rio+20”.
Our goal is to disseminate educational experiences (formal, non-formal and informal) from all over the world, creating new “glocals” networks to reflect about the value and significance of education in the XXI century globalized age. Some reflections that demand to contextualize the globalization tackling global dynamics (economical, political, cultural, social, educational, religious, etc.) with a complex thinking process and a holistic, poly-logic, multireferential, planetary and cosmic vision that proposes pragmatic alternatives for a changing, multidimensional and interdependent world.
Its aims is to create and disseminate specialized knowledge with multi, inter and transdisciplinary contents, with original works of research, studies, reviews and innovative experiences to improve management and practice of institutions and organizations with humanitarian and philanthropic educational activities. For that reason we promote copyleft and creative commons for the dissemination of the magazine.

Global Education Magazine is destined to raise awareness, to develop critical thinking, and encourage the active participation of students in achieving global citizenship, solidarity, and committed to poverty eradication and sustainable human development.

Their preferred writers are come from educational scientific community with international projects, humanitarian and voluntary activities, as well as cooperation and development: Public and Private Educational Institutions, NGOs, Development and Cooperation Associations, International Volunteers, etc
We have the followings publications in the current journal:

Some articles are available for blinds


available for blinds, Global Education Magazine The humanist quantum interference: towards the “homo conscienciatus”.
Javier Collado Ruano, Director of Edition


South Africa is one of the most unequal societies in the world. Reflections of Mr. Frederik Willem de Klerk, Nobel Peace Prize 1993
La Educación como un Derecho. Jorge Sequeira, Director OREALC/UNESCO Santiago.   ‎
Carta de Presentación de ACNUR. Francesca Fontanini, Oficial Regional de Información Pública para las Américas


Global Issues of Poverty


Our Guests:
Creating an Everyone a Changemaker World. Bill Drayton
Space and I. Chiaki Mukai, M.D.  


available for blinds, Global Education Magazine Philantrophic Formation Throughout Volunteering.
José María Barroso Tristán, 


1st)  Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations Section:
A Tale of Two UN Processes: The Global Sustainability Panel and Rio+20Georgios Kostakos
After Rio+20 and Beyond 2015: Advancing the Campaign for a Global Citizens MovementUchita de Zoysa
Inter-American Center for Peace and Security (ICPS). Viktor Sebek
African Centre for Community and Development in Cameroon. Arrey Mbongaya Ivo
 2nd) Global Education Section:
Educação para o consumo na busca pela sustentabilidade. Helio Mattar
 A Cooperação Internacional na Universidade Nacional de Timor-Leste: contribuições para a melhoria da educação e desenvolvimento timorense. Valdir Lamim-Guedes e Carlos Junior Gontijo-Rosa.
Cooperação e Educação Internacional: algumas lições da aprendizagem com o Sul. Júlio Gonçalves dos Santos, Rui da Silva e Rosa Silva
3rd) Transversal Studies Section:
 Structural Origins of Today’s Youth Poverty and Inequality in Youth Transitions: the Emblematic Case of Uruguay. Denisse Gelber and Cecilia Rossel
Educación y prevención de las drogas. Education et prévention des drogues. Rafael Delgado Guerrero y Pierre Bremond
El rol de los estados frente a las multinacionales: Argentina y el caso Benetton. Carlos Benítez 
Pathfinder Project: New Ways To Access English for Blind Students in Argentina. Francisco Ramón y Guadalupe Eulalia
“La Educación Prohibida”. Germán Doin
O Movimento dos Sem Teto da Bahia. Adriana Lima Balaguer
In addition, we also have other interesting letters with useful information:
 The Hand is the Organ of the Mind of Matter. Wendy Agnew
The Worls We Want – Seizing Opportunities. Cliona Doyle
Global Education Conference Lucy Gray and  Steve Hargadon Published in Global Education Magazine
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