The Politics of Ideas: Political Theory and American Public Policy

Регион: Северная Америка
Год издания: 1990


Организация: The Ohio State University

Издательство: Waveland Press, Inc

ISBN: 0-88-133-512-6

This well-written book offers readers an inquiry into the politics of ideas, a canvass of American political theory, and an attempt to draw the connection between political theories and American public policies. All three objectives interconnect, for they sit in the middle of a larger circle of inquiry--American political thought. The author has chosen to pursue all three objectives using history as a framework wherein theories, issues, and public policies are examined in their historical and contemporary settings. Doing so assists in developing themes and propositions that unite American political thought. Herson's even-handed treatment answers basic questions of continuing personal concern such as What does it mean to be a liberal or a conservative in America? or What difference does it make for the issues that one supports or opposes?

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