Terrorism and Political Violence A Sourcebook

Тема: Безопасность
Год издания: 2000


Har-Anand PublicationsIndian Council of Social Science Research

ISBN: 9788124107072

Indian Council of Social Science Research cebook presents a new way of thinking about our response to the destructive potential of terrorism.

The contributors to the volume approach the problems of terrorism and political violence within a larger matrix that includes the experience of South Asia and Europe.

The New Delhi Seminar under the auspicies of the Indian Council of Social Science Research which brought together experts working in different disciplines produced fresh insights for collaborative intellectual efforts in the following areas: (a) the study of ethnic separatist violence and its implications for international and internal stability (b) the strengthening of Criminal Justice systems to cope with the severe burden of dealing with high levels of terrorism (c) the growth of violent movements of extreme religious fundamentalism and its implications and (d) the development of new technologies and their potential use in the prevention and combating of terrorism.

The ICSSR in publishing the sourcebook envisages a series of social science initiatives, perhaps in collaboration with other relevant institutions, aimed at moving forward efforts at resolving some of the more intractable conflicts which challenge many countries including India and India's neighbours in South and South-West Asia.

This volume will be of interest to political scientists, military and security theorists, strategic experts, and policy makers dealing with problems arising out of terrorism and low intensity warfare.

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