Temptations of a Superpower

Тема: Многополярный мир
Год издания: 1995


Издательство: Harvard University Press

ISBN:  5-89317-007-5

This book is based on a presentation delivered at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., in November 1993. It inaugurated the annual lectureship named after Joanna Jackson Goldman. This series is designed to stimulate discussion of issues in American civilization and government. It was made possible by a gift from the estate of the late historian Eric F. Goldman, and was begun in honor of his late wife, Joanna.

I am gratified at having been chosen by the Library, acting in consultation with advisors from the Goldman estate, particularly Daniel J. Kevles and Aida Donald. Their encouragement persuaded me to present the lecture and to expand it considerably into the modest book that it has become. The directors of the Library provided both a distinguished setting and a festive atmosphere for the delivery of this lecture.

Although my friends share no blame for my judgments or errors, I am grateful to Sidney Blumenthal, Thomas L. Hughes, Tamar Jacoby and Benjamin C. Schwarz for their immensely helpful comments on the manuscript.

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